Casting a New line for a New Life!

“Reeling in the perfect catch through Faith, Grace, and LOVE”

2020 is the like the dawning of a New Era, literally.

SO many of us on the planet feel the shifts that have been happening the past 8-10 years (and I am sure it was going on way before that), we as HUmans have labeled this as “The Great Awakening”

Astrologically, everything is aligning in Divine Perfect timing as predicted by our ancestors and many lates and greats throughout history….

At this point, what we have seen so far shows us that Change on the planet on a large scale is not any longer a prediction… but fact!

So we as Humans each have the free will choice to align with the change and allow ourselves to see the changes as a blessing…and then help co-create our world on the inside and the out.

Or to live in fear and allow the changes happening to control us and create Hell on Earth for us.

As we all already know and have witnessed in this lifetime, with great change always comes great darkness and we cannot deny there is great darkness on the planet right now trying to maintain control and domination…

But those of us who know who and what we truly are know that things will get darker before the dawn of light….

we hold Faith and trust in the Universe that each of us has our own Universe within us and we have the control of whether the darkness in our outer worlds will become us or if we choose to bring light to everything within us and around us ..

allowing it to ripple out and bless everyone and everything that comes into contact with our light….

This unforgettable year we are finishing up, will bring great change as 2020 is numerically a “4” year, which means equal light and dark on the planet.

The great news is that the “Dark” on the planet used to be much greater than the light the past couple of thousand of years or so since the “Fall” so to speak…

Now, we are bringing light more than ever before through our own self awareness…

Now, many of us are starting to understand that WE ARE THE LIGHT….

THIS WILL CONTINUE to bring positive and loving changes to our beautiful Mother Earth… in Perfect Timing.

As of right now in this moment… the light and Dark on the planet are equal energetically and in consciousness… so all of us who are bringing light through us are succeeding at our missions!!!

Every single time you choose the high road and choose to not react to negativity.. YOU BRING LIGHT TO THE PLANET THROUGH YOU…

Every single time you choose to forgive the trespasses done against you,, because you know that they know not what they do… YOU BRING LIGHT TO THE PLANET THROUGH YOU…


EVERY SINGLE TIME….. you choose to bless someone less fortunate than you and expect nothing in return… YOU BRING LIGHT TO THE PLANET THROUGH YOU……

There are thousands of other ways you bring light (Heaven) to Earth, but you get the gist of it!

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha

I know you have worked very hard in your awakening journey to unlearn the old un-empowering ways of manipulation and control that you were taught as a child by adults around you that meant well, but did not know how much this was destroying your tender heart.

I honor the divine spark of light within you that brings you to this place where you are right now. I know you have been through a lot and have overcome it all!!

The more you do this, the more you let go of what you thought was truth and hold on to what truly is….

the more you will align with the very reason why you came to the planet.

To Become a blooming Lotus of course!

How to bring Heaven to Earth moving forward

What is the Best way to permanent change and transformation on your journey? Well….. letting go of what is no longer flowing and working in your life is a great first step!

You see…… life was never meant to be hard.

In fact, if you really want to know if you are on the right track or not in life…..take a good hard look at what is causing you to struggle….. if you truly take a deeper look at the goings on in your life…… is a good way to tell if you are in “Alignment” with your own spirit (soul, purpose).

Life is all about lessons and many people go through their entire lives and have no clue that they are repeating the same cycles over and over (and over)…

They just stay in the same cycles and repeat the same situations, just with different people.

Which then causes them to struggle and fight upstream currents of energy and E-Motions their entire life…

it brings a lot of light to the saying “Everybody dies but not everybody lives!”

Transformation is opening up a whole new world full of miracles within you!

So many people in today’s society are so busy looking for ways that others are “Offending” them that they stop seeing the beauty and blessings… and even Miracles that are all around them!

Which View are you looking from?

So today, I ask you? What view are you seeing?

I want you to take a good hard look at your life and if there are things that are not in alignment with what you truly want and what you truly love…

Then I want you to ask yourself why you keep them, why do you hold on to them?

Be they persons, places, things…… jobs, people……..

No matter what it is… if it is not supportive….. if it is not joyful…… if it does not bring out the best in you…..

Then why keep it?

This Fall and upcoming season of change… I urge you to truly pull the weeds in your energetic Garden!

After all… how can your garden of Desires and ultimate life goals grow when the weeds are stealing all of the fertilizer and water that make your dreams grow!!

If you want to live the high vibe life that you have always wished for….. then you must allow it to be so…..

A new season is a great time to let in NEW ideas, themes, ways to live that you maybe weren’t able to reach for in the past…

There is currently such a huge opportunity with all that is unraveling and opening up for each of us to make the choice to make permanent changes in our thoughts and choices; to carry huge changes on the planet for those who have eyes to see and the heart to feel it and the soul to allow it!!

