Creating a new life

Every single one of us is looking for some sort of change in our lives right now at this moment…

Most have made New Years resolutions that we have already tried for 20 years in a row, which last on an average of 2-3 weeks, and then we spend the rest of the year shaming ourselves for not being the person we truly deeply want to be in this life!

If we are not shaming or blaming ourselves for not succeeding in “creating our own realities”…..we flip and shame and blame the world or other people for our own deep feelings of inconsistency and incompleteness that we deal with…while putting on a smile or a fake it til we make it attitude in hopes that noone knows how truly effed up we think we are inside!

To boot…. we complain more than we celebrate our blessings…

Humans just love to make problems for ourselves, which then create holes in our hearts that become the emptiness that we  feel!

And then instead of being brave enough to dare to speak up, standup, honor ourselves and others around us…instead of finding solutions….

Humans will then create problems and disharmony within to have “proof” in the mind that the original holes are still leaking!

Why? Because it gives us excuses or reasons why we absolutely cannot move forward in our lives (it gives us that grand story to tell others why we could never be whole again!)….

So every day, you pray to God (whoever you pray to) to please fill these holes and voids in with higher power….

Although your prayers are being answered and you are being filled with so much love and light from the Universe…

You absolutely cannot feel it…. you don’t see it….you deny it!!


Because like a bucket with holes in it…..the love and strength and heavenly (div8ne) intellegence that is being sent to you is leaking out…pouring out….. missing the mark!

Until you actually bravely decide that you want to intentionally patch up the holes…

The more you complain or blame and shame yourself and others ….. the bigger the holes and voids get!

Until you have the strength and courage to admit the ways you have been doing things hasn’t worked up to this point…

Until you expose yourself to your deepest darkest fears and allow yourself to process the causes, reasons, and emotions that are keeping you in a cage…

You will remain disappointed with life and disconnected from actually living!

You will remain in jobs that you hate, just to get by…

You will stay in relationships that are not fullfilling just to feel like you have some sort of stability (even though the opposite is true)…

You will remain idle… never manifesting what you truly want.

You can do all the spiritual hokey pokey you want…

You can spend all the money in the world…

But until you fill those holes in… you will continue to leak and spill your bad juju on others (knowingly or unknowingly)….

So today… can we please just take the time to understand our holes and voids and how to fill them!

Here’s some tips on how I began to fill them to get where I am today (not perfect…but my life has become so much simpler because I do not stew over things that I cannot control..I do not live in fear of what might or might not happen anymore)

1) sit with yourself in silence and allow yourself to feel the holes and voids..leaks

2) be brave and allow yourself to connect with the emotions that come up with the leaks.

3) envision yourself bringing love, understanding, excitement, happiness in to patch up your holes. (Human emotion is one of the things we have complete control over and we can ignite a spark of forgiveness at any given moment we choose to!)

4) think about the positive change that will easily come to your life and your family…your children if you have them if you patched up the hole by letting it be done and over with!

5) create a new way of positive passion instead of negative obsession

6) If for any reason, you are feeling like you will not be able to do any of these steps or your not ready to patch a particular hole yet… that’s fine tell yourself you accept that you cannot at this not shame yourself…however at least make a deal with yourself that you promise to stop talking about it (stop complaining about it)

7) make a new habit of co creating positive choices with the universe… let everything you do going forward be done through your spirit…not your mind.

8) End with a prayer…

Dear Father Mother God…. every particle in this great Universe and to myself… I am absolutely comitted to do my best to patch these leaks, to make change…to accept what I cannot change. From this moment forward I will push forth into a new life where I truly commit to change what I can. I am ready to make a change in my life and the power of the Universe is with me, in me and through me…its Gods will…its what I always wanted anyway….happiness…abundance…I am just now finally allowing it to come forward!
If anything shall step in the way..please give me the clarity to help me dismantle any object in front of me!
God….I am finally prepared to live like a master instead of like a victim…for the highest good of myself and all of Humanity..and so it is!

A Full Moon Message from Heaven – You are a divine design!

“There is an exquisite intelligence to divine design, a way for every aspect of every being to be made to serve the greater plan of love.”

