Bringing Heaven to Earth

How to cleanse and bless your space!

why its important to keep your living space in love and light

Did you know?

Ancient healers understood the effect of an environment on an individual’s health and well-being…..

In native cultures, the village shaman would perform special ceremonies to consecrate a new home or village lodge.

If someone was ill, the shaman would chant, drum, and use smoking herbs—not only for the health of the person, but for cleansing and healing the entire environment they lived in.

Although different tools were used in different cultures, the effect was the same……..

For example: Native Americans used drums, rattles, and burning herbs in their rituals.

If a drum was used, its sonorous rhythm would penetrate the soul of the man or woman who was being treated, even as it simultaneously cleared the energy field of their home……

The Chinese used gongs, chanting, and incense……

In Medieval Europe, salt and prayers cleared energy….

and in the Middle East, smoldering resins such as frankincense and myrrh were used to invite blessings into a home…..

After a clearing, the occupants of a dwelling felt healthier, happier, and more at peace…….

What I find the most fascinating here is that these techniques are older than time itself…. but are becoming a mainstay in today’s fast paced world of technology and impersonal realities!

We (as a society) are finally starting to veer towards what worked best for our ancestors……

In fact… In ancient Chinese Traditions, Fireworks (fire crackers) are set off on “New years” because They believed that the loud noise would break up the old stagnant energy and prepare the way for fresh new energy to flow in with the coming of another year.

It is said that they still do this today………and others are following suit…….

PLEASE NOTE…….. that there are a million and 2 ways to cleanse/bless a house or a person and I do not claim to know all of the answers to this…. but I am happy to share with you what I personally do that I have had amazing success with…….

Please take the ideas that I have and mix them with your ideas (things that have worked excellent for you…) and use what works best for you…

Use your intuition and your guidance system…… you will know what and when you need to cleanse/bless…….

There are 4 major steps to doing a complete house cleanse/blessing.

they are….


Getting ready for a Space Clearing involves preparing yourself and the space you plan to clear.

To prepare the space, first you will want to do a thorough cleaning.

(It’s also a good idea to get rid of some of the clutter.)

NOTE: Doing a clearing in a space that has not first been cleaned and de-cluttered is like dressing in formal wear for a very special evening without bothering to first bathe and wash your hair……The results simply won’t be the same.

Spend some time planning what type of Space Clearing you want to do, and then gather everything you will need for your ceremony.

Each Space Clearing is as unique as the person doing it, and every ceremony should be individually tailored to the specific needs of each home or office. There is no one best Space Clearing method. Each method has its own beauty; however, there will be specific tools and techniques with which you may feel more aligned.

To discover what is best for you, use your intuition…because.. Your own intuition is the best guide to selecting the techniques that will produce the greatest results for you!!!!

I always take a bath in my salts and oils with the intention of “Cleansing” myself before cleansing my home too!

I also use sage and “Smudge”/cleanse myself with that as well…before I do my home or any of the members of my family.

I use this prayer when smudging myself or any of the members of my family…


May your hand be cleansed, that they create beautiful things.
May your feet be cleansed, that they may take you where you most need to be.
May your heart be cleansed, that you might hear it’s messages clearly.
May your throat be cleansed, that you might speak rightly when words are needed.
May your eyes be cleansed, that you might see the signs and wonders of this world.
May this person (mind, body, and soul) be washed clean by the smoke of these fragrant plants, and may that same smoke carry your prayers, spiraling, to the heavens and your intentions so that they may be carried out with unconditional love.

The most important aspect of the preparation stage is your overall intention for the clearing.

Where intention goes, energy flows, so take some time to tune in to the source of your inner wisdom and ask yourself what you’re hoping to achieve from your clearing.

The more focused you become about what you envision, the easier it will be to turn that vision into reality, and the more powerful will be the transformation of your environment.

The energy of the clearing will follow your intent…..

For example……if your intention is to fill your home with love, then the energy created by your Space Clearing will activate love.

Then you can set up a “Blessing tray” or plate or whatever works for you, where you will collect all of the supplies you will need to do each room in the home.

This will make it nice and easy for you to move from room to room smoothly…..

