If we look at gratitude itself, we find that it always arises as we become conscious of our relationship to someone or something. When we’re grateful, we recognize the intrinsic, beneficial value of the object (whether a person, being, thing, or condition); but even more fundamentally, we perceive an underlying connection between it and ourselves.

A feeling of belonging suffuses our gratitude. This feeling runs much deeper than a mere commerce of values, where the coin of exchange is only personal satisfaction.

Gratefulness connects us to the heart, for it is here that all relationships in longing, love, sympathy, and compassion resolve in a point of unity. ….

Gratitude is a very unique energy and when we are great-full we pull in powerful vortexes of vaccuum like energy (I see it therfor I am not sure how else to explain it lol)…….That “Vaccuum like” energy around you pulls in more and more and more to be great-full for!

We still maintain the distinctions between ‘you’ and ‘me’, ‘I’ and ‘world’, but not the walls of separateness that keep us isolated and disconnected.

Our disharmonies, brought back to the magnetic pole of the heart, realign with life’s rich wholeness, which is what authentic healing is all about.

Here then, we discover gratitude’s healing power, seeing opportunity for growth in the midst of troubles, embracing the wisdom of beginnings and endings, and tolerating limitations while striving for better ways.

In these and a thousand other ways we see the unity of life articulating its sanctity in myriad dynamics of relationship. …..

We begin to breathe with the universe… instead of Against it or beneath it… we align WITH IT!!!

Please keep in mind the power of Gratitude!

I know we all seem to think about being “Thankful” during the Holiday season, especially during November.

BUT…Gratitude and Truly feeling Thankful for our day to day blessings packs a whole lot of power into our lives (more then most realize)...

For when we not only speak of the Blessings in our lives but we truly envision that which we are great-full for (feel it)…. and our hearts are filled with Love and Gratitude for all we have and all we are, and all we have been through…it brings a whole lot more of what we Love to our lives!

Even more powerful and important is…truly feeling gratitude for the things that have happened in our lives that weren’t so happy…that weren’t so fun…. that weren’t so easy…. that may have even brought us to our knees (in more ways then one)….

For those are the things that we forget to see as blessings……

We sometimes do not recognize that they can be the biggest blessings of all…

because they force us to change and grow and learn and heal……

because they are meant to show us what is in the way of our complete inner peace….

and when we are thankful and great-full for our lessons, even when they weren’t easy…..

We are truly aligning with God’s Will…… and our own!

When you can soften your heart and change your perspective just a tad….to see that you are not being punished or judged by the Universe…but in fact BLESSED… it pulls in an ABUNDANCE of things to be GREAT-FULL for!

I know you all have heard me speak of the vibration scale (it is one of my favorite tools)…

Gratitude doesn’t even fit on the vibration scale because the vibration of the emotion (feeling) of Gratitude is too high….

Every single one of us has blessings in our lives, every single one of us have things to be great-full for, and every single one of us has the power to pull more of that into our lives.

So instead of saying “I am unlucky” or “I have nothing”…

instead say “I am very lucky and blessings flow freely to me.. I am thankful for that!”


“I have many blessings in my life, and every day more blessings come to me easily!”

BE thankful you guys….. for there is always someone out there that has less than you!

BE great-full you guys… because you are unique and only you can be you!

God has uniquely created your blueprint and only you can fulfill your life’s purpose!

Even if you do not have any (or many) family members to share birthdays, holidays and celebrations with, or you are alone… you are still BLESSED beyond measure!!!

Because you are alive, you woke up…. you have another chance to get it right today!

Its totally up to you….

When we are living in the energy of GRATITUDE

and we truly feel it in our hearts (and our souls)….

we easily attract more to be thankful for into our lives!!

The Struggle in life ends when the Gratitude begins – Unknown

Sending you love and blessings and much healing during this time of transition and growth on the planet…

God Bless you!

~ Becky Jo

Manifesting Miracles in your life!

The time is NOW….. YOU are the one…… THIS IS THE PLACE!!!!!

When it comes to Manifesting, I can honestly say that lately my skills are on point! I have been noticing lately that simply little things that I am thinking about, I am literally making happen… sometimes within a few minutes!

