Flying High above the lower mind.

Healing Depression/Anxiety and Past Traumas

Just in case you feel yourself sinking I heard your SOS.

I figured it would be a good time to talk to you about Depression and Anxiety (past Traumas), which if we aren’t careful during this life-changing time……can lead us not only into temptation of letting ourselves be stricken with the lower vibrational emotions; but can also take us down the path of addictions…

It is vitally important that we stay in our hearts (work on healing them…) as much as possible during times like these where things are very uncertain and all we have for sure is FAITH…. work on raising our vibrations daily through meditation/prayer, and work on focusing on our blessings; rather than our Stressings and messings (or what your mind thinks is stressings and messings).

As most of us already know and already follow….. the law of attraction is a very important piece of this…

Right now, during this great time of change and transformation, each of us is being invited to connect deep within ourselves and work on being more mindful of all of the Energetic laws of the Universe… the law of attraction is vital right now though!

I can’t say for sure whether or not the Law of Attraction is a true and real thing..

But I know for sure that becoming aware of it and the energy in my own E-Motions has made such a significant impact on my own life and career that I feel I must share and get this out there for others to feel inspired to change your lives too!

WHY? Because we are co-creators guys!

What I have learned since my healing journey started is that our E-Motions are energetic. They have energy/frequency and depending on which E-motion you carry around most of the time…. Will ultimately determine your frequency of your physical body, mind, and soul (your vibe).

E-motions are your soul light energy in motion… it is how you communicate with your whole be-ing on how you FEEL about certain situations, people, things, etc.

E-Motions are meant to be the “stimulus” that MOVES you to dive deep within your eternal self in order to work THROUGH what you are feeling and see where the imbalance is.. recognize what part of you is in the darkness and invite that piece back home to the heart….. make a more empowered choice for you and bring all of you back to the light within….. 

Once you live this as a lifestyle, it gets easier and easier to crack through the tough hard shells we have all placed around ourselves when things in life were either misunderstood, or we felt the need for protection…..Layer by layer we learn about ourselves and who we truly are.. not what life and other Human beings have told us we are!

I learned this with my own journey 10 years ago and I continue to watch this be true for every single client that comes to me looking for help healing traumas and past E-motional wounds.

You see what we weren’t taught growing up is that E-Motions are the response information that is fed to our computers (AKA BRAINS) that help us process the situation.

E-Motions are the energy (Consciousness) that resonates at a different Hrtz …

Depending on which one we are carrying around most of the time… (literally carrying around because Humans have an energetic/E-Motional field around our physical bodies that cannot typically be seen with the Naked eye)

Will determine whether we are expanded or contracted….

If you are not allowing these E-motions to process as they are meant to…

Then your life will stay stuck in loops and cycles over and over and over….

However…… if you take the time to listen to your self…

Stop… be still… listen (shhhh)

To your mind (what is it telling you?)

To your body (what is it saying?)

Your soul/Energy/E-Motion (how does it feel?)

You can work through anything… releasing the lessons to a higher understanding..

Releasing yourself from victim mentality into seeing the blessings in your life’s experiences.


The frequency we are floating at on an energetic level will attract more of the same frequency..



We attract the energy of what our realities (lives) are, whether we realize it or not!

If we focus on what’s wrong and keep telling the stories of abuse, neglect, trauma, and past hurts…

Well that is how our lives will continue to be!

Because the Universe doesn’t communicate in words…

It communicates in frequency/vibration…

The frequency signals you send out……

Are the exact same frequency you will be sent more of (literally cuz its at your level of existence)…..

I know this is a little deep guys….. but hear me out……

I know… I know…. you are probably either saying “YES Becky Jo… I agree!…I have learned this personally already!”


“Ummm ya that’s all good and gravy, but easier said then done! I have had too many horrible things happen to me in my life and I do not know where to even begin to try and get over it!”

and…. that is why I am doing this post…

Because I took my life from Dramas and Traumas….


Blessings and Progressings (I just made that word up too lol)!!!

It wasn’t easy to rise up out of the darkness and it sure isn’t easy to maintain that level of happiness at first…

Until you keep working on it and stay focused and eventually one day you wake up and realize that you have completely changed your lifestyle, way of thinking, and the energy of who you are without even realizing you have done so.

You will see yourself reacting completely different to situation that used to send you through the roof…

You will find yourself excited to have others vibrating at your frequency…


You will wake up each morning feeling blessed instead of stressed….

How do we do this?

How do we heal those past traumas and move forward… release who we used to be?

How do we go from a victim of life to a fulfilled person who helps pull others out of their victim-hood?

I work with clients, family, and friends every single day that are in the dooms of despair.

Somehow people always just seem to reach out to me when they feel like they need support (it has always been that way)…


I haven’t always been this empowered version of me you know….