Some of the supplies you will need are (these are what I use):

Tea light candles with sandalwood essential oil or ground up Sandalwood chips dripped on them (one for each room), Anointing oil, clam shell with sage – lemongrass – rosemary – thyme (or whatever herbs you plan to use for the cleansing), your clearing feather, stones or crystals you want to use ……

One thing you can also do it create a “Blessing altar” in the room where you plan to start your cleansing…

It sets the tone and holds the energy for the entire ceremony, and it is a physical representation of your intention. It’s also important because it helps to ground and integrate the energy that is stirred up in your home by the Space Clearing.

The Blessing Altar should be both beautiful and inspiring, and ought to include symbolic representations of the hopes and dreams of all the occupants of your home.

I like to use white/silky cloth to cover mine, because I can feel the celestial energy in that fabric and it really helps pull my Angelic Team in when I am re-setting the energies and intentions in my home.

Examples of objects for your Blessing Altar could be roses for love, rice for abundance, and a candle for inner light…etc use your imagination.

2) PURIFICATION/Invocation of the energy

This is the step where you actually do the space/energy clearing in each room.

Begin by standing in front of your blessing altar (or wherever you can best feel the presence of your divine team with you) and ask for guidance in this process… ask for blessings and cleansing of all of the occupants of your home as well.

Call in whomever you would like to assist you in this process (I personally call in my team including Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron (ad his Merkaba), Jesus, Mother Mary, and whomever I feel is with me working with me at the time….)

here is the actual process I do in each room:

1) Go around the room, tune in…access the energy there within… feel where the energy is heavy or stagnant (not flowing)….

2) Once you’ve assessed the energy, choose a tool, such as a bell, from your Blessing Tray, and stand at the entrance to the room. Take slow, deep breaths to center yourself.

Imagine that you are grounded into the earth, and at the same time, connected to the heavens. With focused concentration, ring your bell. Listen carefully—it should sound crisp and clear. If it doesn’t sound pristine, continue to ring your bell again until

it sounds bright and distinct. This change in tone indicates that you’ve cleared the energy in that area.

3) Start where the energy felt the most stagnant upon your assessment and Light your sage (or herbs for smudging)…. GO around the room in a clockwise direction, sending the smoke to the edges/ corners of where the walls meet the ceiling and use your feather to sweep the smoke towards the ceiling..

4) as you do this say “Arhangel Michael, Archangel Metatron (or whomever you are asking to help you) please be with me in this time and space. Please cut any cords, curses, or contracts of Negative energy or negative entities that are connected to this room and send them to the white light of the creator (God) for transmutation.”

5) say… “Archangel Metatron, please send your beautiful pure Merkaba energy and cleanse this space”

6) say “Angels, guides, Jesus, God…etc (whomever you want) please fill the space that has been cleared with…..(whatever your intentions are for that room like love, peace, harmony, tranquility, etc etc etc)

7) Then you will want to say your intentions out loud for the room as you light the “Tea light” candle. (Set the lit candle somewhere safe because you will let this burn until it goes out on it’s own.. with the intention that when your prayers have been answered and the energy of the room matches your intentions, then your divine team will make the candle go out (then you will know your prayers have been answered for that room).


kitchen – I pray that with the lighting of this candle, everyone who eats in this kitchen will be fulfilled mind/body/spirit and with the lighting of this candle, all food in this kitchen is cleansed and blessed as well.

Bathroom – I pray that with the lighting of this candle, anyone who takes a bath or shower in this room is completely cleansed mind/body/soul

Bedroom – I pray that with the lighting of this candle, all those who sleep in this room are connected o God’s divine white light during their slumber. May they be completely protected and blessed while they sleep.

Living room – I pray with the lighting of this candle that all who gather here feel uplifted and loved. This is a room of family.. my family gathers here… may all of the encounters in this room be of unconditional love and laughter…

After you have done all of the rooms in the home, it is important to cleanse, bless and protect each individual in the home too!

I usually “Sage” them as I do their rooms (doesn’t matter whether you do the person or the room first… just make sure you do both before you seal the energy!


After you have cleared the energy in the room, cleansed and removed the oogies…… set your intentions and asked for your blessings in the room….after you lit your intention candle (inviting the holy spirit/white light to enter in and fulfill your prayers and intentions)…..

Then you need to seal off the room and close the energy field back up….

Although like everything else, you can do this a million and 2 ways….

this is what I do….

