Illuminating your path in 2020

How to truly heal and step into the real you in the new decade

As I sit here and write this article, I am firmly reminded how abundantly awesome and amazing my life has become.

I can honestly say that the journey of transformation was the most uncomfortable, awkward, and at times humiliating things that I ever allowed in to my life.

It requires complete and total surrender of the old stories and the things that you once thought you could never live without…

In order to truly transform your life, you have prerequisites and initiations that you must pass, like having your heart and soul completely ripped out and away from you so that you can re-assess any blocks to your ultimate truth!

You must not only be open and aware of this happening, but you must completely commit to allowing the waves of change to wash into your life …


and move you into the brand new mind, body, and soul places and spaces that you are meant to be!

IT TAKES A LOT OF INTROSPECTION….being very honest with yourself…


Although, it is a lot of work and requires a lot of dedication to YOU

And… for me… was a long hard journey of what felt like I was being kicked and punched emotionally, spiritually, and mentally over and over for months on end!

Now on the other side of this… I can truthfully and honestly say…

It was the absolute BEST thing I ever did for myself; not to mention it was Likely the greatest gift I have ever received from “God” in this lifetime!

The Journey of transformation is not to be taken lightly, because the darker and deeper you allow yourself to see yourself….

The more truth-full you are with you…

The greater your deep and true healing and transformation will be!

It requires you to completely forget everything you thought you knew about yourself in order to allow the real you to show you what you didn’t know.

It will push and pull you in directions that you never thought were HUmanly possible, along with taking you into the deepest and darkest of places and spaces in your mind, body, and soul that you thought were not truly real…

It will be the storm (no I mean hurricane) that rushes into your life, like a tornado of powerful spinning, that twists and turns and throws you down to the ground hard…

As many times as it takes to peel back the layers of un-truth that you behold as your reality!

Now that I personally have a made a complete and total transformation from…

A tiny little. Pupa larvae that was comfortable within my own little small world of illusions; staying inside my comfort zone as to not attract disapproval to myself …

Comfortable staying small and unseen as I continued on…

Telling myself lies about who I was, but deep inside I dreamed of so much more…

I felt guilty for wishing for more and I wondered what was wrong with me that I seemed to have it all to others, and I believed that I should be happy with what I had, even if it didn’t set my soul on fire.. full of guilt, shame, ridicule, and health issues in 2015.

TO a…

Caterpillar searching to fill my empty self love cup, but not yet realizing that I was the only one who could do it, so I would munch on leaves and things external to me in order to try and curb the deep internal hunger I had….to be loved and approved of.

In order to fill in the voids I felt in my be-ing from not being loved the way I longed to be, not being approved of by family most of my life, and mostly… never allowing myself to be what I longed to be… because I did not yet believe I deserved to be me….

The crawler…staying low…just taking in everything and anything I could to try and make the holes in my heart and soul go away……

in search of what was out there that would heal my deep wounds that had opened into craters in 2016.

Which lead me to…

A COMPLETE cocoon of total darkness and introspection in 2017.

A true and real dark night of the soul, which unraveled everything I was, layer by layer….forcing me to take a look at the things within me that I had been avoiding most of my life…….

Eventually, all of the darkness I felt inside, the pain, the sadness, the judgement, the quilt, the shame, the rejection, the abandonment…..

All of the pieces and parts of me..

dark and light….. came together in a beautiful center space, as I saw the truth of every single situation, person, place, or thing that I carried within as wounds…..

When I finally realized I must take self responsibility for how I felt, no matter who hurt me….it was up to me to learn and grow and let it all be forgiven finally.. FOR ME!

by allowing it all to come to the forefront and take a look…. it brought it all to the light and I started to feel my wings returning……

All the way then to…

Hatching into a butterfly and truly finding my inner light… in 2018

Which finally took me…..

To finding my own wings and taking flight in 2019

Life’s a Dance…

you learn as you…


Becoming a Butterfly

As much as we want it to, transforming our lives cannot ever be an easy path! If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it!

The journey of transformation is ultimately not for the weak of heart… for if it was then noone would make lasting positive change, because everyone would retract back into their comfort zones every single time the journey got uncomfortable.

If you are reading this, I am certain that you have been lead to this not by chance, not by coincidence, and most certainly not because you aren’t ready for this process..

If you are reading this, it is because you are either ready for your life to permanently change and transform in the upcoming New year..

Or because you are in the middle of your Becoming a butterfly journey and looking to validation that you are on the right path, or some encouragement to keep going….

Let’s be honest, becoming a Butterfly is not easy, it takes…

1) Incredible dedication

2) The ability to be still when you want to rage

3) The skills to decipher what is real and what is not

4) Integrity, Honesty, Forgiveness, Compassion, and..

5) The complete surrender and trust in the Universe to know that you will be divinely lead.

