what’s so great about meditation?

Today I would like to explain to you just what “Meditation” is. It is not as complicated and scary as some might think.

However, it is also not a whole lot different then prayer; other than the fact that it is a whole lot “Deeper” then prayer and much more energizing and balancing.

When we close our eyes, shut off our brains, and completely relax our physical bodies; we are much easier able to connect with our Heavenly guides, Angels, Higher selves and even our Higher power.

For most people who have been through an “Awakening” this becomes a regular part of their every day lives on their journey to wholeness and inner peace….

However, in the hustle and bustle of every day life, we have way too many responsibilities and there are times when we forget that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience……. we are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience (ITS TRUE!)

So when we forget this, then we are forgetting that when we signed up to come to Earth, we did so because we chose to experience ALL of ourselves! (because when we are not in physical form, we are energy/frequency and we are connected to everyone and everything…..

when we are here it is the only time we have any sort of separation physically and therefor we can be free to experience all of ourselves!)

When you are living an awakened existence (Meaning you know that you have a soul and a unique purpose for being here… you might even know what it is)…..

and you are not connecting with yourself completely and not clearing out attachments…. you are not fully forgiving others because you are still carrying around the energy of negativity in your heart until you intentionally release it and heal it.

not meditating and going within to send out your intentions to God and not receiving your divine guidance………


So, when we don’t connect regularly, we tend to stay stuck in the un-empowering and negative patterns and habits of the human ego!

We tend to get caught up in the humanly worries and fears and gossip and complaining… etc etc etc….

that negative energy fills us up and our lives will spiral… and keep swirling…. and spin some more!

If you could do one thing for yourself in this entire world to help bring peace to your soul….

As a healer, as a Dr. of Herbal Medicine, as a Master clinical aromatherapist……. as an Earth Angel……

If I could suggest one treatment that would heal your life (If I could only choose one)….

I would tell you to meditate to heal your life.. every SINGLE TIME!

WHY? Why meditate? You ask…..

WHY NOT? Why wouldn’t you want to truly be in alignment with your highest self?

WHY wouldn’t you want to balance your energies every single day and release what is not in your highest and best… on the daily?


Why wouldn’t you want God’s beautiful divine healing (life force) energy flowing through you with ease and grace…… without blocks and limitations….?

If you only realized how much Meditation benefits every area of your life………

I mean……. you can mentally program yourself and your cells (DNA) to physically heal your body daily…….. do you know that? (its true)…


The benefits of meditating go way beyond the physical healing that occurs.

When we meditate, we open balance and charge our Chakras, which brings peace, harmony, and joy to our minds, bodies, and souls.

Things to Remember:

1) It doesn’t matter how we do it (sitting, laying down, standing); as long as we have the intention to connect with our own well being, we are meditating!

2) Meditation can be based on any “Religion” we follow; or it can be non religious for stress relief and basic healing.

3) Always set an intention for meditation, because this is what we will ask for help with.

4) Meditation can be done, even if it is with eyes open

5) Take 20 minutes out of each day to meditate (at least) and you will be amazed at how much better you feel!

For those of you who do not meditate regularly, I promise you that you will transform your life by transforming your meditation practices.


When you “Go within, you are clearing out old energies that are stuck in your energy field, keeping you stuck and feeling icky even if you just simply take 10 minutes and visualize:

1) (like a flashlight from GOd) yourself opening your crown chakra and allowing lots and lots of white light to pour into the top of your head

2) watch in your mind as it fills your entire body….. cleansing and clearing your chakras as it moves down to your feet….

3) send that white light down and out the bottoms of your feet and into the ground (Momma Gaia) and send it down until you can feel that it wont go any further……

4) Feel yourself wrapping that energy that is attached to you all around the crystalline grid of Earth and feel the crystals charge and renew you in strength and vitality.

5) Bring it back up now through all the layers of the Earth and back into the bottoms of your feet… as it comes up feel that Heaven and Earth energy just really pick your mind, body, and soul up and place you back into alignment with your highest and best self. Send that energy all the way up to your heart chakra where you can now feel you are connected from above and below and you are grounded, centered and ready to send that heart energy out into the world!

6) Finally….. with Heaven and Earth within you picture yourself sending the beautiful light of Christ out past your physical body 360 degrees like a big Golden Sunshine….. send it out 20 feet, 80 feet, past the building, past the town/city you are in, past the sate, country, past the Earth atmosphere, cosmos, stars, until you feel yourself connect with the universal Heart of creation (whatever that means to you)….. connect and take a deep breath……. ahhhhhhh!

This simple exercise will take you about 5 minutes if you are in a hurry…

but you can make it last longer and take your time and really connect and listen if and when you can for a more enlightening experience!

I promise you, if you are clearly connected and open to receive guidance from the Universe, your life will go in the most abundant and magical direction you can ever imagine… and then some!

If you take 20 minutes per day to send your love to God and then listen and feel while he sends his love back atcha……

You will begin to realize who and what you are in no time!

The more you “Connect”, the better you will feel…

and the better you feel….. the more you will align with your destiny and feel amazing doing it!!

Why wait? You came here to do amazing things right? so why not be amazing on the daily? why not feel amazing and walk around energized and feeling love in everything and everyone?

when you do that, you are opening up your energy channels more and more and then you are bringing more light to the planet one breath at a time…

when you are a walking talking beacon of light……. you bless all those that come in contact with you…

and when you feel that alignment with Love…… you will feel a natural high all the time… high on life!

It flows into every single aspect of your life and then magical living is a side affect…….

you spread that to others with ease and grace….. and then they are blessed too……



I send you love and I pray you are in your heart, always

Let your heart lead you into your ultimate path and purpose…


Becky JO

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