The Great Grocery Store Awakening

How to know what is truly in your food!

It is no question that the Standard American Diet lost it’s “Standards” years ago! When it comes to eating (and we love to eat)….

Every single person you ask will give you a different interpretation of what they think is “Healthy” and what they feel is not…

I am definitely not a nutritionist by any means…


From my own personal journey of taking y own health into my own hands…

…with Whole Foods and Herbs (diet, nutrition, emotional healing, and spirituality).

By Now you must know that what you buy in the grocery store is not guaranteed to be good for you; and is by no means “Nutritious”.

The biggest problem is that Humans are so programmed to eat a certain way and act a certain way and believe in certain things (closing off our minds to anything that isn’t “norm”)…

Then even when we know that the food choices we are making for ourselves and our children and loved ones…

Are not the best choice…

We (so many of us) STILL ignore it and keep in the routine we have created when we go to the store..


With life the way it is in our society now a days…

It is so much easier (or so most will say) to stick to what we know and make the same meals and things over and over and over again…

According to my clients I have heard the following when I let them know how much a small diet change will make in their health and well being..

Just by simply cutting out anything processed (only eating whole foods)…

It scares people away and then they will not follow the protocols that I have written for them.

Here are the most common answers I hear of why a whole food diet isn’t going to work for them…….

1) So many afraid to try now things……

2) So many don’t have time to prepare home made meals…..

3) So many can’t afford to switch things around on the grocery list…

4) So many find it easier and cheaper to eat out at Fast Food……

5) So many simply love the taste of the boxed, bagged, frozen, and canned.

The number 1 answer I get when I ask a client “DO you know exactly what you are putting in your body when you eat boxed, bagged, frozen, and canned?”


“What? What do you mean it is not digestible?”

And sadly….

When I ask clients “Do you know there are some “Cosmetic” Chemicals in some of your favorite foods?” (Not only that but these chemicals are in the products we put on our skin… going straight to our blood streams and organs as well.

The most popular answer is…

“That can’t possibly be true… the Government would never allow us to eat stuff that is poisonous for us~!”


“That would be against the law. It would have to say that on the label,right?”

Coming in 2nd!

Unfortunately, most of the preservatives used in our foods today are unnatural chemical substitutes.

If you have ever looked at the ingredients on a food label and wondered what Butylated hydroxytoluene or ascorbic acid is, you are not alone.

There are many foods on the market today where half of the ingredients on the label are extremely difficult to pronounce (RED FLAG)….

The average person most likely has no idea what any of these substances actually are.

Some of these chemical compounds are man made preservatives. Take a look at the picture below…… and ask yourself how many of the ingredients you can recognize.

If you don’t read food labels you SHOULD BE….… because more than likely if you cannot pronounce them…. they are man made chemicals that will poison your system (if not right away… the build up will eventually cause all kinds of problems with digestion, headaches, weight gain, body imbalance… and sometimes even chronic pain and inflammation in the body.

I can promise you that there was a day and time that I didn’t believe this either…

I used to go through life with my grocery list and just replenish the same things over and over and over…

I would have no clue what was in anything I was puttin in my body..

Nor would I even care to know….

It was affordable….. it fed my family (kept our bellies full)….. and noone was seeming to be getting sick…


I can promise you that when I became knowledgable with reading labels and when I stopped buying the boxed, the canned, the frozen, and the jarred..

and switched to only whole foods…. meaning Organic Fresh meats, Fruits and Vegatables (NOTHING processed or chemically enhanced)

Leaving out the toxic “Preservatives” that will sit in your system and …

sit in your system…

and sit in your system…


sit there, intrusively into the organs and glands and cells of your system!


Because these things were never meant to be “Food”..

and your body simply cannot (wasn’t designed to) cannot recognize foreign substances as “Food”.


Eating preservatives is like dropping a bomb on our intestinal tract because these preservatives kill both our “good” and our “bad” bacteria.

The destruction of our “good” bacteria have a number of negative effects on our health.

One major effect is our ability to digest and breakdown food. Food needs to be broken down into very tiny pieces in order to be absorbed through the lining of the small intestine, and our “good” bacteria play a major role in this process.

and so when you eat toxic chemicals in most of today’s foods…

it goes to the stomach and the stomach says…“What the heck is this? I can’t break this down! No matter how much stomach acid I send out …. I hope my Human doesn’t mind the indigestion ……..Well… I guess I will send it to the liver… liver will know what to do with it!”

