Feel the Calling

We cannot remain in denial forever….especially when it comes to our “reality”, about “War” or “Terrorism” that is out there in the collective… but we can simply engage in it in a different way…rather than Feel the calling seeing ourselves as victims or aggressors… we can start to see it in a deeper way as releasing our old paradigm.. and the emergence of something new…

Just as I have been talking about the past 3 years, 2020 is the year of great awakening and transformation as a species…. its here and now and each one of us has some pretty profound and deep choices we are being forced to make in order to simplify the life we knew…….

So as a HUman Race we have been crawling around as caterpillars for several generations…. and we went into our cocoons for several years since the great awakening started to happen…


RE-defining our identities

There are known energetic changes on our planet and in our Solar System that some scientists believe are helping us (HUmans) make the shift to a complete different level of existence… EVOLUTION (as we witness it)

According “Kiara Windrider” (Author)….. to Our Galaxy has a heartbeat…. and in HUman terms it is about 12,000 years.. and what happens is that from the center of our Galaxy there is this emanation of cosmic and Gamma Rays…. it leads to changes in our Sun an how it shines … it leads to changes on the Earth…….

…and what happens on the Earth is a Gradual reversal of the Earth’s Magnetic Field (The North Pole has actually been shifting about 70 or 80 Kilometers every year and this is much quicker than EVER before)

The Author Daniel Pinchbeck claims that we have evidence that the entire solar system has been undergoing some sort of transmutation….

he says it is more common now a days than EVER before (especially in the modern Western World) for normal people to pick up on “Synchronicity” and “Signs” and “Telepathy” as a lifestyle; almost as if the veil between the dimensions has been drawn back and we are walking in a Divine space.

Did you know that our brains have little magnetite crystals that react very sensitively to geomagnetic fields (yes we do!)….

and the current changes happening now in the energetic fields of Earth are being shown to cause new oscillation patterns in our brains… this is leading to completely new states of consciousness…. and due to these changes… our filters of perception are falling away and we will (if we haven’t already) start to perceive matters from our consciousness which want to be seen… our shadow parts are surfacing to be released!!!

This is a wonderful chance… as a collective consciousness…. to heal destructive patterns of behavior and what many are referring to as “Transformation of HUmanity”!!!

(Dieter Broers – Biophysicist)

In the New Age, all Healing will take place through the awakening of consciousness. – St. Germain

Releasing our convictions and creating something completely new… sounds fantastic right?

BUT… it is also very scary to many..

Many wondering…




I mean with most people already completely and totally stressed out and overwhelmed by their daily lives….. How will they begin to make the change?

You are already wired for success!!!

We are actually in a sort of “Dream” and when you look at the idea that scientists tell us we only use bout 5% of our brains capacity.. geneticists tell us that we are using about 5% of our genetic capabilities and 95% of the DNA is actually dormant…. now just imagine if the rest of the 95% was just “sleeping” and we started to wake up that potential inside of us!!!!!

Get this… the number of Neurons in the HUman brain… surpasses the number of known stars in the Universe… and as consciousness evolves….as the creative challenges for the brain increase… the brain will form new networks and that will expand our evolution beyond comprehension at this point in HUman history…

we are literally laying on top of a sleeping vastness in the Universe in terms of the possible connections inside of our own heads!!! (In other words, your brain was already created for this….. your physical body was already engineered for these Universal changes!)

LITERALLY… each one of us carries this HUGE potential; which only needs to be switched on.. and this is happening NOW!

RE-Programming our Brains and SUb-conscious minds

According to Bruce Lipton (Biologist and Best selling author)…

The conventional science we have learned is a science of victimization; Meaning that there are forces outside of ourselves that control who and what we are such as our genes.

BUT THE NEW SCIENCE... reveals quite a different story… it says that our genes respond to our “perception” (how we see our environment)…

SO IT SAYS… if we change our perceptions then we can change our genetics….

and so when you understand that, then you are all of a sudden a master of your biology, because you are the one who is free to change your beliefs, and your perceptions, and your emotions…

and when you do that, you are in charge of changing your own genes (DNA) and therefor yo are in charge of changing your life!!!! (Change your mind, change your life! – Wayne Dyer)







These are some good questions to ask yourself…… it will help you see the boxes you are placing yourself in… and then when we see it, we can change it!