~ Alana Fairchild

There is a story of a cracked pot, which was used to carry water from the fountain to the Master’s table.

Because of the crack, it leaked water along the pathway, arriving at the Master’s House only partially full, while another pot, without a crack, was able to hold its full complement of water for the household.

The cracked pot wondered if it was not a good enough pot….

One day, the water carrier felt compassion for the cracked pot and asked why it seemed sad..

When the water carrier realized that the pot had felt as though its flaws were bad, especially compared to the undamaged, perfect pot, he asked the cracked pot to look down at the path where it leaked water each day.

“What do you see?” asked the water carrier of the cracked pot…

“I see flowers” replied the cracked pot…

“Yes! that’s right!” The water carrier exclaimed….

“Those flowers have sprouted along the path, because you have been watering the ! Each day they became an offering of beauty and grace upon the master’s table!”

The cracked pot felt very happy to hear this and realized that what it though was imperfection was actually just a beautiful way to serve!”

What does this story teach us?

This story teaches us something of a sacred Ecosystem. In the Sacred Ecosystem, everything that is-even the things we might initially write off as unwanted or shameful – serves the greater good!

When we simply are who we are, standing in our truth, no matter what it is…without doubt or fear or reservation! Being who we are meant to be with pride and love…

The ecosystems around us strive!!

It doesn’t always make sense but it is true! This is why you never need to judge yourself or another. The divine is ingenious in its creative design of all beings, including you!

All things serve the greater plan of love unfolding on the planet today!

Could light be more beautiful or desired than when it is yearned for to break through the dark night?

Remember dear one that all things have a sacred purpose!

If you have been feeling ostracized, abandoned, rejected, or criticized lately by a system in which you have tried to serve, take heart….

This Divine message comes to you today, to notify you that the Universe is assisting you (and everyone who opens their hearts and souls up to the greater plan) in finding your rightful place, your home upon the earth, for you to best fulfill your life’s work!

Now that may mean that the system you have been doing your best to operate within has benefited from your light and presence way more than you realize.

It may also mean the time has come for you to shift from one ecosystem to another that there is a new community in which you can better serve.

This may involve an energetic shift… you will feel it.

New connections will form for you when you open up and understand that everything you have been through has lead you to this moment right now!

You must allow old connections to fall away and open up to the new, more empowering love and light that is awaiting your arrival…

It may take time before you settle with confidence into your place within the new scared ecosystem, but that assurance with come in due course.

In the meantime, remember that the way you best serve in any ecosystem is to be as authentically YOU and your divine and brilliantly flawed self as you can!

With this full moon this weekend… let us all release that which is not serving our greater higher paths and purpose…… allow the old beliefs that we are not enough to fall away….
Let go……. Free Yourself!!!

ALLOW the new to open doors for your highest evolution of love and light.

I love you,



Becky Jo

The Blessings of Mercury Retrograde

A time for true and deep healing

Reflect……Re-evaluate…..Release…..Return to LOVE

Just because this year wasn’t action-packed enough, the universe has decided to add a little flavor to the already crazy energies mingling with Humanity at this time with a little Mercury Retrograde …….

Maybe some of you have heard this term get thrown around but what does it mean?

More specifically, what does it mean for you?

If you’ve always been interested in how this all shakes out, here’s an article that will help you understand how Mercury Retrograde affects us here on this earthly plane..

What exactly is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is when The Planet “Mercury” is or appears to be the furthest away from Earth and it slows down and seems to be going backwards from us …….

When the planet Mercury slows down it seems to stop to the human eye, appearing to move backwards, or ‘retrograde.’ This ‘backward’ motion has been said to have an overall energetic effect on us.

The planet Mercury is the planetary ‘messenger,’ the planet ruling all forms of communication and the mind.

In retrograde it slows these areas down, effecting us energetically.

Since Mercury is the planet in our solar system that energetically affects all forms of communication, technology, and electronics….

It is warned to all of us from Astrologists that during this phase there can be an increase in misunderstandings, foggy communication, confusion, delayed messages/responses, things not being expressed as they were meant to be and slow-moving/issues with technology.