I mean I have been very good at manifesting since I was a child (even though at the time I didn’t understand or realize what I was doing. I only knew that I would say things or think things that then they would happen…. I guess I must have thought everyone was doing this ……)


This level of creating my own experiences has never happened like this before…… but I think with all of the shifts happening on the planet in the past year and all of the years of true soul work I have done, I finally have arrived at the beginning of Manifesting Miracles in my life on a whole new level.

SO this past week, 3 opportunities clearly presented themselves for me to help others and I absolutely without hesitation heard the call and spread the blessings…..

This is a MIRACULOUS lifestyle that I live………. me and the Universe doing everything we can to make someone else’s life a bit easier….


All you have to do is align with the high vibrations of your MIRACLE ZONE…. we all have it, we all need to learn how to know and recognize when we are in it!!!!!

If you do not know how to get there…. then I will share with you a few first steps that might lead you to the next level of your being…


Ready for the New You?


GREAT…. then follow along with me, as I take you on an amazing journey of creating the life that you truly want (and were meant to live)…I can promise you, that your life will change for the better in many miraculous ways.

Can I promise you that you will get the life of your dreams and manifest miracles by reading my series of posts?

Of course not… because that is truly UP TO YOU!

All I can do is give you the tools and the information that I know and use…..

The things that have led me to the life of my dreams, which I am truly living right now; and it continues to get better and better every single day!

The more that I do my soul work, learn my lessons, let them go…The more I am pulling in humble gratitude and appreciation for the Human journey, and self love and light; The more my life is filled with more and more joy, abundance, bliss and all that is MIRACULOUS….!!!!!

You can to this too….I am not some special… magical person …..We all are!

We are all creators… we are all amazing… we are all magical!!!

BUT...The difference between most normal every day people and me is…I truly and completely BELIEVE in this stuff…..(law of attraction, manifesting, that we are all meant to live the life of our dreams.. our life’s purpose……)

AND…I truly believe and know for certain that every single thing I have ever gone through in my life was FOR A REASON!

I truly believe that all of the traumas and horrific things I have been through … were not in vane! I was meant to go through it, so that I can help other’s get through it!

I truly believe that if I feel it, I can heal it!

I truly believe that I have Spirit Guides and Angels showing me, speaking to me, and trying to help me manifest miracles!

I truly believe that life is an amazing journey….. and if you can imagine it… you can create it… if you can create it… then you can live it!

AND…..I truly believe that if I set my mind to it.. I CAN DO IT!

You guys…I can tell you for sure that the Universe is energy. We are all energy…. emotions are energy…..We (and everything on this planet) are vibrating!

(uh oh… here I go with the vibration scale again… lol in 5…4…3…2..1)

I cannot stress to you enough that when we are carrying emotions that are low on the vibration scale….Then that is where we are resonating (vibrating)…

If we are carrying hate in our hearts, un-forgiveness, shame, guilt, fear, grief, anger, pride (ego)…Or any of the lower vibrating emotions….Then you will not be able to manifest anything that is positive and loving!

Why? Because you are too heavy… literally… too weighed down (body, mind, soul)!

Your energetic field is so heavy.. dense… and low…That all you will do is keep manifesting and attracting things, situations, and people that are at the same vibration as you!

But…What if you could truly let go of what is weighing you down and keeping your vibration low?

Because...…When you do your soul work and learn your lessons… and truly move on……

THEN…..Your energy starts to raise… your vibration starts to raise…your life begins to turn and you start to feel great!

The greater you feel, the more joy you can feel….The more joy you feel then you start to feel gratitude….When you are thankful for the blessing in your life of peace…Then you receive more….Once you feel complete inner peace….Then you reflect that out into the world….People feel that vibe from you and your day to day life starts to change!

When your day to day life starts to change, then you start to change your mind…

When you change your mind, you begin to see the world from a completely different window of perception and your thoughts begin to morph from seeing the worst in everything to a brighter view and your brain starts to kick out more “feel good” hormones, which help wipe your windshields clean and your auto-pilot starts to kick out more positive thinking, gratitude and appreciation…..

When you feel gratitude and appreciation for everything (even things that weren’t so pleasant, but you know were on purpose to teach you something)…You open your heart…..