You see.. HUman Beings have been living in a prison of their own creations for many centuries now…

BUT… most people are happy to “Re-arrange” the furniture in the prison cell….

instead of breaking free of the prison they have created….. and then they feel shifted and lifted for a bit…

but the same walls just keep closing in on them without them even realizing they are in control!

Instead of experiencing reality for what it is (Mysterious.. alive.. shimmering…unpredictable)..

Most HUmans have settled for “Beliefs” about reality………. they prefer to stay in these “Beliefs” about Reality because it is what they know and it is what is familiar….

Everyone has certain “Beliefs they are taught as we grow up about life and death..

EVERYTHING YOU CAN Ever imagine IN LIFE… YOU MOST LIKELY have a “Belief” about…

Sometimes these “Beliefs” are expansive (Like believing that anything is possible)…

or these “Beliefs” can be very limiting (like you believe that life is hard or difficult)

That belief is determined by what’s in your mind… based on the experiences that you have had in your life… by the experiences of your family members (mother, father, grandparents, great grand parents etc)

Some limited beliefs that go through people’s brains…

“I can’t afford it”

“I am a loser”

“I will never fit in”

“It’s out of my hands”



Some Empowering Beliefs that expand your prison cell in your brain…..

“Every day is a new beginning”

“I AM Beautiful!”

“I respect myself”

“I AM LOVED ( and I love)!”


You literally change your Biology of your physical body as fast as your change your mind and your beliefs” ~ BRUCE LIPTON

The light of your spirit

As the light of energy (the spirit.. the soul) comes through the physical body… the light is like a motion picture projector camera… it goes through the filters of our minds…. the images of our minds/brains…. and then projects our into space….

The world is a huge… gigantic MIRROR reflection of ourselves…

I see myself and everything outside reflects me…

In the morning when you look in the mirror and you are totally aware that the “Grumpy” face in the mirror is yours… (Let’s just say you are in a grumpy mood that morning)

But you sure wouldn’t put the make up on the mirror (instead of your face)…..

You wouldn’t squeeze your pimples on the mirror, or wash the mirror instead of your face

Because we know that the mirror is a “Projection” of our face, right?

BUT… as soon as we are outside of the bathroom we forget this and we then ask the person we are with “Why are you so grumpy today?”

Because we generally do not realize that the person we are with is our mirror and they are in fact reflecting back our own “Grouchiness”……

and the whole game of life begins for the day…..

When we become aware of the fact that Everything is a mirror reflection of us… then we can learn from it and grow from it..

we then STOP blaming others for how we feel… we stop pointing fingers and then instead start truly focusing on our own selves in reflection….

Because when we point fingers at others…. we are pointing 3 at ourselves…….

So basically in a nutshell… the world you are living in is truly a reflection (Or possibly restriction) of your own sets of beliefs

Where do these beliefs come from?

How are they planted into your body? Your brain? Your behavior? Your life?

Well there are 2 parts to the mind…

the latest developments of the mind are just behind your forehead, according to Bruce Lipton.

It is called the pre-frontal cortex; which is known as the “Seat of consciousness”…

Consciousness (Self-consciousness) is your personal identity….your connection with spirit…. your source…..YOU!

The rest of the brain is call the “Sub-conscious” brain….. and that is more like your tape player..

It records the experiences and when you push the button it plays the tape…

Science is recognizing now that we are not running our lives with our conscious minds….. in fact we only run our lives with 5% OF OUR CONSCIOUS MINDS!

95% of our lives comes from our “Sub-conscious” habits and beliefs.

Nature (God, Universal Intelligence, whatever your pleasure is…) create HUmans to be in the “Programmable” state for the first 6-7 years of life.

So for the first 6-7 years of life, a child is in like a state of “Hypnosis”….therefor everything a child experiences will become a sort of a “Download” as that child stores its “Programming”.

Anything that is experienced with a strong emotional charge gets stored as strong stimulus in our brains.