In order to align with the things that your soul came here to do and be in this lifetime, you absolutely have to (MUST) be willing to let go of the things that are blocking your truth (like for good…)


1) Crown Chakra Block – Other people’s limiting beliefs and possibly lies about you and who you are (what you can be). If you have a thought or belief that you heard from a family member, a colleague, a peer, a friend or even a spouse that belittles you, depresses you, and speaks condemnation over you, it is not from the Heavenly Realms of existence and most definitely NOT your truth! Why? Because your truth is you are a divine spark of heavenly light outside of your humanness….. you are more than anyone has ever believed that you are and those that can’t see you through “God’s” eyes are not speaking truth to you!

Truth will always feel uplifting and amazing! Your Truth will always speak hope, love, victory, Peace, and restoration.

Just because someone else doesn’t believe in you or see you from a Heavenly eye, doesn’t mean you have to take that on as your story.

Instead, I highly suggest you go deep within, connect with your soul and those Heavenly helpers who are sending you positive and loving thoughts….and listen to what YOU believe about you…. let others have their beliefs, but don’t let them limit you!

2) 3rd Eye Block – A complete lack in Faith, Trust in your own intuition or what your inner presence of God, creator, Universe or whatever higher intelligence you believe in… is showing to you!

Be still and know your soul will show and tell you what is truly for your highest and best good.

Faith means we trust even when things seem quite impossible. When you can trust that inner God presence within, YOU can literally move mountains as a HUman be-ing! Your level of faith is directly connected to your ability to control your own life instead of letting it control you!

3) Throat Chakra Block – An over abundance of toxic people and situations in your life (yes I’m talking to you!)

Negative influences will create a breeding ground for unsuccessful living; I can promise you that…

It’s been said that we are the average of those we spend our time with. I know for sure that is true because when I had no self love due to not receiving love from those I desperately needed it the most from my entire life…. it lead me to having no boundaries or respect for myself, due to just wanting to fit in and please others…

my life was a constant storm of negativity and drama…...Bad company will always be a sure fire way to corrupt good character and trust me, they will make you believe that YOU are the problem and you will be in a constant state of disapproval of yourself.

In the Bible it says in Proverbs 13:20 that when we are friends with fools, we can expect harm.

This can be interpreted in several ways… my point being that when we are ready to transform our lives, we need to stop FOOLING ourselves….

Though we cannot always easily get rid of all of our lifelong friends, we should start to take a self-evaluation of those we are closest to.

  • Do they speak hope to you?
  • Do they draw you to the best of you?
  • Do they infiltrate you with fear and doubt when you want to step into what your soul is calling you to?

True friends will be those who uplift you in the World and add to your life, not ones who constantly cause you emotional damage.

Not everyone is your “tribe”…. all people you come across are there for a purpose on purpose.. the Universe nor your soul never makes mistakes…

Humans make the mistakes… but its ok because some mis-takes become our greatest blessings in life (its true!)

The mistake is when we do not see it for all that is it or we try to manipulate, control or justify things to fit into our own little box of perception…..

Although some people who you cross paths with are meant to love you….

Some are meant to teach you and some will bring you the hardest lessons you have ever learned… but those lessons turn into great strength and valor and are not ever in vane.

Never forget it is always ok to love from afar if it means you walk in truth!

4) Heart Chakra Block – A heart full of grievances and un-forgiveness! By now you know me well enough to know I was gonna bring this up!

Bitterness, grudge holding, and un-forgiveness cause us to be overwhelmed by the wrong doing of another. There are times when people hurt us so bad that we have no idea how we can ever move forward.

However, when we walk in bitterness, we tend to constantly think about the one who has hurt us. 

It will completely disheartening and all over consuming to rehearse their dirty deeds towards us in our minds, which will do nothing but continue to put your light out and create anger, resentment, blame and shame mixed with a whole array of frustration over and over.

When we forgive we not only release ourselves from the pit of hell we have caged ourselves in, but we energetically and spiritually release the other person which shifts our be-ings into a new level of Heaven on Earth.

Truthfully, how can we ever be passionate about what God (Your soul) wants us to do if we are steadily focused on the actions of others?

Forgiveness is like a key that unlocks many new doors for us……but…. Does that mean we allow people to run over us?

No. However, we cannot allow un-forgiveness to overtake us. In order to align with the things that we came here to School Room Earth to do in our lives, first we have to forgive those who have hurt us and move forward.

Not for them… but for YOU. “They” are not being affected by how you feel, YOU ARE!

5) Solar Plexus Block – Lack of Integrity. Integrity is doing what’s right, even when no one is looking. A lack of integrity can often be masked in “white lies” and rationalization that says, “this is my one little sin.”

Yet, if we know to do right and we still do not, it is still a “sin” (which means you missed the mark and are out of alignment with your truth)

Integrity ranges from showing up on time to meetings to not sharing the secret you promised to keep (no matter how tempting it is to share it).

Integrity means holding on to your own power and not knowingly allowing others to take your light from you or control your boat…. you MUST man your own controls!!!!