New Projects During Mercury Retrograde

The biggest thing that people will bring up to others about Mercury Retrograde is ……

‘Do not start anything new’ during Mercury Retrograde…..

Since this is an energetic influence best used to reflect and take your time, you can avoid confusion and misunderstanding by waiting to start projects.

But life goes on, no matter what is happening in the stars…. Please do not live in Fear Based thinking…… trust your intuition!

So if you do have to start something new or sign contracts make sure to use a keen eye, ask more questions than usual, and know exactly what you signing up for.

There is NO better time to re-read the fine print.

A Time of Healing

Now, before you get frozen with fear about the potential hazards you may experience during Mercury Retrograde…..

let me say this…..

Just because it’s Mercury Retrograde, there’s no reason to pump the brakes on everything that’s going on in your life.

Some people tend to go into a self-imposed hibernation period during this time purely based on the idea that all hell might break loose.

Well, don’t get your panties in a bunch. It’s not all that bad.

Since I am an energy healer, you may be surprised to learn that I don’t put too much stock into this whole communication breakdown thing that happens during Mercury Retrograde.

Yes, the movement of this planet does affect things down here on Mothership Earth.

Yes, it’s also true that the energy can get pretty funky around electronics, communication, travel, contracts and agreements, and sales.

However, you can take your power back from a potentially derailing set of events over the next few weeks by just creating awareness of these events as being just potentialities or possibilities.

They’re less likely to happen if you dot your i’s and cross your t’s, double check your written negotiations and contracts, speak as clearly and plainly as you can in conversations with others.

Check details closely when making any large purchases.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew right now either…

In the greater scheme of things, Mercury Retrograde is a time to get cozy in your inner world.

Retreat into a deeper part of yourself with some guided meditations to recharge your energy.

Get a massage, some acupuncture, or find a good Healer to help you release some emotional and physical blocks.

Do some energy clearing.

Slow down, for God’s sake!

Breathe. Stretch. Draw pictures with your kids.

Get outside and ground your energy by imagining roots extend from the bottom of your feet and merging with Mother Earth.

It will help you to feel anchored to this earthly plane – more present and aware.

Show how much you love yourself by getting involved in some form of self care to prep your energy level so that when you re-emerge from this dark phase, you come out swingin’ and ready to take on 2021 like a boss.

BE POSITIVE and take this time to take care of YOU!

  1. Take a deep breath; this won’t last forever.
  2. Slow down, take you time, and pay attention to details.
  3. Take care of anything that requires reevaluation & revision; this is a good way to channel this energy positively.
  4. If you need to heal something from the past or connect to someone from the past? This is a good time to do it. This phase gives us a chance to retrace our steps and go revisit old ground.
  5. Observe, review and release. Remember to breathe!


Mercury Retrograde is a great time to really take a step back (especially this one because it is the last one of the year and we are finishing things up for the start of a New Year…

So truly go very deeply within yourself and truly take a long and hard look in the mirror…..

ANYTHING you are not feeling positive about…

ANYTHING you have put off because you didn’t feel like dealing with it…..

ANYTHING in your life that doesn’t support your highest and best path and purpose..

ANYTHING or ANYONE who is in your life that doesn’t sing to your soul or feel AMAZING…

Things that are holding you back or making you feel “Stuck”…..


Whatever it is that doesn’t align with the fire of your soul and the wind beneath your wings….

It’s time to truly take the next several weeks as things SLOW DOWN……. to truly take a look deep look at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who is in your energy field!

It’s Time Dear One!


It’s a time to RELFECT on YOU and what you are all about… are you truly walking the walk?

Are your truly aligning with what is best for you?

Ask yourself……. How would I like the way I treat others if I were them?

Ask yourself…… How can I serve Humanity better?

TRULY re-align yourself with who you are and why you came here to Earth…. REFLECT on the mission at hand without judgement!


Any Mercury Retrograde cycle is THE time to re-think, re-do, re-define, re-organize, re-assess, re-orient, and/or re-plan without taking action on the “new plan” until after Mercury Retrograde ends….

