Mercury Retrograde Message

from Mother Mary and the Angels for your Journey and your week ahead.

I hope and pray this day brings you all of the love in your own heart and all of the light of your own sovereign Divine Soul.

As I awoke this morning, and said “Thank you for this day”, I knew that there were several downloads waiting to come through my Heavenly channels..

I saw all of the signs that I know I see when I am meant to send out guidance for the Human Journey.

I do not typically get involved in all the buzz surrounding Mercury Retrograde anymore, as I feel that in the bigger picture, Humans have made it a negative thing to fear and in some ways it has become like Covid (an excuse for bad behavior)!

However, I will not deny that the planets, stars, and alignments of the Universe all play their part in Human behavior… so instead of educating others about how awful Mercury Retrograde is…. I want to send out inspiration instead……

The past week or so, I have been experiencing some intense darkness like never before and although I know most of it is not mine, I truly know that this is a sign for every single one of us to be still and go deep within to see what we are working through.

Mercury retrograde deeply means…. retro-spect, re-do, re-learn, re-visit, re-think, and be a lot more mind-full than normal not to re-act (instead breath and re-spond)…..

I know you are all feeling this so strongly….

and I know for certain that ALL OF YOU have been having very negative and dark experiences arising lately to some extent…

Universally, we are all being initiated and trained on how to stay connected to our light, even in the complete darkness….

why? Because there are some very dark times happening on our planet (I know, noone wants me to talk about that, but it is the truth and every single one of us needs to know the truth…)

We all came here to help birth in a new paradigm…..

But EARTH ANGELS… WE MUST know this is happening, so we can learn how to control our connection to the light…..

I do not say this to instill fear, for fear is what got us here…

I say this so that you can activate that innate part of your sovereign divinity.. your own soul light so strong that NOTHING that break you, NOTHING can put your light out…..

if and when times get dark on the planet… we are the ones who will light the way (remember who you are)……..

Those who know me well, know that I always follow the gentle nudges that the Angels and higher realms send to me in the forms of inspiration, increased vibrations, and signs and synchronicity.

This beautiful morning……As I stepped out of bed, I was immediately flooded with pain in my heart, so strong that I knew it was mostly not mine.


As I always do, I allowed this pain to speak to me and explain what it wants to point out…

I said “Pain? What are you trying to tell me?”

I bowed my head in silence and I allowed this healing to occur….as I opened my channel, I felt this incredible light flow in and through me……

I heard a voice say “My people are in pain this morning. They need your light to remember their own.”

The past few months all of us have been experiencing incredibly challenging situations, have we not?

We are at a time in our evolution where it is do or die (literally)….

So those of us who are awake and aware and know who we are have a huge job to do (yes you signed up to do it)

Every single thing that has presented itself to you in the past few months that is not what you want your life to be… perhaps it has been old paradigm habits or people, places, things that you thought you had healed from….

Being shown to you from your higher self so that you can make a decision “Is this way I have always done this how I want to continue doing this?


“Do I want to make a better choice for my highest evolution and the highest evolution of all beings?”

You are being called to your true divine path and purpose of service unto others.

Are you ready, willing and able to truly let go of the old you?

Dear ones…..

The call is so strong…… we haven’t any time to waste…

Those of us who have been called to help Humanity heal (and help all Universes, all multi-verses.. all beings rise)…

Are being asked to STOP……. BE STILL….. LET GO…….

Allow your heart to open wide and release all that is not love…..

it doesn’t matter what happened to you….. even in the darkest of days, the light has always been there and it is always an option for you to choose to connect to…

When you make the conscious choice to connect to your light, your own divinity, your higher self…

and you then let go of the struggles, the stories, the projections of who you thought you were..

what people may have told you that you are…..

and you open your channel and allow your Divine Team to send you a new signal.. new programs of love and light…….

and you……..

release the old programs of lack and struggle, of fighting and competing to survive…

Because those old programs are not valid in the new you within the divinity of your own soul light…

They are not your truth…. LOVE IS YOUR TRUTH… RAYS OF LIGHT ARE YOUR Truth

Let it all wash away…….. let it flow downstream like a river….. let love choose…

A Message from Mother Mary

Mother Mary comes to me this morning with a unified message of “Self-Respect”

She asks me to share this message of love and unity with you….

Mother Mary, the beautiful Universal Mother (Queen of Angels) cares so deeply for the wellfare of HUmanity and personally for you, your welfare, and your happiness while on this journey here on Earth.

She is asking every single one of us to truly start taking good care of ourselves….remember that you are God’s Child and creation…. by respecting yourself, you are respecting “God” and the part of you that is “God”…

Mother Mary says you have a current question that you are asking the Universe for answers regarding your Human path..

She says that the answer to your present question lies within another question..

“Which path would be most respectful of me and make me FEEL the BEST about myself?”

Self respect increases when your actions are aligned with your TRUE BELIEF (what YOU believe, not what other Humans have told you to believe)

Mother Mary lovingly asks each one of us in this moment to STOP doing anything that makes us feel ashamed or guilty.. STOP doing things that do not respect your divinity…….She asks you to focus all of your attention upon that which makes you PROUD TO BE YOU!

She asks you to please say the following affirmation out loud (x3).. feel it, mean it!

“I honor and deeply love myself through my healthful actions”

Angel message (what the Angels want you to know)

There is a space that exists within us, and around us …

where Angels sing on rays of light…. ON RAYS OF LIGHT

and love pours forth… love pours forth…. LOVE POURS FORTH…..


May the grace of your own divinity fill your heart and soul today and all days.

Be Still…Slow down….Listen and follow your inner nudges…Nature always has great messages for you if you take the time to hear them!

I AM the light…THE LIGHT I AM

Matt Kahn

Repeat out loud (x3): I am the light, the light I am

Have a wonderful week Earth Angels…… Remember that you have everything within you to do whatever it is you want to achieve…

The time is NOW and YOU are the one……..


Becky Jo

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