Then, by that point, you have begun your healing journey of peeling back the layers….you have already healed and let go of what was immediately weighing you down…. you have decided to live in joy, love, and peace!

Once you get to this point, you have made a complete change in your life and it just becomes habit …..

Once your habits change from making the wrong un-empowering choices and decisions…to making the most empowering and loving and positive decisions…you are unstoppable!


If the answer is yes….Then it starts right here… right now!

TRULY commit to taking the next 2 days to do a mass energy clearing…

Start out with clearing and aligning your personal energy field with your higher self (The highest light and resonance of your be-ing)…

Whatever practices or rituals, prayers, meditations, etc. work best for you…

There is no right or wrong way…

Only you can tell when you are connected to the higher and more wise version of yourself darling…

you just know deep inside…

you will feel so much connection…

your body mind, and soul will feel so full of your own SOUL ENERGY… FREQUENCY….. LOVE!

You will be in your MIRACLE ZONE

Clear your path for MIrACLeS

Here is what I suggest you do in the next 2 days

1) Write down the things in your life that are bringing in emotions that are less then Love, joy, and complete inner Peace! (Be honest with yourself.. you have lied to yourself for too long… you deserve happiness and peace!)

2) Go through your list one by one and Ask your Heavenly Helpers, Angels and/or God (source) to be with you…. ask yourself “What is the lesson I am supposed to learn here?”. Be open to allowing yourself to see it from God’s Eyes. I like to allow myself to see it from the perspective of the other person as well. Once you know, you can let go….

3) Give yourself permission to let go of anything that is not empowering. Finally being open to knowing that you must take responsibility in all of the roles you have played in scenerios you hold resentment, blame, or even anger towards another human about. (Remember that you are the only one that is being poisoned by holding grudges and judgements)

4) Make the conscious decision that going forward, you will not allow any of the things on your list to be a part of your demise.

5) Change your mind! It is high time that you stop the pattern of drinking the victimhood kool-aid. Because it is very easy to keep telling the stories of being a victim.. because the things that happened to us were not easy. We truly went through them and we truly suffered… there is no doubt about it! But you are no longer living that life (I hope), so it is not your story anymore. Start to truly allow yourself to embrace the wholeness of your be-ing that you were before the traumas took your light away. Bring to mind who you are when you are in your innocence… feel it and open your heart’s door to believing that you are happy, healthy, and whole…. because outside of the negative beliefs you have about yourself and anyone else… you ARE!

6)LET IT GO! GIVE IT TO GOD (source, universe, Great Spirit, etc….)..….Letting go is challenging, and sometimes you have to do it again and again and again until it sticks. AND THEN MOVE ON! With all of your dignity intact and with your heart open and ready (excited) about the open space you are creating….which will then leave room to bring in the best days of your life!

BUT…what if……You show it to the door, and somehow it keeps creeping back in?

WELL…When this happens and I am certain it will (until you get into better habits and patterns….) …Then you gently guide it back out…of your mind!

Let the thought come in… give it appreciation, understanding and acceptance… but then gently let it go again… we must give it attention, because it is just trying to show us what we are still working on healing.

I will share a secret with you that you might not yet realize…these thoughts stop coming when you actually take the time to understand why you are having them and work it out within yourself.

During my healing journey, I would take the time to invite these thoughts to be heard. Why? Because they are pieces and parts of you that feel unheard, unloved, unvalued, unappreciated, or may have a negative belief about something that happened in the past.

When you allow yourself to actually take a peek at the person inside of you (most likely the child or adolescent within you that is having a major misunderstanding with yourself about you or someone else. (Ask yourself why you believe that…is it a belief you mirrored from another person or did you make this up? Can you let that belief go?)

These are the patterns that your guides, angels and higher selves are trying to show you, so that you can recognize what is blocking your highest forms of light, abundance, and miracles…

The clue here is gently…It is as true for letting go as it is for any type of change…What you resist persists…so do not resist it.. accept it (the thought)… thank it for it’s lessons… and let it go!

HONEY….. The key to letting go is embracing acceptance (and forgiveness)….There cannot be release until you accept it for what it is… learn from it.. and LET IT GO!

And just like acceptance, letting go is a practice. Consciously deciding and repeatedly acting is the way.