It means being who you truly are no matter who you are around….. never ever wearing a mask to try and fit into the circle of people you are in at the moment!

never being embarrassed to outwardly show others who you are and what you believe in…… but also not pushing your agenda on others (allowing them to be who they are too and respecting everyone for who they are and what they believe in..or don’t believe in)

The reality is there are some beautiful heavenly gifts that God wants to bless you with for your transformation, but you will need to have the character to sustain your gifts….

Honestly, the statement that “with great gifts comes great responsibility”…

I have learned is absolutely true .


The more power and light you bring to this world, the more influential you are to those who come into contact with you…

So make sure you are always influencing others for the greater good.. showing them how TRUTH-FULL and FULL OF LIGHT they can be if they choose this path too!

Quite simply, some of the things you truly desire in life that you are not aligned with yet….

Even though your EGO or the inner child you behold inside might believe it….. 

The things you most desire to do and be and have… are not being withheld from you, because you do not deserve them….

The things that you are meant to have and do and be are not available, because you are not quite ready for them.

That, my dear is where patience is a virtue…..Faith in your journey… and Trusting the Universe that all is being unveiled to you in divine perfect timing comes into play….

If you are not walking the walk and talking the talk, you most likely would not appreciate those things quite yet…. but now is the time to be true to you and keep that integrity in check!

6) Sacral Chakra BlockAllowing yourself to be trapped in the past. If you carry a heavy sense of guilt and shame for over your past mistakes, it is likely you are walking in a perspective of defeat.

Our past often convinces us that we have unqualified ourselves for success.

We think about the times we have missed the mark, failed miserably, or hurt someone, and assume, “How could God possibly bless me?” We may even think, “If I get the opportunity, I will just blow it again.”

Let me tell ya…….when you imprison yourself with what the mind is fearful of from past experiences…… and/or with this lack and doubt mentality in place, we make a choice to not take risks or dream again.

Even if God sent the perfect opportunity to our door, we will completely block the blessings if we are in that mindset…. because we are afraid of reliving the past.

When we get in these modes of thought, we must remind ourselves that our past mistakes are opportunities for growth.

Remember, the human ego wants to convince us that we are unworthy and there is no chance for recovery. But when you align with the higher part of yourself and change your perspective just a tad, you can shift into a place where you see your past as a blessing and your mistakes as learning tools..

When you are able to do this, everything shifts.

Like the great Wayne Dyer says…

when you change the way you look at things…the things you look at change!

Your past will never disqualify you for God’s best blessings in your life.

Those moments of despair are simply stepping stones to get us to where our hearts and souls are truly calling us to be.

They are your sign from the Universe that you are not in your truth… the truth will set you free…….

Every single time you feel despair…. remember it is your soul asking you to take another look, see it from a more heavenly view… make a better choice!

7) Root Chakra BlockYou do not have an intimate relationship with your higher self, the Earth or your creator.

When you said “yes” to all of who you are (mind, body, soul),it is not merely an invitation into a deeper understanding of Humanity and why we are here…. It is also an open door for a life-changing relationship with the Universe.

“God”…. the higher intelligence that runs the Galaxies… is within you and therefor….desires to spend time with you and have fellowship with you.

Not in a Humanly way like some think though… in a connecting to your own soul kind of way.

The Universe wants to communicate with you on a deep level.

Your soul and the “God” presence within you…. wants you to run all of who you are your Father, Mother, friend, counselor, and advocate.

It is Your Soul’s desire to be so close to you that every time you are overwhelmed or conflicted in your thoughts, you are your own best resource.


When we have an intimate relationship with all of who and what you are and why you are here in this lifetime, it can give you insight and wisdom on how to be successful in every situation.

Your balanced trinity connection with the Father (the masculine…God/Heaven), the Mother (Divine Feminine…Mother Earth/Gaia), and the “Child” or “SonSun…light” (your higher self, your soul light, the highest light and resonance of who you are outside of your physical existence) can give you the ultimate the strategy to overcome difficult people and the loving embrace to when to learn and grow through the things in life that don’t go according to our plan.

The truth is, if you have been struggling with defeat, it is in the highest and holiest presence of being aligned with your purpose and why you are here…how you can most serve……that you will find the answers you seek….

Breaking through your blocks will open up your soul energy and raise you up so you SHINE…. ILLUMINATE…. and become a BUTTERFLY!

My prayer for you is that you find the hope, restoration and victory in your own transformation for your highest and greatest good, so that you can align with the highest and greatest good of all Man kind….

Its what we all ultimately came here to do… Illuminate this world by learning how to unblock our seals (chakras)….. growing through what we go through, and then turning around with our light shining bright and help someone who hasn’t found their own light yet…

Shine the way, hold the light until they see their truth and shine theirs…..

In 2020….. I make it my goal to awaken and inspire as many people as HUmanly possible…

I send you great blessings of seeing your deepest truth this year….



Becky JO (The Wholeistic Healer)

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