FOR EXAMPLE: if your parents say “We really love you and only want the best for you. We want you to become somebody!”

but then they are hard on you and expect perfection from you and even possibly punish you physically (slapping or spanking) if you do not live up to their expectations or do not have good enough grades in school.. for what they think you should have…

Then this will become your definition of “Love” and later in life you will automatically look for partners who treat you the same…. because you are then programmed that this is what you must look for in order to find that feeling of “love”. And then other times, you hear parents tell their children “You don’t deserve that”, or “You aren’t lovable”, or “You are a sickly child” etc…

So if a child is under 6 years old, these words are a direct download! Into the mind…. the mind that controls you for the rest of your life…..

you can be 50 years old and the sub-conscious mind doesn’t know past and future… it only knows now so whatever you heard when you were 5 is still now at 50!


When we remember our “past”….. it isn’t the “Past” anymore… it becomes the present… NOW!

SO we can HERE AND NOW CHANGE AND TRANSFORM it!!!!! Its a matter of knowing what the sub-conscious beliefs are that are creating your limitations and patterns.

You are probably thinking…. sounds great Becky but how do I know what my “Sub-conscious” beliefs and patterns are if I got them before I was 6?”

and to this I say… you don’t have to go backwards to figure this out… remember we said that 95% of your life comes from subconscious programs?

Well… this means that 95% of your life is a print out of your subconscious programs….

so that things that work in your life… its because you have programs in your subconscious mind that give you those things…

the things you struggle with, the things you have to work hard for…. ask yourself…

why do I have to work so hard for this?

The quick answer is… because you have beliefs in your subconscious mind that don’t allow you to go there!

So your conscious mind is struggling and fighting against the beliefs of the subconscious mind!

Physical Body and Subconscious programming

Also, our physical bodies are showing us signs, symptoms, and clues (keys) to unlock the subconscious mind!

(For example… someone with terrible back pain, might have a subconscious belief that tehy have to carry everything on their own)

Our bodies are like a stage for plays that are not consciously played out…..

FOR EXAMPLE: Somebody who came from a large family may not have gotten enough as a kiddo….. later in life he/she may be rich, but will still carry the feeling of “Not having enough”

They will then typically “Play this out” through food, belongings, and filling in the energetic gaps with physical substance…..

and via this act of “Filling”….. if they look deeper at themselves they will realize what they are truly looking for within their being… “Fulfillment”…which is then the theme of this person’s mind, body, and soul

The Mind is a superb instrument if used rightly…if used wrongly it becomes destructive. It is not so much that you use your mind wrongly…. you usually don’t use it at all for it uses you!- ECKHART TOLLE

The HUman Mind

According to Bruce Lipton…

The HUman mind is programmable and the Governments of the world have known this for hundreds of years…

so basically it says that if you want to control a population… then you give them beliefs of limitation…beliefs that dis-empower them!


then THEY will say things like……

“I’m sorry I am not good at that” OR “I am not capable of this” OR “That is impossible”…

and when we say things that are dis-empowering like that, then we create a life for ourselves that exactly matches those beliefs!

However, if you are making the choice consciously to live in lack in limitations, then fine.. that’s on you!!

BUT…. most people aren’t even remotely aware that they are making bad choices for themselves subconsciously..

And…that is why is it TIME TO WAKE UP!

It’s time to start standing up… IT”S TIME!

The messages that we receive now a days from the media and the government systems tells us to BE AFRAID!

We are being sent the message that the world seems to be falling apart…. and everyone is getting nervous…

WE MUST BE VERY CAREFUL of that.. each and every single one of us must be mindful that when we live in fear… we give up our own power!

Me personally…. I want to send this message out loud and clear…

I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE WORLD FALLING APART… because if it DOESN’T fall apart, we are going to go extinct as a species!!!

SO I WELCOME the falling apart, because it gives us a wonderful opportunity to create a BETTER WORLD with new Ideas and new visions… and not the old ones that the current institutions are holding!

I will be here standing strong along side all of you light bearers, way showers, healers and people of love and light til the end.. KEEP GOING…… we are almost there!



and beyond…

Becky Jo

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