Personally, I practice acceptance and letting go the same way I practice meditation…….every single day….. with intention and purpose.

Bravely, humbly and gently. …..Truly.

For the past 5 years, I have been diligently and intentionally working on letting go of my story too!

After years of analyzing and agonizing over the past, I am becoming increasingly ready to let go of what happened to me. At this point in my life, it no longer serves me to identify as the victim… I AM so much more than that (and SO ARE YOU!).

For me, letting my story go means accepting the parts of me that are shaped by my traumatic experiences.

Letting go of my story means being fully present, without burying myself in memories or despair.

And most importantly, letting go of my story means learning to see myself as whole, and healed, not broken…Holy and Divine and nothing less!

In addition to faithfully committing to let go in my mind, repeatedly, every time I fall back into old ways – I am working on opening myself up both energetically and emotionally.

Every time I start to feel like I am that abandoned little girl, who feels not enough-ness…. scared……not loved….I purposely put myself in my place… immediately!

I remind myself that I am more then enough….. I remind myself that the adults in my life when I was growing up were not living in their hearts… they were hurting… they just did the very best they knew how to do…I remind myself that I am not living in that abusive relationship anymore where my 10 year old son watched me get beat to a bloody pulp….that was years ago….

I remind myself that any and all traumas I have experienced and faced were for a purpose and I appreciate every single one of them, because they made me the strong and resilient woman I am today!

I remind myself that ever since I truly started to take responsibility for my actions and decisions in my life….My life got much better…I am not living in chaos anymore!

I remind myself that I love my life and love the people I allow to be in my life ( I no longer allow dysfunctional relationships at any level into my life)!

I send love, peace, and all things positive to everyone who ever hurt me or destroyed me or took away my power and light!

The way I let go is active and spiritual, symbolic and visual….

LISTEN…there are so many spiritual ceremonies and rituals out there that energetically, and emotionally help you release what no longer serves…

Such as writing down what no longer serves and then burning the paper after you realize you no longer need that in your life…

I am telling you to burn your list that I had you make in #1… burn it and ask your Angels and God to take it…transmute it in to LOVE or above!!!!

It will help you make the intangible clear and definite!

It will help you to know and BELIEVE that God has your back and is willing to take your burdens from you too if you allow it!

ALLOW IT….. it is beautiful and healing!

And in this, YOU are connecting with YOUR power!

I WANT YOU TO TAKE YOUR POWER BACK…Because in today’s society, we are taught that we are powerless and have to settle for living under someone else’s rules!

We are brought up believing that the only power we have is to choose the simple things in life like the food we eat, where we live, who we date(marry) etc etc etc….

We are taught that we cannot have our own beliefs, our own thoughts, our own way of life… or our own power…

Because if you do, you will not fit in….I say forget about that!

BE IN YOUR TRUTH….. God intended every single one of us to live in love and manifest the life of our dreams!!!

Let’s Manifest the lives of our DREAMS right here… right now… together!

I know for sure I was not sent here on Earth in this lifetime, right now… for no reason!

I am truly connected to myself on all levels and I can feel that bigger, better, and more beautiful things are coming to our planet!

But it is up to us to raise the vibration of our beloved Earth.. so she can shift into the best version of herself too!!!

LET’S LIVE IN LOVE OR ABOVE…. on that vibration scale!! LOVE YOURSELF first… no matter what ANYONE says!

Stay positive…

Help out fellow human beings when they need us…

Give without expecting anything…

Appreciate what we have…



Sending you all peace, love, joy, and the energy of letting go of all that drama and trauma stuff…

I cannot wait to get this journey started and manifest miracles in our lives!

After we let go of what no longer serves… then all we have left to do is change some of the beliefs that are not empowering…

then we can work on the manifesting….


I hope so… because this is going to be MIRACULOUS!

Many blessings of love and light and MIRACLES…

From my soul to yours,


~Becky Jo~

Layers of Awakening

The 10 Levels of Awakening

Layers of Ascending Consciousness……

These days millions are becoming aware of what is being called THE GREAT AWAKENING Many soul having almost miraculous experiences that lead them to “Awaken” to understand who and what they truly are and why they are here on the physical plane of existence…. After more than 2000 years of oppression and forgetting our truth…. HUmanity is in full Ascension as we speak…. Although there is no definite answers as far as putting someone’s ascension/awakening journey into a box… HUmans like to have some sort of guidance or ways to compair their experiences with that of what others are going through…

So I put together some information for you… Not for you to judge where you are at… But … Because I think it gives you a good feeling of how far you have come!

