The Divine Matrix – the missing link to Human Evolution

The “Hologram” that connects us to all that is.

For millions of years, HUmans have been evolving and growing and learning slowly about their race, environment, planet, bodies, and how it all works and why we are here….

Ancient civilizations seemed to know how the Universe worked and how to exit the “Matrix” of the 3D world that we call Planet Earth..

But through the generations, the keys to the doors of the unkown and unseen have seemingly disappeared from every day men and women…

Knowledge was lost or maybe even thrown away ………


There has always seemed to be some sort of missing link between the Universe itself and Mankind……

The good news is though…….

Recent discoveries show dramatic evidence that The subtle energy field around us, also known recently as the “Divine Matrix” is the missing link in our understanding.

In order to tap from the force of this matrix, we must first understand how it works and speak the language that it recognizes.

It is in this place of pure energy — a ‘Quantum Field’ — where everything begins, from the birth of stars and the DNA of life, to our deepest relationships and healing.

New discoveries suggest that our world is a reflection of our beliefs.

Everything is now believed to be overturned….

The power to create joy, to heal our woes and find peace in our nation is inside us!

The miracles we see in the Quantum world, show us the scientific limitations or the great potential we have?

Could the spontaneous cure of diseases, instantly with everyone and everything, even time travel be our true purpose in the universe?

A series of subversive experiments between 1993 and 2000, revealed a network of energy that connects everything in our lives and our world.

It is called “Divine Matrix” or “Quantum Hologram” or The “Field” or Nature’s Mind or Stephen Hawking’s talking as the Mind of God,Max Planck’s talking as The Matrix (The name of the movie comes from).

In this wonderful journey that combines science, spirituality and miracles through the language of the Divine Matrix. ……..

Is the key to the ancient knowledge that we have all wondered about for centuries…

Its time for all of us to be educated on this deep and helpful information…

Because one thin has been for sure throughout all of HUman history and that is the fact that even if not all people feel it, see it, sense it…

Many, Many, many……. have always known it exists…

Even if we didn’t know exactly what “it” was…..

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know it exists.”

~Nikola Tesla~
What exactly is the “Divine Matrix”

Between 1993 and 2000, a series of groundbreaking experiments revealed dramatic evidence of a web of energy that connects everything in our lives and our world—the Divine Matrix.

From the healing of our bodies, to the success of our careers, relationships, and the peace between nations, this new evidence demonstrates that we each hold the power to speak directly to the force that links all of creation.

With that being said, in order to understand this we must go way back to the thinking of Einstein when he says:

Or our wonderful friend Nikola Tesla when he says:

Key points of the Divine/Quantum Matrix

If we are to understand the “Divine” Matrix and fill in the gaps of our existence and figure out exactly who and what we are without question we must understand how this luminous body of Energy works……

Here are some key points…..

CONNECTION: We have all had an experience where we were thinking about a loved one (a parent or a child) or have an overwhelming feeling about that person; and at that moment (we find out later) something significant is happening to the person. Something within the higher intelligence of our being is feeling or sensing this; but what?

What is it that allows us to be in such a deep and strong connection to a loved one so far away?

Well quantum physics has now determined that when 2 things were once physically connected; even after they are not physically connected anymore, they are still energetically connected. This is called “Entanglement”.

So even after they are separated, they always have energetic ties between them; which allows us to have such connections on a very subtle level.

Often, in the norms of American society, this is blown off as some sort of a “Coincidence” or “in your head”; but then other times people have a strong knowing of what happened and it cannot be denied.

Holographic Matrix: The definition of a hologram states that for every piece of something; the rest of the something is reflected.

Here are some good examples of how humans have put the pieces of the puzzle together in recent years…..

Bookmark – In the 80’s people became fond of “Holographic” bookmarks (of dolphins, mother Mary, etc). These bookmarks, when held up to the light, would look like the object was hovering above your hand while you held the bookmark. You can take one of those holographic bookmarks and cut it into a million different pieces. If you then put it under a microscope and if it is a true hologram, you will be able to see the entire image reproduced in that fraction; because in a true hologram, the fraction always holds the whole.

SO these bookmarks from the 80’s were truly the beginning of understanding holograms and how they work. Without knowing at the time, they were reminding and showing us of the principle we know today that allows us to function within this matrix.

Human body – Then in the 90’s, science began to look a little further into the theory of a hologram as applies to the Human Body.

They started to discover, with the holographic principles in place, why the change in our DNA can be reflected throughout our bodies as quickly as it is.

The average Human body has about 50 trillion cells which each have DNA within them. So, if you made a change in just 1 cell; and that change had to be reflected cell by cell by cell for the whole body, to mirror the change; think about how long that might take!

according to Gregg Braiden who did the math for us; if it took 1 second to change 1 cell, then each cell needed 1 second of time, then it would take 1,585,600 years to change every single cell in the human body to make change.

Obviously we giggle at this, because we all know that it doesn’t work that way, but its a good example, showing us how profound the Human body truly is!