I call in the energy of St. Germain and the Violet Flame and as I walk around the room (clockwise)….

I point my REIKI dominant hand with pointer finger pointing…..

towards the corners of where the walls meet the ceilings and I say…

“I now seal and protect this room with the energy of the unconditional love of the violet flame and St. Germain. I ask that only high vibrating/positive energy of God and white light may enter. This is a room of God, this is a room of Jesus, this is a room filled with White high vibrating light. My all who enter this room feel love.”

The next thing I do is go around to all windows, doors, and mirrors in the room…. and address them.

Doors and windows (that lead to the outdoors) – I use my pointer finger to make a “Cross” on the door/window and then do the “Seal” around it going clockwise and say “By the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, I cleanse, bless, and protect this door/window so that only high vibrating white light energy of God may enter through it. Negative Energy or entities may not enter here, for this door is sealed with white light and the violet flame.

This door/window is protected by God” after you seal it then you make a motion like you are placing an angel at the door/window and say ” I place an angel at this door/window to protect my family! Thank you thank you thank you. Amen and so it is!”

Doors (inside from room to room) – Same ritual, except you say ” This is the entrance to “so and so’s” room. This door leads “so and so” into their personal sacred space and By the power of God and Jesus Christ, this door is cleansed, blessed, and protected, so that only energies and beings of God’s Loving white light may feel free to enter here.

I seal this door with the Violet flame of St. Germain, so that all who dwell here feel high vibrational love and safety of protection. I place an Angel at this door to protect “so and so” while they are in their sacred space. May “so and so” feel (whatever you want them to feel when they pass though the door) when they pass through this door and into his/her sacred space. Thank you thank you thank you..Amen and so it is!”

Mirrors (are portals which must be kept cleansed, blessed and protected… you will feel much better when they are)…… so I use my “sealing” motion clockwise and I say ” I ask my Angels and my divine team to please help me cleanse, bless, and protect the energy of this mirror. I ask that it be sealed so that only high vibrational energies and beings of God and white light may pass through it. Only energies that are of the highest and best good of myself and my family may pass through here. This mirror is blessed by the power of Jesus Christ (make your cross motion) and I place an Angel at this mirror to protect my family! Thank you thank you thank you..Amen and so it is!”

4) Preservation of the new energetic home/occupants

Complete your Space Clearing ceremony by returning to the Blessing Altar to say prayers and ask for blessings for all the occupants of your home. Your Space Clearing has broken up the stagnant energy and has cleared the negativity. Offering an invocation draws in the positive energy that is desired, and brings healing and transformation into the cleared space.

A typical blessing might be:

“May the Creator within all things bring blessings and peace for all of the members of this household. May this home be filled with joy, laughter, and love. So be it.”

Just as each clearing ceremony is individually tailored to the hopes and needs of the people who will be using the space, so, too, the Invocation will reflect the unique intention underlying the ceremony.

If you wish to create a space filled with quiet, meditative energy, then your prayers will call in this kind of energy.

If you want to fill your home with love and healing, ask for this to be so. Or you may wish to call in a feeling of joy and sociability. …..

Whatever energy you invite will be the energy that permeates your home……….. Ask and you shall receive.

Another excellent way to keep the positive energy flowing after you have cleansed and blessed it is to put a “Fountain” of water flowing in each room (or at least in the main room where people and energy flow)…. use holy water in it and/or essential oils if you would like…

This creates the Feng Shui effect and it feels amazing! (just an idea…)

PLEASE…. make sure you thank your creator (God), your guides, your Angels, and all those in spirit who assist you in the cleansing and blessing of your home….

Send out the energy of gratitude in all that you do, so that you are creating a beautiful and appreciated space for you and your family!

I know this post got a little long… but if you are still reading this, then know that it was meant to be that you did so….

Life is so very precious and we never know what day will be our last… why not make the absolute most out of every single day?

By re-booting our minds, bodies, souls and our homes and families whenever needed….

We are putting amazing white light positive energy into motion….

Let’s make the great quarantine of 2020 (the great re-boot) Great!

Let’s make this the best year we have ever had……!!!

Love and blessings to you all today and always…

If you have any questions about any of this, please reach out!


Becky Jo (The Wholeistic Healer)

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