A Full Moon Message from Heaven – You are a divine design!

“There is an exquisite intelligence to divine design, a way for every aspect of every being to be made to serve the greater plan of love.”

~ Alana Fairchild

There is a story of a cracked pot, which was used to carry water from the fountain to the Master’s table.

Because of the crack, it leaked water along the pathway, arriving at the Master’s House only partially full, while another pot, without a crack, was able to hold its full complement of water for the household.

The cracked pot wondered if it was not a good enough pot….

One day, the water carrier felt compassion for the cracked pot and asked why it seemed sad..

When the water carrier realized that the pot had felt as though its flaws were bad, especially compared to the undamaged, perfect pot, he asked the cracked pot to look down at the path where it leaked water each day.

“What do you see?” asked the water carrier of the cracked pot…

“I see flowers” replied the cracked pot…

“Yes! that’s right!” The water carrier exclaimed….

“Those flowers have sprouted along the path, because you have been watering the ! Each day they became an offering of beauty and grace upon the master’s table!”

The cracked pot felt very happy to hear this and realized that what it though was imperfection was actually just a beautiful way to serve!”

What does this story teach us?

This story teaches us something of a sacred Ecosystem. In the Sacred Ecosystem, everything that is-even the things we might initially write off as unwanted or shameful – serves the greater good!

When we simply are who we are, standing in our truth, no matter what it is…without doubt or fear or reservation! Being who we are meant to be with pride and love…

The ecosystems around us strive!!

It doesn’t always make sense but it is true! This is why you never need to judge yourself or another. The divine is ingenious in its creative design of all beings, including you!

All things serve the greater plan of love unfolding on the planet today!

Could light be more beautiful or desired than when it is yearned for to break through the dark night?

Remember dear one that all things have a sacred purpose!

If you have been feeling ostracized, abandoned, rejected, or criticized lately by a system in which you have tried to serve, take heart….

This Divine message comes to you today, to notify you that the Universe is assisting you (and everyone who opens their hearts and souls up to the greater plan) in finding your rightful place, your home upon the earth, for you to best fulfill your life’s work!

Now that may mean that the system you have been doing your best to operate within has benefited from your light and presence way more than you realize.

It may also mean the time has come for you to shift from one ecosystem to another that there is a new community in which you can better serve.

This may involve an energetic shift… you will feel it.

New connections will form for you when you open up and understand that everything you have been through has lead you to this moment right now!

You must allow old connections to fall away and open up to the new, more empowering love and light that is awaiting your arrival…

It may take time before you settle with confidence into your place within the new scared ecosystem, but that assurance with come in due course.

In the meantime, remember that the way you best serve in any ecosystem is to be as authentically YOU and your divine and brilliantly flawed self as you can!

With this full moon this weekend… let us all release that which is not serving our greater higher paths and purpose…… allow the old beliefs that we are not enough to fall away….
Let go……. Free Yourself!!!

ALLOW the new to open doors for your highest evolution of love and light.

I love you,



Becky Jo

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