Let’s talk vaccinations for a moment, when you are given a vaccination or some sort of change to our DNA, it is reflected very quickly in the whole body, right? Well that is because of the holographic principles of our DNA.

Guys.. the DNA in our Human physical bodies is holographic! Pretty cool huh?

So, when 1 cell has changes in the DNA, it is then reflected by the whole.

Human Brain – Let’s go deeper! Shall we? If I haven’t lost you yet, then you are becoming very familiar by now of the vibe I am sending out here…

so let’s go back to the 60’s and 70’s, when scientists were taught that the brain had very specific parts that had very specific function; and if we were to lose function in any one of those parts of the brain that we would ultimately then completely lose that function.

But through the work of scientist Karl Pribram and physicist David Bohm that we discovered that this is not the case actually! It doesn’t work quite the way we have been lead to believe.

Through laboratory testing and new technology, they discovered that the Human brain is also holographic in nature!

They were doing lab testing on subjects that had lost a certain part of their brains that had previously been believed to perform only a certain function, such as speech or learning.

The old thinking would say that part of the brain no longer exists if that function is lost…

But in these experiments, they surprisingly found that when that part of the brain was lost or damaged or in some cases even removed..

Other parts of the brain, then began to reflect the exact characteristics of the part of the brain that was no longer functioning!

This lead scientists to hypothesize that maybe the brain wasn’t as linear as we once thought it was; which then lead to more experiments, which confirmed that the Human brain, which is constantly sending and receiving signals from not only the body, but the Universe; is made up of a very complex hologram!

According to Pribram, the visual system (the eye and brain network) is a series of “Patch” holograms, which means that the eyes perceive according to beliefs and reflect the information from the universe and surroundings to the brain like a projector.

Depending on what your perception is of what you are seeing, your brain will get the signals and in return reflect what you see in the body (and send signals then to the body in response).

Universal – Then, yet again, we can go deeper, further, and apply these principles to the world around us!

Science has also discovered without a doubt now, that there is a subtle energetic field that surrounds our bodies. This has been shown to prove that we are all living within a holographic reality.

The holographic principles that have been discovered in the past 30 years or so, have shown science a whole new level of our existence

Holographic reality means something different to different groups of people, but I want to try and keep this simple for you here today.

in 1972, there was a study that was done with 24 United States cities. Each city had a population of over 10,000 people. The study was done by the TM study group.

The purpose of the study was to see if people trained in TM, and actually using TM techniques within a specific window of time…. did they have the ability to influence what was going on in the world around them, other than just in their own Human Bodies.

So, they were told to use TM to create peace, harmony, and balance within themselves; and they used the study to see if that peace, harmony, and balance would start to go on around them in their communities and in the physical world outside of their bodies.

The results of the study were astounding! It showed that during the window of time that the facilitators, who were trained in the practice of TM, and the folks chosen for the study were doing the TM techniques, when they were all in a meditative state together at the same time, but in different locations throughout the country…

SIGNIFICANT changes happened around them in their environments…

Emergency room visits declined, traffic accidents, declined, crime decreased!

BUT… when they stopped what they were doing, all statistics immediately reversed or went back to what is was before they began the TM.

This understanding, showed holographic principles taking place in the world, right here in the United states!

Then the experiment was taken to an even larger platform and was tried in the 1980’s during the war of Lebanon and Israel; this was called the “International Peace Project in the middle east”.

They used the exact same study, using people who were trained in TM and using that specific window of time again, with the intention to create peace within their physical bodies, using the TM process.

While they were doing this, in the world around them, statistically there were significant changes that occurred on a larger scale than the first study!

Terrorist activity dropped to zero, traffic accidents declined, crimes were close to non-existant…

but once again, once they stopped, statistics changed back fairly quickly!

This clearly demonstrates a very powerful and wonderful truth…..

The peace that was being purposely intended by each Human being in the study became less about what they were doing; and more about what they were becomming!

So we can then say that the “Matrix” or the subtle energy field around all of us, that we can’t see (well most cant.. I personally can see it with my physical eyes) is then becomes a piece of us… because it is reflecting what it is that we have become in our physical bodies.

If we are that “Peace”, only for a window of time, when we stop, of course then it is goin to stop being reflected in the world around us….

So, rather than something that we do….

We are being invited then to allow peace to be something we become to the best of our ability!


According to Braiden , what the researchers found was a formula, for how many people it would take in a geographic area to facilitate the peace….

The formula they originally came up with in 1983 was the square root of 1% of a population.

But, if we take that a step further and re-calculate going beyond the more linear thinking than the square root of 1% of the population; it becomes less about the numbers of people involved and more about the quality of the “Peace” that is being created within the individual’s Physical bodies….

Why? Because of the Holographic principles that we are talking about right now!

In a hologram, a relatively small amount of people can create a quantum change as a result of the clarity of the frequency or E-motion that they have created in their bodies (peace, love, harmony, etc.. all emotions that radiate at specific frequencies that the hologram will then reflect back)

So then this brings us to the knowing that the Matrix (subtle energy field around all living beings) is holographic!