I too had lots of learning and growing and changing my ways so I could create a better life and light the way for others to do the same when they are ready!

I haven’t always been the one who is in eternal inner peace most of the time and nor have I always been someone who overcame my traumas, depression/anxieties…

Years ago, when I was in my Early 30’s I was as lost as it gets.

After many years of traumas, losses, extreme abuse, and self loathing, which led to….. making very low vibrational choices, just trying to “survive”……..

Which eventually on that path leads to……..

Homelessness, my family turning their backs on me, losing jobs, lying to make myself feel better about who I was, violence, and just barely living……

and many many many health issues that I didn’t realize at the time were all caused from the negative emotions that I was carrying in my shit storm!

I was in a victim mentality and it left me many negative patterns of destruction!

I blamed my parents, I blamed my friends when they didn’t feel sorry for me, I blamed everything on everyone else in my life.

Because it couldn’t be me that was causing my life to spiral out of control could it?

I mean.. I was dealt a pretty bad hand, right?

I had panic attacks daily, I was on medication for depression, I hated life and thought about ending it often…

Until one day when someone told me to “Meditate” to help with panic attacks….

I was desperate to try and feel “Normal” and I was ready to try just about anything, so I humored the person and tried it…

I logged on to Youtube and searched “Meditation for panic attacks”; I found one and closed my eyes and followed along…

I cannot stress to you enough that this was the moment that changed my whole life!

I couldn’t believe how much better I felt…. I started doing it daily and before I knew it, It led me to doing other meditations, which then led me to connecting to God and the Divine realms (Even though I had been doing this my entire life…. now I understood what was happening)…

It wasn’t long after that, that I started to work on healing my emotional traumas….

Not long after that, I led myself right into a “Spiritual Awakening” where my whole life flashed in front of my eyes and I knew without a doubt why I had gone through each and every single one of the traumas that I had.

(This also led me to starting a YouTube channel of my own where I lead others in doing meditation! you should check it out…)

Once I understood this and saw the big picture, I was able to forgive, let go, release the past and send love to all those who had hurt me….

I began to truly love and honor myself and I realized that those who didn’t love me for who I was … were truly missing out!

I got into healthy patterns in relationships, in taking care of my body, mind, and soul…..

I got off of all the medications I was on.. didn’t need them!

Once we decide to take responsibility for our own actions and and we realize that the law of attraction is for real…

Once we see that what others have done to us was never about us in the first place and that…


We can understand that and be freed from the shackles of depression and anxiety….

We are co-creators of our own experiences… and we MUST take responsibility for our own actions and E-motions…

Once we realize and truly understand that we are all here for a purpose and that these traumas are our “Lessons” we are meant to learn…

Once we see and clearly understand that it is none of our business what other people think of us…

and we clearly see and understand that we cannot control other people… PERIOD (not what they do, not what they think).

and we clearly see and understand that we cannot control other people… PERIOD (not what they do, not what they think).

when we understand that everyone is vibrating that a different frequency and those that we long for in our lives may not be at the level we are at (due to their own afflictions that they haven’t dealt with yet)

When we learn to let go of what no longer serves our highest and best goods….

Then we can begin our journeys into self healing and empowering!

Once we are free and clear and in a high vibrational reality…

Then we can begin our journey into healing and empowering others (because that is part of each and every single one of our purposes here on Earth!)

How do we start you may ask?

Good Question…

Well since I am a “Healer” and a Certified Master Herbalist/Master Aromatherapist and since I am someone who heals myself and others using a “Whole-istic” (hence my healing practice being called Wholeistic Healing) approach, I am going to give you some ideas of things you can do to heal yourself…

**Please know that these are all Natural solutions that worked for me and I am not telling anyone to go out and just stop taking any prescription medications they are on!***


The mind is either a “Dangerous” thing or a “GLORIOUS”
tool in healing..

Healing your mind it the first place to start when it comes to healing depression/anxiety; because it is what ultimately decides what our thoughts are, right?

I am telling you that if you are depressed, the first step into feeling better is to find self love and self empowerment!

In terms of Law of Attraction, we can have a positive mindset that brings joy, peace, harmony, and balance to our day to day existence…

which then in turn will bring high vibrating emotions to us and then Universe can’t help but send things and situations (people) to our lives that are high vibrating.. bringing us more Joy, peace, harmony, and Balance!

I am not kidding you guys, it saved my life! Many people say to me “I don’t have time” or “I should but I don’t”.
well YOU MUST! take 20 minutes per day and MEDITATE… go within and connect to God (source) and the Angels. I do not care what kind of meditation you do, but it keeps up in a high vibration and you will much easier be able to pull yourself out if you begin to slip into the abyss again!