It is the time for completions; i.e., cleaning up paperwork, paying old debts, doing what we’ve promised that hasn’t been completed OR otherwise handling those matters responsibly.

Anything that is in your “To do” pile that has been sitting there all year while you were “Too Busy” should be reevaluated NOW!

Decide what is most important to you and what you could let go off…

This is a great time to purge….. re-gift….. recycle…… and Let go of what no longer serves for good!

Ask yourself…… is that person truly bringing love to my life? If not, then reevaluate how you can help them return to love or how you can kindly forgive and release them from your life!

Ask yourself…. Is this truly the path I want to be on? Is this serving the best of my abilities? How can I best Serve Humanity?

Remember, when you are truly in the flow of LOVE….. and you let go of what is holding you hostage to negative thought and emotions…….

The side affect is inner peace and LOVE!


Literally take the time during Mercury Retrograde to RELEASE the things that do not bring you to the best version of you!

ALL those things that you know dam well aren’t good for you, but you think “Well I will deal with it later”……..

When we find things that we want in life, we sometimes hold on so tightly for fear that we will lose it…….

.At times, our minds can make us believe we need these belongings, situations, and relationships, and out of this fear we hold on to them for dear life.

What I’m here to tell you……

is that clinging on to anything is simply not attractive….. to the Universe and it holds down your LOVE vibrations by sending out a signal of distrust to the Universe.

Much like when you have those pesky dryer sheets clinging to your freshly laundered clothes, when you cling (and cling for dear life) you are energetically sending an unattractive/Negative Vibe to the Universe….

When we hold on to these things that we think we need, we let go of the trust and faith that we are always supported…….

It is natural for things to come in and out of our lives, and the lesson is to trust when it’s time to let some things go…..

This has been one of the hardest lessons for me, and I am finally learning even deeper this year that when I Bow to the Universe and let go… RELEASE…. what I think I need….

Be it People, things, or situations…….

Life begins to flow and love begins to flow and I am in the FLOW……

Are there things in your life that you find yourself too emotionally attached to that are not serving your highest and best path?

People, Things, Situations?

Are these things getting in the way of your own personal growth?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, check out these tips below on how to let go in order to hold on.

  1. Cultivate your intuition and awareness of your life as it is right now. By going inward, meditating, and nurturing that deep knowingness, we can find the aspects of our lives that are no longer serving us. Just like me, maybe you have something that you know you need to let go of. The first step in letting go is acknowledging that which no longer serves you.
  2. Adopt the attitude of acceptance. Once you have acknowledged that it is time for you to let go, your mind might begin to flood your thoughts with reasons of why you shouldn’t. Nostalgia, possibility, opportunity. Remember to accept that you know letting go and releasing is the right thing for you to do.
  3. Honor the part of your life that you are letting go. It can be sad to release large parts of our lives. There is nothing wrong with feeling this sadness. To help cope with this, take some time to honor the places these aspects of your life have held. Find something that resonates with you, where you can hold space for this and find closure for it.
  4. Trust that great things are coming to fill the void. Maybe the hardest part of letting go is trusting that there is more to come. Patience is key in this part of life. Whenever we put in the work to let go of what’s not serving us, the Universe will conspire to bring in something even more wonderful. It might sound hokey or hard to believe, but have the faith that this is possible.

What steps do you think you can take to let go and step forward?

How does it make you feel when you let go of these things that you cling to?

DARLING….. when you RELEASE into the light of the Divine that which does not make your SOUL SING…….

and then you TRUST and HAVE FAITH that all is as planned and that you are further aligning yourself with the best days of your life….


Dear beloved child, I know that sometimes life can be overwhelming… but remember during Mercury Retrograde…..

TO FOCUS on truly taking the time to PURGE and re calibrate your mind, body, and soul…

Although some people immediately feel negativity and fear when they think of Mercury Retrograde…..

I like to think of it as a huge blessings to us all…… a time to slow down and truly re-group!

A reminder from the Universe to slow down and empty our emotional back packs, even if just a tad bit!

If you do it with love and peace in your heart…..

You will come out unscathed every time!

I send you love and peace and much much balance….


Becky JO