Subtle Signs From Spirit

Have you ever been just moseying around, doing your thang….. and then all of a sudden a thought strikes you about a person you love?

Whether on this side of the veil, or in another realm…. that person is thinking about you and in doing so, their energy is sent to your consciousness and then it reaches you… you feel it (whether you know it or not)…. and then BAM you think about them!


How many times have you thought about a loved one and pick up your phone to call (or text) them… and as you do, your phone rings and it is Them?

We are amazed and say “How did you know I was just gonna call you?”

They say “I didn’t, I just was thinking about you and wondered how you were doing!”

ahhh haaa……

What the heck was that?

It was a complete and total energy exchange in the subconscious of 2 humans…..that the “Norms” of society passes off as “Coincidence”

But those of us who are fully awake and aware of “Energy” and how it works KNOW BETTER!

There is no such thing as a “Coincidence”… for that is just a closed minded way for a sleeping society to justify “Signs” from spirit or other realms of existence…..

at least that is how I explain it…

We are spiritual beings having a human existence, we were brought here to Earth for specific reasons that only our soul and subconscious truly know until we are tuned in, tapped in, and turned on energetically.

Everything in the entire universe is energy……

It is only then, that we awaken and realize that those feelings we have about circumstances unforseen, situations in our lives, and being who we truly are begin to make sense to us…

It is only then that we realize we have “Spirit guides” (entities and energies, including but not limited to people and animals that we choose before we are born), Angels (including Guardian Angels) and loved ones on the other side that are working with us to help us stay focused on our missions…

We have many many many working with us to help us to stay out of our ego, stay in our hearts, and remember who we truly are!

I can personally say that every single time I have been tuned in to “Signs” that were sent to me from God (source), Jesus (one of my personal spirit guides), my Angels , Loved ones on the the other side, and many other friends of the light such as animals (especially birds for me), Nature, and Butterflies (namely the Blue Butterfly for me)

I have 99% of the time been able to do my research if need be and find out exactly what it is that they were trying to tell me.

I have been open ad receiving “Signs” as long as I can remember and as a child, I somehow just knew that the signs were for me personally.

I have had way too many things happen to me in my life.. circumstance, synchronicities, synergies, that have led me to the path of least resistance if I chose to follow the guidance for anyone to convince me that it isn’t real!

As a child I was told that I had a “Big imagination, but I never let that sway me from my path for very long.

I often wondered why other people couldn’t see, feel, hear, and know what I did (and sometimes wondered if they did, but wouldn’t admit it).

Now I know for sure that none of these things were “Coincidence”, as I was once told they were….

I mean is it really “Coincidence” that I just happen to be the one out of my whole family that will see feathers everywhere I go?

Or is is “Coincidence” that every time I am in my vehicle, a hawk flies over my car or sits on a phone line as if he is guarding me?

Or could it be “Coincidence” that on the day my big sister passed away; the moment I was on the phone when I received the call; that a blue butterfly came flying near me and landed right next to me… seemingly following me. It then continued to show up all summer long when I was in my gardens working?

Is it just me, or does the fact that every time I am driving in my car I always spot very clear Angels in the clouds seem like a “Sign”?

These are only a very few of the things that continue to happen to me on a daily basis, since I had my “Spiritual Awakening” in 2012…

Which BTW…. is the year that the world would end according to the Mayans…. but was also the year the big shift of consciousness was said to have started….(because by the world “Ending”.. the Mayans really meant that humanity how we knew it would begin to end as we pull as humanity into higher level of existence).. the year the “Big shift” would start…

“Coincidence” that I woke up in 2012?

I think not………(and i didn’t even know about any of that until like a year ago and then I went… oh ya… makes sense.. people are waking up all over the world!)

What I am getting at is that I hope you are also taking the signs you are given and using them to become your highest and best self…

For all of the love in your heart and souls, I pray you are listening to the subtle energies that are speaking to you and using them to figure out where you are on your path and where you need to go from here.

If a Blue Jay is outside your window, and you usually do not ever see them outside your windows….. pretty sure you should be looking that up to see what the spiritual meaning of a blue jay is and what message he/she may have for you (I am certain you will find out it is relevant to what is going on in your current life’s events).

If Bunnies keep crossing your path, and you never spotted them before… SIGN

Seeing numbers over and over (which is angel behavior… btw)…. look the numbers up.. its a SIGN that they have a message for you!

Seeing something out of the corner of your eye, flashes of light, or orbs… SIGN (it is not your imagination…)

If you have someone on the other side that you love dearly and want to connect with them…..

think about them, send the energy out there, and I promise you, they will feel it and be near you (or maybe they already are and that is why they are on your mind?)

When there is ringing in your ears, you best believe it is a high vibrational being trying to make contact with you…

It may occur when you are in moments of high thought, contemplating spiritual questions; or it may occur when you are feeling a strong, high-vibration emotion such as happiness, compassion and love.

The ringing will be temporary and will endure for about the amount of time it takes for you to recognize its connection to what you’re experiencing in the moment it occurs.

When we hear voices in our heads, thoughts, ideas, and things that are for our highest and best good… those are not your own thoughts you guys!!!!

Most likely a Spirit guide, Angel or someone not in physical form (an energy) that is trying to help you……..

But you must be open to the possibility that they can connect with you… you must truly believe that there is life after death and that we are all sparks of the divine…. then you can clearly feel them when they are near.


Watch for your signs.. because all signs point towards your highest and best good………but you must follow them and listen with an open heart and mind!

You have to take the action that Heaven is trying to show you, in order to heal and release and RISE!

If you have been questioning this sort of thing, and are struggling to know if it is real or not… HERE IS YOUR SIGN (because promise you that your guides and Angels have led you to this post)!

With all of the happenings on the Planet Earth in this moment, the more of us that can truly tap into our gifts and live the abundant and joyful life…. the better!

I pray you will feel the vibrations of your soul and let your heart steer your ship instead of your mind!

No matter what happens….. know you are loved, guided, and safe! It is only the Human part of you that fears the unknown….. but you are so much more than that!

No matter who wins the election or what side of the fence you may stand on…. above and beyond that, you are here on Earth for so much more than that!

Meditate, go within, and clear those energies and homes to bring in a blessed week ahead….


Becky Jo

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