Remember that we have all been around for thousands of years and our souls are much older than that… SO we all started out as a sound from the Universe….. and after many different manifestations.. we are HUMAN…. every single incarnation and every single time we have been physical, we have built up to the very moment that we exist in right now…..

I hope this will help you understand a little bit deeper… the levels of awakening and the layers of consciousness…… which is all truly a mystery to us all for the most part…. I pray you will continue to progress on your path and align with your highest and best path and purpose for your highest and best good.. and for the highest evolution of HUmanity… in loving service to the divine plan unfolding….

1. The physical level of consciousness: On the first level of consciousness, you identify with the physical and material realm completely. You are an embodiment your external environment, with all its positive and negative aspects. You’ve internalized the values of society at large, and you define yourself in terms of your material successes and status. If you’re unsuccessful and poor, you accept things as they are and believe that efforts for success will be fruitless.

2. The rumblings from beneath: As you transcend to the second level of consciousness, you feel disillusionment with living entirely in the material realm. You start to identify less with external and material reality and begin to look inwards. You spend more time alone and start to feel unmoved by the lifestyle that can be got with money and materialism. You become attracted to learning about yourself. You begin to distinguish between sex and love, and between superficial power and real power.

3. Emerging: On the third level, you become more sensitive. You feel things more deeply. You start allowing yourself to cry and experience painful states. You begin to ask philosophical questions and develop artistic sensibilities. Then, you come to understand your relation to life, your physical being, your sexual energy, your creativity. You start to empathize with people, sensing what they feel. It starts to become clear what it is to be a human being and a true friend and neighbor, and you start to act on your own values.

4. From passive to active: As you move onto the fourth level of consciousness, you’ve emerged as an individual and begin to take an active role in life. You make your own decisions about what your life should be. You choose friends and situations according to your own values, of which you are now sure. Also, you begin to wield influence over your own thoughts and emotions, manipulating them to fit your values and what you want for yourself. You practice mindfulness and begin to achieve self-mastery, knowing that every thought and deed defines you.

5. Inner balance: By the time you’ve reached the 5th level, you’ve changed your lifestyle in accordance with what’s best for you. You’ve given up destructive habits. You treat your body and mind with respect and maintain harmony and balance through your daily regimen. At the same time, you’ve stopped living for the admiration and acceptance of others, and you’ve started to live for yourself. Instead, you begin to offer service to others based on your own desire to give. Also, you devote time to meditation, creating, and celebrating existence. You make compromises with others and your ego concerns diminish. You begin to manifest your spiritual being in the physical world and in your relationships.

6. Bridging the gap: At the 6th stage of consciousness, the split between the external world and the spiritual realm has become clear to you. You live almost a double life. You are in the world but you no longer feel part of it. Thus, you become adept at passing between spiritual and physical realities and you begin to transfer knowledge from the one to the other. You become able to adapt to different situations, adopting personas to fit requirements of circumstances, but holding fast to a higher self. At the same time, you meditate often and become someone who can resolve conflicts and offer others guidance.

7. Manifesting spirit: When you’ve reached the 7th level of consciousness, you’ve begun to live from spirit. You feel a deep emotional connection with all living creatures. You understand what lies in the hearts of people, you feel their pain and know how to heal them. Then, you express your spirit physically, uninhibited by negative feelings or judgments of yourself or others. You show affection to people with overwhelming warmth and connect with others emotionally.

8. Beginnings of fusion At the 8th level of consciousness, the barriers between your ego and the collective are beginning to crumble. There’s no longer merely a recognition of your sameness with all those around you, you begin to feel the symbiotic connection that you have with all of creation. You become aware of energies and realize that all feeling, thought, and action is based on vibrations or frequencies of energy. You learn how to master the energy that you’re channeling and begin to see that you can influence the actions of others with your energy.

