Your Soul’s Path to Enlightenment

If you are reading this, I am going to assume that
1) found your path to enlightenment and are on an amazing journey and are looking to expand your knowledge or soul group.
2) you are receiving divine signs that there is more to this life here on earth than what you may have originally thought.
3) You have just had a spiritual awakening that has led you to curiosity.
4) You are an enlightened soul who loves to connect with others like you in an attempt to validate and expand what you already know and understand about the laws of the Universe!

Either way, I promise you that you will be very Great-Full that your guides and angels have led you to this post. (Because if you are seeing and reading this, know it was no accident!)

We have all (well most of us here) heard a million times throughout our lives that we have a soul.

We have all felt the callings of our souls and every single one of us has had “Déjà vu” (the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. ) before, right?

You must know and believe that this is truly a whole huge piece of who we are.

We must truly believe and understand that although our existences here on Earth are a big part of us…the bigger and greater part of who we truly are is non-physical.

We are born into families here on Earth, and within those families there are traditions, religions, beliefs, patterns, and teachings that have probably been handed down generation after generation.

Many people walk through their lives and are completely comfortable staying all of those teachings of their families, not ever questioning them (or maybe they feel afraid to question…)

So they are never open to (would never dream of it) expansion of the traditions, religions, beliefs, patterns, and teachings of anyone or anything else….

They then learn to become judgmental of others in society who they feel do not live up to their standards…and in doing this, they create negativity and discernment for anyone who may not walk the same path.

However, what they do not realize is the fact that in doing this and living this way, they are blocking out the doors of unity and oneness with all that is…..they are blocking their path to enlightenment.

We all know folks who live this way and me personally, I feel sorry for them, because they have no idea what it is like to live in the complete bliss and Blessings of what the Divine really has for us as Humans.

That doesn’t mean I judge others for their path, it is just a knowing that I have come to understand.

That’s not to say they are not blessed or happy, because most of them truly are….

BUT… Here’s the thing…

From my understanding when a soul decides to incarnate here on Earth, they come to learn specific lessons, right?

Some souls are not developed very much yet or are “New” souls and they have a whole lot of lifetimes to spend on Earth yet to learn and evolve

What about those of us who have experienced the truth of all that exists?

Those of us who have should definitely know without a shadow of a doubt that part of our “purpose” here on Earth is to help and be a “Guide” to those who have not!

We know, feel, and understand that we should always try to help those who are stuck in said traditions, religions, beliefs, patterns, and teachings that are not serving their highest and best purpose!

That is not to say that all of the traditions, religions, beliefs, patterns, and teachings are not serving their (or our) higher purpose…. because everything serves a purpose, whether we want to think of it that way or not.

In the Energy and “Spirit” (get it? spirit? lol) of what I have said so far…

How do we ourselves know, understand, recognize, and put into place our “Plan of Enlightenment”?

I know one thing for sure…. and that is that every single one of us is living a unique experience here on earth. I also know that every single one of us is shaped by our experiences here, right?

It is in those “Experiences” that we learn, grow, evolve, and become all that we truly are….

Most of us who identify with being a “Healer” have been through some very horrific things in our lives… some of those things are very unforgettable and it is not easy to let them go of..


In order to walk the path of enlightenment, we must accept that which we cannot control and believe with all of our hearts that we went through those things in order to be able to help others with their journeys and experiences with those things….

We MUST FORGIVE those that know not what they do…..

So then, how do we take the negative experiences we have been through and re-shape our lives?

How do we heal ourselves completely mind, body, and soul… so that we are in a state of true inner peace and able to offer that to others who we are sent here to teach?


How the heck do we break through those barriers of traditions, religions, beliefs, patterns, and teachings that do not feel like they are truly who we are?


I grew up in a catholic home, with the limited belief (well I was told anyway) that people who lived outside of the faith were “Sinners”.

I was told as a small child (in Catechism Class) that if you did not believe everything that was written in the Bible and you did not ask for forgiveness of your sins (or go to “Confession”) weekly that you would go to “Hell”.

Each week, as I sat in the confessional booth, I was TERRIFIED that whatever I had done would not be forgiven.