Saying positive affirmations three times a day (morning, mid-day, and at night)—such as “I love and accept myself,” “I am at peace in my life,” “I deserve to be happy,” “I feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally”—dispels the negative chatter.

One of the biggest things that is guaranteed to bring you out of depression/anxiety and negative patterns (thought forms and beliefs) is the Law of attraction Instead of focusing on what is wrong… focus on what is right in your life. Have Gratitude and appreciation for what you have.. even if it isn’t all you want…. It will indefinitely bring more of it to you!
Focusing on the solution of what’s bothering you is highly effective as well…. instead of fixating on the problem. Worrying only increases stress-levels.

Truly think about every single situation that you have ever been involved in where you feel you were a “Victim”. What did the other person do to you? What made that person do it to you? What part did you have in them doing it to you?

Listen.. even if you truly cannot think of anything you could have possibly done to cause others to harm you with their words and actions… even if you truly were a “Victim” in any of the situations that are haunting you deep in your mind… it is up to you to take responsibility for healing yourself from it. It is your responsibility to truly and deeply forgive the other person for it.(Not for them..

FOR YOU and your well being so you are no longer harboring the negative energy of the events)…

keeping in mind always that as you do this you are releasing the negative energy surrounding the situations and taking your first steps to permanently healing them!

When you get to the place where you are no longer energetically living in those situations anymore and you truly bring them up, feel them, heal them and then release them… you are energetically climbing up that vibration scale that I love so much ( talk about it just about daily! lol)
Focusing on the solution instead of the problem is a highly effective way to bring positive energy into your mind as well.

THEN... you can more easily focus on your BLESSINGS and not your stressings!

Please reach out if you are not at a place where you know exactly what is making you depressed or you are not strong enough emotionally to deal with things on your own. Healers like me are very happy and honored to be a piece of the puzzle in your healing (or we can help you put the puzzle pieces together). There are so many therapies and modalities that all of us “Healers” know and use religiously (lol.. get it… “Religiously? hehe)


When it comes to your physical body

The usual treatments for depression are prescription antidepressant medications which, in theory, work by increasing levels of “feel good” brain chemicals.

But prescription antidepressants have been charted to work for less than half of those who try them and have a high relapse rate.

There’s evidence they are no more effective than a placebo, but have a lot more side effects.

If you’ve gone the medical route with little success and want to go the “Natural” route instead of using medication, then fortunately there are many natural ways to treat depression that have been scientifically proven to work often as good as or better than antidepressants.

to have Truly good health as a whole is keeping a balance in your physical body…. in depression and anxiety’s case it comes with keeping a balance in your brain as well…

Diet, exercise and some really awesome Herbal Medicines (Including herbs and essential oils) when needed are the 3 best ways to create this “Balance”,,,

With all of the debates out there now a days on which “Diet” is best for who’s body.. it is hard to say which one in particular is best for you (without doing a personal consult with me anyway.. lol)

However, without a doubt, all of the healthy diet plans out there all have the same goal in the end and that is that… they all focus mostly on eating “Whole” and “Real” foods.

Processed food, fast food and commercial baked goods are linked to depression. The benefits of eating unprocessed food are twofold. First, it greatly increases your chances of getting the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients your brain needs to function. And secondly, it eliminates additives known to contribute to depression like white sugar, MSG and artificial sweeteners.

You guys…. the processed and chemically enhanced foods out there that are full of preservatives are not recognized by your body as “Food”…. so therefor as soon as your body tries to break them down… it CANT….. so it will sit in your system and literally rot in your intestines and eventually be sucked into your system somewhere….

Your brain is where the signals come from right? so when the stomach says “Ummmmm…. dude… what should i do with these preservatives that are preserving the foods we are trying to digest? They aren’t breaking down and we need the room for the incoming load… we need to empty out please!”

and then the Brain replies and states “10/4 good buddy I hear ya; however, I just spoke to liver and he is on overtime, kidneys are short handed, and spleen quit last week… I am not sure what to do…. I will check with intestines and see where they are at…”

…… and… then the intestines say “Are you freakin serious? I am still trying to absorb last month’s loads and not to mention the alcohol and caffeine that I just received! I just can’t today guys!”

and then the poisons and toxins are sent to the cells of the body to carry and the lymphatic system says, “I will try my best, but we need a break very soon or else we will have to create cancer cells….”

By this time, the brain doesn’t have synchronicity with the body anymore…

and this happens over and over throughout the years and years and just like the patterns in the mind that become unhealthy.. so do the patterns in the physical body and the brain becomes unbalanced!

Do you think the brain is very happy about this? I am guessing not, since we can all feel the tension between the organs just reading about their frustrations!


we should be eating whole foods that were put on this Planet by God (source) that are intended to keep the physical body happy, healthy,, and balanced (and they more easily processed and digested and supplement the organs instead of separate them!)