It then goes to the liver and the liver says…“Ummm excuse me… hello???? What exactly do you think I am supposed to do with this? I do not recognize this… it is not breaking down with my extremely strong bile! It can sit here for a while, but if it doesn’t break down soon, I will send it to the lymphatic system to be cleared. Lymphatic will know what to do!!

It then gets split and some goes to lymphatic and some goes to kidneys and some gets sent back to the intestines…..


NOBODY…..none of your Organs know what the heck to do with it or how to break it down…… it does not compute! so it gets sent back and forth between the organs over and over and over…


if you are someone who ingests these things once in a while….. then eventually your body will clear most of it out (it can take years)…


If you are someone who eats a diet mostly of boxed, canned, frozen, processed and fast…

Think about how much of this builds and builds and builds….

then add the damage it does to Harmony of the digestive enzymes and stomach acids….

Now you have created a tornado of damaged organs and digestive tract that is not properly absorbing nutrients….. because it has become confused and overloaded (like a computer with too much data)…

What do you think happens at this point?

Here’s a small list of some of the damages….

1) Dis-ease and Dis-function of organs

2) Vital Nutrients in the body not being absorbed

3) over load of toxins in the body

4) Anti-inflammitory Response (AKA fight or flight) activated and elevated

5) mal-function of signals in the central nervous system (some of the preservatives are known CNS irritants!)

Little by little…..bite by bite….meal by meal….. day by week by month…. by year…

Your body does NOT feel good at all……

you are left with ….

1) indigestion every time you eat

2) headaches (migraines too)

3) feeling low energy…exhauseted no matter how much sleep you get

4) pain and inflammation in joints and muscles… everywhere

5) Obesity and weight gain

6) Asthma (because of toxin response)

7) eczema and psoriasis

8) weakened heart tissues

9) Hyper-activity and ADD in children and adults

10) Cancer cells being formed

11) un-diagnosed “Mystery” illness

PLEASE NOTE: MAN MADE – Chemically produced Preservatives are biologically reactive substances, and their allergenic potential has been known for a long time.

We all know that this stuff is not edible and not digestible…

But for some reason everyone just keeps ignoring it and eating it anyway…. feeding it to our kids anyway……

Because that is what is quick and easy and affordable…

We automatically trust that our government would out law it if it was truly hazardous to our health.. right?

that’s what you have been trained to believe….



I hate to break it to you, but we literally NEED TO WAKE UP!

Let me tell you…

Not everything we know to be true is…

Really what is best for us……


Top 10 foods, additives and preservatives that are banned in many countries except the U.S.

Other Countries have literally out-lawed these chemical substances that we are either knowingly or un-knowingly putting into our sacred temples called the physical body!


Friends, I am living proof that taking your own health into your own hands creates miracles in your health and well being. You must be brave enough to step into the new and open minded enough to allow new ways of being to be acceptable to what your brain has been trained to know.

You literally have to take matters into your own hands now a days! I promise you that your health is worth the extra effort to avoid these additives and preservatives like the Plague!!

I went from so much pain and inflammation in my body to tolerable levels..

I went from walking with a cane an sometimes in a wheel chair to throwing it all away…

I went from muffin top to slim and trim…..

I went from having a stomach ache and indigestion with everything I ate… to enjoying life again!

I went from tons of pills for pills for pills….

To no prescriptions!

I PROMISE you ….. this is all worth its weight in GOLD that will become your life and your loved ones too…

Please do not be fooled.. do your own research.. follow your own intuition…

Let thy food be thy medicine…

Remember that every bite you take hurts or harms your health!

Here is some excellent information I would like to share to help you on your “Whole Food” journey….

I am here for you if you would like a consultation to sit down with me and go over your health and wellness and come up with a comprehensive plan for Health and HAPPINESS!



Becky JO

2 thoughts on “The Great Grocery Store Awakening

  1. While processed foods make us food they don’t keep us as sustained as whole foods. I hear many ppl argue that eating a natural diet is too expensive but not when you take into account sustainable hunger. Wonderful post. Thank you.


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I completely agree. When clients tell me they cannot afford to eat whole foods; I loveingly remind them that they cannot afford not to! If they can afford fast food, I am certain that could be transformed into a budget that affords better foods for better sustainability and vitality! xoxo


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