I remember sitting there weekly (waiting my turn) and trying to think of things I had done that were wrong, bad, or sins….

Some weeks I couldn’t truly think of anything, so when I went in there, I would make something up (I truly did), just so that I could hear the Priest tell me “You are forgiven”.

Every day of my life, I spent a lot of time thinking about sins and what would happen to me if I did them…

Every little thing I said….I FELT GUILTY

Every little thing I did…… I FELT BELITTLED

EVERY SINGLE moment of my existence was spent pulling in this Negative energy around myself of “Sin”..

I WAS OBSESSED….. because I never ever wanted to be a bad person or have anyone think I was BAD…

I lied about who I was, because I never ever wanted anyone to think bad of me……(if I had done something that in their eyes wasn’t perfect…. I definitely didn’t want anyone to know)

I worried myself sick that I wasn’t good enough and I wondered if other children in the church felt that same way.

I remember looking around the church during mass and wondering who there was going to go to Hell.. (I truly did)

I wondered, even at a young age “Who isn’t living in their own truth?”

Because for me, I just had this strong feeling as a child that this wasn’t truth….

This my friends was one of the main “limited beliefs” I held that literally held me down and kept me from knowing who I truly was.

I wasn’t a bad child, I wasn’t a sinner, I wasn’t a bad person going to “Hell”…..

I was HUMAN! Having a Human experience!

At the age of 11, when it was time to start talking about being “Confirmed”.. I got up the nerve to let my parents know that I didn’t believe in all of the hype with the Catholic Church (not saying it isn’t truth to some. but for me it was not.. it felt dark and scary)…

I was so relieved when my parents told me it was my decision and that if it wasn’t who I felt I was going to be as an adult… then it wasn’t right for me to continue on that way.

It wasn’t until just now, telling that story that I realized that …

That was my first step in this lifetime to breaking the barriers of my soul and becoming who I truly was!

This was my first step in this lifetime to finding my own path of enlightenment..

I am certain that by now you are probably deeply thinking about what yours was..

I spoke my truth and it led me to the path of least resistance…

We all truly feel what it is we are meant to be… but it is just that out of fear of being rejected (or shunned) by others, that we sometimes remain inside the box.


Be BRAVE enough to reach through the barriers o the societies within which we live and learn from.

The story I told you was only a teeny piece of the puzzle that I have since then put together about my own soul’s path and destiny

When we truly speak our truth, forgive those who have trespassed against us, learn from our experiences and release them to God/Source (instead of letting them control us), when we live and unconditionally love in White Light (Universal Energy), and when we see…know…and truly believe that we are infinite beings and that we are here to fulfill a destiny …

When we do our soul work….

WHen we pray, meditate, connect with the divine presence within each and every single one of us….

We are ready to walk our own unique paths…

Even if it means most around you will judge you….

When we truly feel and know for sure that there is no right and wrong when it comes to religions and beliefs (we respect all of them as they mostly all have the same intent in the end)….

When we learn the laws of the universe and know and fully understand that our thoughts and words attract what our lives will be….

We are open, honest, and proud to be who we are….

When we feel the callings of our “Souls” and know for sure what our purposes are here on Earth….

Then and only then do we truly accept the responsibilities of taking on our true soul’s calling…

Then and only then will the awakening within welcome you to the next level of your own be-ing…

When each of us is willing to remember who we truly are and why we decided to incarnate here on Earth…..

The path of Enlightenment opens up wide and invites you to take your first baby steps….

Enlightenment is not some holy path that only certain deserving Humans can engage in….

It mean to light the flame of divinity within YOU!

Are you ready for your own path to lighting your flame, living an abundant, peaceful, loving existance?

The place is here, the time is now, and the one being called to walk a higher path is YOU!

YOU are worthy, strong, powerful, and ready…..

May you all have so much peace in yours hearts my friends…..

~Becky Jo~

2 thoughts on “Your Soul’s Path to Enlightenment

  1. Nice post, thanks for sharing. I can see where you are, I am so happy you have traveled as deep into yourself as you have. May the deepening continue, much love and blessing into who you are


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