Super Soul Sunday Heavenly Message for 11/1 (111)

Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children; you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven


Today is a great new beginning day. A new month…. a New energy, a new way ..a new chance to change the way you view the world!

Although each and every single day is a new beginning day…. this day November 1, 2020 is a powerhouse of New beginning consciousness for HUmanity.

Why? because Numbers are a Universal language that carry a Universal vibe that can be unseen and unheard and even go unacknowledged by the day to day hustle and bustle of the Human existance…

However, to the few who are blessed enough to feel the energy that radiates above and beyond the realms of the “norms” of society…. we are fully aware of the change and transformation that number 1 has in store for us all.

If you are new to Numberology, spirituality, or living the deeper existance…. then welcome to the best years of your life…..

once you are brave enough to explore the rabbit hole of your own soul and why you are here in this lifetime on this Planet…….. everything becomes magic and Miracles!

A story I wrote about God and Humanity

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that life can change at any given moment!

We are truly being guided in our lives to let go of what leaves us feeling separate, unloved, misunderstood, and generally alone! Here is a story I wrote about creation and the Human Journey…

please feel free to share, but please give credit to the author always…

God’s Children (THe light within) by Becky Jo

When God Created mankind… He/she said: “Go out into the world and create! You are made in my image of creation and all of you are given the chance to know and feel and experience all of who you are!”

He/she then said… “Although you are all my one and only child… I will let you separate into individual and uniquely divine sparks! I will call you my children!” GOD then said… “All I ask is that you go and be free, create the life you want, and never forget where you came from!

“Promise me that if I let you be individualized… that you will always listen to your soul eventually! No matter what happens when you go out on your journey; I need you to promise me that you will always find the light within that you are!”

He/she explained to the souls that individualized life would be challenging until they figured out how to stay in their light. God explained that no matter what, only each separate soul could control how much darkness they entered in to or how much light they remembered already existed within.

“I will only intervene if necessary, but I will give you free will to find your way home!”

The sparks promised and said they would remember their promise. With extreme gratitude to experience all of who and what they were individually, the souls were then catapulted into the universe and split into millions of fire balls of light…….in a flash!

The large ball of light that was once all of creation was then instantly millions of balls of light!

God’s Child in the blink of en eye became God’s Children……just like that!

” The newly separate soul that became millions of souls promised to always keep their promise to God to learn and grow but always know who they were and where they came from!

However…it didn’t take long before the darkness of being separate from each other’s light and the light of the creator began to distort their truth…

The light that consumed each soul began to fade as each soul felt alone, scared, unimportant, shameful, hatred, guilty, and vulnerable.

Now the one light that used to shine so brightly in the Universe dimmed… as Humanity began to completely forget the light that they were!

So thousands of years passed and with every generation that came and went on Earth…the planet continued to grow darker and the void between Heaven and Earth became bigger…

Human beings continued to listen to the darkness inside that told them they were nothing and unimportant! They began to blame each other for the awful way they each felt inside in the absence of the light they were eternally used to experiencing out in the Universe as one!

God believed that this experiment of separating the universal light had gone on long enough… Although he/she waited and hoped that the Humans would figure it out.. unfortunately he/she decided to intervene in order to show them the truth that they had forgotten!

So with the help of the Angels and all of Heaven, God reached out to the souls that were on Earth and gave each one of them their own unique signals, signs, and guidance that it was time to come home.

The very next day, God created a plan to send some very bright lights to the Earth in the flesh to help the Humans feel their own light and remember who they were.

The first bright light was named Moses, who was created and destined to call God’s Children home, God guided and lead Moses.

Moses embodied God’s Universal laws and actually lived what he preached….as planned…

He told the Humans of the Laws of God and how to find the Garden of Eden.

However, due to the darkness and separation from the Holy spirit that had already occurred…he was not listened to as the Humans had forgotten who they were.
Moses eventually told God “Please send someone else”!

Although there were probably thousands of attempts to show Humans who they were so they could come home… each attempt ended the same, with the darkness clouding the truth of the Human soul!

God sent RA, Thoth, ISIS, Jupiter, and even Romulus and Remus who discovered Rome….. to help Humans ascend into Heaven in their own unique ways…but they were all regarded only as mythological figures (not taken seriously).

God sent pharoahs, emperors, and great rulers of the light to try and remind the Humans how to get home….. but the Humans just couldn’t remember why they were here and began fighting and holding great wars bwtween what they felt was right or wrong!

By this time, the Human ego and opinions, ideals, belief systems, and judgements had gone way too far and things were spiralling out of control. Humans had absolutely no idea that they were divine sparks of light anymore…

The world grew darker!

Then God sent The Buddha…. one of the brightest rays of light in the Universe to try and call his children home… by but the time Buddha tried, Humans had already separated not only by soul light but by religions and sectors of the planet. Some Humans were called home by his light…. but the majority remained sperate and lost!

God knew he needed something very strong and bright to spark the souls… so he sent Pythagoras who went as far as to show the Humans his “Golden Thigh” in order to prove that the Golden light was real and it was within them! He tried to show them their divinity by showing his….. they turned on him!