It starts with you though… noone else can make it happen for you..

Let go of resentments, and things you harbor inside…….

Forgive, forget… release…….

Let go of that which is not flowing…….. let it go!!

When you do this, you are opening up new doors of infinite possibilities of being a no limit person!

Like Wayne Dyer says…. a “No limit” person feels no limits to the things that they can achieve….

The Great Mr, Dyer says……….

You are the sum total of all of the choices that you have made up to this point right now… and anything about you that you don’t like… that isn’t working… that is immobilizing you..

Is to be looked at in terms of “Can I grow?”

Rather than “Why did I do that?” or “How is this wrong?”

Self Motivation is key to long lasting success

The 2 ways to motivate yourself are..

By learning to love yourself and your life for all that it is RIGHT NOW

“Deficiency” Motivation – which says that where I am I don’t like… I don’t like what I have done. I don’t like the fact that I can’t do this or am not good at that… so I will list these things in my own mind and always focus on these deficiencies… always then assuming that I am deficient. There is something wrong with me….

When you always assume that you are deficient and that there is something wrong with you.. then you spend your life trying to arrive somewhere (anywhere other than where you are at now…..) The problem being then… you never arrive!

If you follow that, if you live that, if you believe that… then you will end up suffering the the dis-ease known as “More”…. you see you will always think that you need more…

Because whenever you are getting where you want to go……even though you have just succeeded to get where you were headed…. you will always think you need to do more, have more, find more… be more!

MORE MORE MORE>… never arriving at enough

A “No limit” person… on the other hand is never operating from any sort of deficiency or from lack in their life… they are never saying “I don’t have enough”…

YOU SEE>.. you are never going to get enough….. you ALREADY ARE EVERYTHING that you need…… to have total bliss.. perfection of your life.. you already are, you already have it…….ENOUGH!

What you have is your own personal gifts that God gave you before you were born…… your uniqueness…. you dont need anything else but what you already are!

If you are not happy with what you have in your life and all that you are… If you do not appreciate what you have right at this very moment…. than if you get “More” you won’t know how to appreciate that either!

YOU WILL JUST WANT MORE.... or you will want it to be different, or you will want it to be what it used to be… or you will want to make it what it possibly could be..

Self actualizing, limitless people are the kinds of people who always have enough!

Your circumstances in life…… have very little to do with being limitless….

It is in fact the attitude that you hold towards said circumstances that determines the outcome in your life..

Taking what you are and accepting it and trusting in the Universe to have your back and understanding that…

No limit people are people who take all of who they are and accept it!

No limit people don’t tell themselves that they can’t…. because they always know for sure that they can!

It is crucial…. for our highest and best good…. that we have an understanding of our own selves to the point where no matter what anyone else tells you or wants you to believe…

you only believe in YOU and YOUR PATH and Purpose…

You know that you lack nothing….. and have more than you need to be successful in life and love….

Awakened… no limit people see that every single thing that comes your way…


When you learn to celebrate everything that comes your way … no matter how hard it may be or no matter what your ego mind tells you…..

Allow your thoughts to be of the light!

Life changes….. you understand that If God brings you to it.. he will see you through it!

Knowing that we all came here to transcend and learn from the things that God sends our way…..

Everything God sends us is perfect… in perfect divine timing…for the perfect soul lessons….

Everything else that you have on our planet comes about as a result of THINKING….

Thought makes it so…….. things are imagined and it is created!

Everything that you see that wasn’t given to us (like the oceans and animals…nature)…. comes to us as a result of the way that we choose to think in our lives….

Once you get a hold of thinking and how you think and what perception you are seeing things as…….you will realize that the thoughts you think are creating the reality you live in..

So this Fall… I urge you…

1) let go of thoughts of lack and struggle

2) Allow yourself to move forward and leave behind that which takes away your harmony

3) Be with YOU and love yourself for who you are

4) Rise above other people’s opinions and ideas of you and who you should be

5) follow your intuition like you never have before

I promise if you do these things and live it as a lifestyle where you get up every single morning and the very first thing you do is say

THANK YOU GOD (Universe)” and you go about your day in loving service to Humanity……

You learn to love everything that comes your way and be thankful for the hard times that have blessed you with strength and courage….

Let go of the struggle and embrace the new……..allow everything that you have been through this year to be the blessings that lead you to a higher path!

When you look back on it next year, you may realize that 2020 was actually the best year of your life!!!!

Stay in a high vibe…. eat a clean diet….. bless those who come onto your path…..



Becky JO (The Wholeistic Healer)

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