Eating a balanced diet with lots of greens, reducing processed sugars, and drinking lots of water is not only healthier for your body, it also nourishes the mind.

Besides eating unprocessed food, the other dietary rule for depression is to eat plenty of healthy fats. Your brain is largely made of fat — about 60 percent by dry weight. A lot of that is cholesterol since 25 percent of the body’s cholesterol resides in the brain.

Cholesterol, in spite of what we’ve been told, does not cause heart disease. But too little cholesterol increases your risk of depression and even suicide.

(healthy fats like nuts, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, wild salmon and grass-fed meat will help keep your brain balanced.)

Coconut oil uniquely feeds the brain with medium-chain fatty acids

People with depression tend to have lower blood levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Omega-3s are an integral structural component of brain cell membranes and nerve cells. One omega-3 in particular that’s critical for brain function is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA deficiency is linked to depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

The best dietary sources of omega-3 fats and DHA are cold-water fatty fish like salmon and sardines. If these are not a regular part of your diet, consider taking a fish oil or a DHA supplement.

Physical exercise is one of the best things you can do for elevating your mood. It increases circulation to deliver more oxygen, glucose, and nutrients to your brain while clearing out toxins and metabolic debris.

Exercise builds a healthier brain by increasing the levels of brain chemicals that promote new brain cell formation and new neural connections. It actually reorganizes the brain so that it responds better to stress.

Regular physical exercise has been found to work better for depression than SSRIs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors), the drugs usually prescribed for depression.

according to Dr. John Ratey, renowned psychiatrist…

” Aside from elevating endorphins, exercise also increases our body and brain levels of endocannabinoids, brain growth factors (BDNF) and regulates all of the neurotransmitters targeted by antidepressants.”

besides… when we exercise or physically are up and around… we just literally feel better about everything!


Most people are not aware of a powerful force called spirituality, which once embraced in our lives can help us to heal ourselves and heal others.

How can spirituality help in treatment of depression?

To answer this question, you need to first ask yourself, what is the root cause of depression?

Depression is not caused by an event, a person, or a situation; it is caused by a disturbance in the spiritual equilibrium.

This refers to the fact that when there is more negative states in our mind and negative energy in our body as opposed to positive energy then depression occurs. The lack of positive energy hampers the balance between the mind, body, and soul.

It is only through practice of spiritual healing that you will be able to restore this balance and thus treat depression.

Now the question is where do you start?

What you really need is more and more positive energy. The best way to drive positive energy is by becoming one with your inner self.

The objective of spirituality is to help you create and control good energy and help you to heal yourself using this energy.

Healing by using various spiritual techniques helps to calm the mind and relax the body.

Depression is a mind disease and the path of spirituality helps you to gain control over your mind. There are several spiritual paths that you can choose but the easiest path to natural healing is through meditation.

Meditation not only help us to relax the mind an body. …. but it connects us to God (source), our Angels, and spirit guides…

The energy we feel when “Connected” to the white light not only brings us the energy of unconditional love.. but the most positively charged energy you will ever feel anywhere!

There may be things from your past lives that need to be healed and you can find these and figure them out through “Past life regression”…

The main objective to healing things “Spiritually” is getting down to the root cause….. which you can’ help but stumble upon when you are truly doing your “Soul work”, right?

Many of the things that lead us to depression can be spiritual in nature…but by discovering your “Higher self”… you will then know the truth of who you really are and find your life’s purpose….’

That always leads to someone finding a greater purpose and the knowing that the things you went through were not in vain (Just like my story…)

Just the knowing that you are a spiritual being having a human existence is an amazingly positive way to find your attitude of gratitude……

Now I know this post is long and if you are still reading this, then you won’t mind me going into a few of my favorite and most used healing herbs and essential oils that will help with depression (which you ca get any of these from me if you feel so inclined…. but if not from me, please get them from a reliable source… always!)

These or any combination of these (I make some really good teas, tinctures, syrups, and essential oil roll can purhase on my website!

Herbs: st. johns wort, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Kava root, Ginko, Hawthorne, and California Poppy to name a very few…

Essential oils: Lavender, chamomile, Rose, Melissa, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, grapefruit,Marjoram, and Frankincense to name a few.

Whether you use these topically in a roll on blend from me or you use them aromatically by method of inhalation they help so much,

When used topically, they reach the bloodstream and help almost instantly…..

When used aromatically, the scents reach the brain through the Limbic system, they bring peace, joy, calm, and positive feelings and thinking!

or spiritual protecting oils and herbs, which keeps the negative energies far far away from you (please message me for more info on these if you are interested).

I send you love and eternal peace…


Becky Jo

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