Then came Alexander the great who had a strong vibrant light (or so God Thought)….. he was not listened to either…….

After all of the attempts, God figured he had better step it up a little bit. Humans were out of control and had absolutely no clue that they were the light anymore; or were they even remotely interested in the light….

By this time they had gotten so use to the darkness and speration and living life in war and torment that they lost their sparks completely!

Noone felt Joy, noone felt peace, noone remembered the bliss that Heaven had to offer….

But…. God didn’t give up. He really loved his children and wanted them to come home!

After a short time out, God decided to incarnate to the planet Earth and show Humans the truth of their existance finally!

He/she came to the planet in the flesh through a holy spirit that was names Jesus of Nazareth.

The light of the world became flesh and blood through the womb of a woman….. how could that ever be dismissed, ignored, rejected, or forgotten?

It seemed a perfect plan to bring his children home. Jesus would spend 33 years walking the Earth, teaching of how to find the inner light and being one of the greatest examples in Human History of embodying the light.

Showing kindness to the unkind… food to the hungry……clothing the poor….healing the sick…….in order to teach Humans who they truly were…..

But no matter how much he tried… the humans still wouldn’t listen! They were so lost that they killed that beautiful brilliant soul!

God spent the next 2000 years trying to call his children home, but because of the density of Earth, the souls couldn’t hear the calling!

There were 1000’s of examples of the light within sent to Earth in every culture, creed, color, race, and area of the world……

Humanity as a whole still just continued to separate and judge each other based on what they felt was important and what they felt was wrong.

Although God continued to call them home, they continued to ignore the inner calling…… The Earth became a very dark and scary place for many…..

The only blessing that had happened with all of the bright lights sent to the planet was that although the majority remained in the dark, there were some souls who remembered who they were and went home as promised!

After taking a count of all of the souls that had returned home to the light, God realized he had 144,000 divine sparks of light with him in Heaven.

So in the 1900’s he decided to re-group and give it one more try to call the lost and disconnected souls on Earth home!

He began sending what he called “light workers” to the planet one at a time to teach, uplift, encourage, and be examples for the Humans to feel that inner spark again!

God decided to Resurrect the souls himself through inspiration and a reawakening or rebirth….. a change in mindset about the meaning of the world!

Would the light workers be able to make the shift?

What would it take?

He had a great meeting with the light workers and they devised a plan!

They would each have a specific mission when they got to Earth!

Some of them would help the Humans remember their Purpose and why they were there in the first place.

Others would help the Humans remember the Holy Spirit that runs through them!

Some of them would resurrect the Humans by helping them see the holy spirit’s interpretation of the world’s purpose!

and then other’s would help them see the acceptance of the atonement for oneself!

There would be a special type of light worker that they would call and Earth angel….

the Earth Angels would help the Humans end the dreams of misery and instead see the awareness of the Holy Spirit’s final dream (for Humans to come home to Heaven).

They would help the Humans recognize the gifts of God’s eternal light that is within them!

Earth angels would work diligently to reverse the Human thinking of the world one soul at a time!

The light workers and Earth Angels knew they had their work cut our for them and they agreed to help Earth become a place where love was no longer feared but gladly welcomed!

The ultimate goal was to make the false Idols that the Humans worshipped disappear and to help Humans instead the remembrance of the spark of God that they were created from!

They wouldn’t stop until Christ’s face was seen in every living thing, and nothing was held i darkness apart from the light of God.

They wouldn’t stop until all livin beings on Earth felt the vibration of forgiveness…. until there was no sorrow upon the Earth….

Not until the joy of Heaven had taken over the Earth!

When this was accomplisehd, the children would come home and become one light!

From there forward there would be no more direction needed becasue the vision would be wholly corrected and all mistakes would be undone!

Attacks would be meaningless and peace would remain!

All thoughts would turn to Heaven and Hell would be released for good!

ALl longings satisfied, because nothing would remain unanswered or incomplete…..

the very last of the illusions that have held these souls captives for thousands of years would cease to exist and the forgiveness that heals all wounds would replace all further wounding!

Nothing would be left to contridict the word of God….no opposition to the truth….and truth could come at last!

All living hearts would be tranquil, with a stir of deep anticipation for the time of everlasting things is now at hand!

There is no death….. the children of God are now free…. this freedom ends the fear….

No hidden places remain on Earth to shelter sick illusions, dreams of fear, and misinterpretations of the Universe!

ALL THINGS ARE SEEN IN THE LIGHT and in the light, the purpose is finally transformed and understood by all souls…

and we…

God’s Children, RISE UP from the dust and look upon our perfect still and sinless souls!!!

Can you hear that?

The song of Heaven sounds around the world as it is lifted up and brought to TRUTH!

Now there are no distinctions…differences have disappeared, and love looks itself in the face for the first time since creation began!

Holy then are we because his God’s holiness has set us free indeed, and we accept his/her holiness as ours…

As God created us, we will we be forever and forever, and we wish for nothing but his will to be our own!

These are the things that await us as we awaken to the light of who we truly are… its time!

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