In other words, on a quantum level; when a change is made in one place in the hologram, it is then reflected throughout the entire hologram!

Let’s Sum up what we now know!

SO, when it comes to our relationship with the world around us, and with what we now know as this matrix or field of subtle energy…

There have been 2 very different perspectives that scientists have held in considering Human’s relationship to the field.

One of those perspectives was held by Albert Einstein, who believed that we are separate from the world around us and that we have very little influence on the world around us!

He said….

we live in a world which exists independently of us Human beings…which stands before us, like a great eternal riddle; at least partially accessible to our inspection and thinking!

~Albert Einstein~

But Einstein took us even further, because when quantum physics began to suggest that somehow, we have the ability within us to influence the world around us..

Einstein coined a very specific word that has caught on in the scientific lingo, which he called “Spooky action at a distance”.

He struggled at the time trying to figure out the relationship between us (Humans) and the world around us. He just never could embrace the possibility that we somehow have something to do with what is happening in our physical world.


At exactly the same time that Einstein held this perspective…

A friend, colleague, partner of his (who had exactly the same data in front of him)….

Known as Professor John Wheeler, had a completely different perspective!

Wheeler had a sense that something very different was happening in this matrix in and around Human beings and their environment.

While what Wheeler said may seem common place in our world today, if you can think back to the 1940’s and 1950’s when these scientists were making these discoveries…

For John Wheeler to have the strength, and the fortitude and the courage to stand up to the scientific community and say what he did in the presence of a world that did not support his theories quite yet….

Gives us some insight into what a powerful (and divinely gifted) man he truly was for his era and how powerful his insights still can be today for those of us who FEEL the truth of his theory.

He said……

We cannot even imagine a Universe that did not contain observers (us), because the very building blocks of the Universe are the acts (of us) observing the Universe!.

John Wheeler

Then he said…

We are part of a Universe that is a work in progress….We are tiny patches of the Universe looking at itself and the building of itself…we live in a participatory Universe

~John Wheeler~

So what wheeler is saying here, is that the Universe exists….


WE are CREATING it, as we go along!

This is a very different idea than conventional physics theory that says that the Universe was here first and that we have come a long way here as a sort of “afterthought”. It states that we have very little influence in the world around us..


Wheeler is saying that we are actually still building this Universe through building ourselves…

We are in fact still building in a participatory Universe!

He is saying that we will probably never find the smallest particle in the Universe! He is also implying that we will never find the edge of the Universe…. even though we keep invention telescopes that keep looking further out into space…

But wheeler says we will never find it and here is why…..

Wheeler said that it is the act of you and I peering into the Universe with the expectation that something exists for us to see that is an act of creation itself…

So the act of peering into the smallest particles of matter with the expectation that something is there…

Is always then going to put another particle there for us to see!

According to Gregg Braiden though…

This is exactly what is happening with modern science!

Scientists keep put bigger and stronger machines out in space to collide these quantum particles…

But they are breaking into a ba-jillion pieces and every time scientists say..

AH-HA… we have finally got the smallest particles…they look a little closer and there is something else there!

In fact, it wasn’t long ago in science and research that scientists beleived that they had found the edge of the Universe..

they had said “we reached a boundary… the edge of the Universe! We better hurry and build another telescope to see what’s beyond the boundary!”

So they built a more powerful telescope and then they said “Oops! It wasn’t really the edge, because now we see something beyond that!!”


Getting back to Wheeler and his theory and words…

What he was saying to us is that our role (Humans)…. is a vibrant role, where we are creating with our own energy and intention as we go along!

So, as we learn and know the rules of the Matrix…. it empowers us, in terms of how we interpret what’s happening in our own lives and what is happening in the world around us!

Rules of the Divine (quantum) Matrix

1) Things joined physically, remain linked energetically; even when they are separated by a large distance.

2) The Divine/quantum Matrix is holographic

So with the 2 rules that we know about the Divine Matrix around us, and what we know so far about energy and frequency within the Human body and all around the Universe… working together in a participatory manner (so to speak)…

We can then go back to what the ancient of this beautiful planet once knew ….

We must become what we choose to experience in our world as well as our physical bodies!

So in addition to telling us how this “matrix” or field of energy we are living in is receiving information from us..

The new discoveries are also now telling and showing us how we receive information from the field (matrix) of subtle energy around us!

Every single moment of every single day….. each one of us is part of a universal coversation that is unfolding!

Its a 2-way conversation…

We are feeding information directly into the divine matrix and it is feeding information back to us about what it is we have said ….through our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs!

Now that we know this, we can choose the relationship we have with the field much wiser and more lovingly!

We do in fact influence the world around us, and I for one want to always be a great influence in helping not only the Humans heal… but the plants and the animals and all living beings!


Becky Jo

Here is some more “Proof” in case you need it!

After you finish this blog article, I highly suggest you stick the hood all the way in and watch the video I linked for you below!

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