9. Presence: When you pass onto the 9th level of consciousness, you wield such power over your thoughts and feelings that their strength and purity begin to transform the people you meet. When you enter a room, people feel pure love for you. Your presence becomes so tangible and powerful that it influences others. Your mind, heart, spirit, body, and soul are one. Thus, you no longer identify yourself as an individual being with any ego concerns. You have become fused with the universe. At this point, you’re able to lead others….. A spiritual Teacher, leader, way-shower, trailblazer!

10. Dissolution of self and ascendance: At the 10th and final level of consciousness, your sense of self has almost entirely disappeared. You have no ego boundaries left standing, and you live in your own spiritual reality. Your connection to the rest of creation becomes coordinated. You move and everyone moves with you. You have become fused with the collective. Also, you’re able to communicate with all beings in one pure language. Your being absorbs the universe around it and is absorbed by it. You are able to channel divine power.

3 most common Dimensions of Consciousness on Earth right now

3rd Dimension. In this dimension, the ego is in control. We exist in a material world, view things from a physical plane, and see people as separate from others rather than unified. We suffer from feelings of lack. Social status, money, and careers are valued higher than compassion and kindness. We rely only on the five senses. We have no desire for introspection, and we perceive and judge everything as “good or bad.” We’re fearful of losing money, possessions, and control. We don’t feel “good enough.” Everything is perceived as a coincidence rather than alignment or synchronicity. We desire to always be “right.” We feel like we need someone else to make us happy or feel fulfilled.

4th Dimension. This is known as the astral plane and is a gateway to the 5th dimension. We can step back to the 3rd dimension relatively easily. We can discover new friendships on the same frequency and find our “soul tribes.” We are aware that thoughts can shift vibrations and reality. Compassion, acceptance, unity, and unconditional love are valued, and a healthy diet and lifestyle become highly important. We seek soul purpose and passion, and we often feel alone. We have a heightened awareness of unrest on Earth, and a desire to pursue our soul mission or calling. We are aware that there is more to the world than meets the eye. We use our intuition and trust it, and we open our third eye chakra, therefore “knowing things” without being able to explain how. We can tell when someone is lying, and experience regular deja vu and synchronicity. Time no longer feels linear, and astral travel is possible.

5th Dimension .In this dimension, it is difficult to reenter the 3rd dimension. We have a heightened intuition. We feel no limits, no fear, and no judgment of “good or bad.” We have an absolute understanding of yin and yang. There is no competition, and no feelings of lack. We live in a unified consciousness and accept and love family as they are. Everything is effortless and flowing. We find abundance. We cannot be manipulated, and we can instantly love unconditionally. We no longer take anything personally.3 levels of consciousness

Ascending between Dimensions No matter where your soul light energy resides on average… we are multi-dimensional beings so we can be in more than 1 dimension at once (Simultaneously).. or in between. Depending on what we are doing how we are feeling, what we are working on…AND>..Universal/ Celestial events and energies happening!!

For instance…The divine light that radiates toward us during and after solar flare activity is thought to awaken our cells, so that we receive the opportunity to move quickly toward ascension. This means our vibration speeds up and is lifting, and we head away from the 3rd dimension and begin to embody the higher frequencies of the 4th or 5th dimension. If we are evolving and shifting dimensions, we may feel overly emotional, highly sensitive, irritable, exhausted, and experience periods of confusion and dizziness.

We may also notice that we have vivid dreams and nightmares, ringing in the ears, aches and pains, are unable to focus, and generally feel “out of it” as though our body, mind, and spirit are unaligned. As our energy changes frequency when we go through ascension, we may find that we experience an increase in intuition, and moments of “knowing” where information comes to our mind without rational explanation as to where it has come from.

For example, we may suddenly discover the answer to a question that we have been pondering about a personal relationship, or have an instant understanding about something we have previously failed to figure out. The best advice I can give all of you is to always go with the flow.. flow with the changes and no matter what, always try to raise your consciousness a little bit each day….. mindfully.

Always trust your intuition and follow the signs the Universe is sending to you… you are NOT making it up……. and although… There will be set backs during your awakening… Believe me when I say…. NOONE is perfect... but the sooner we can all truly let go and let life happen through us… The sooner we can all ascend into a more permanent higher consciousness…. for the highest and greatest good of all of HUmanity and all of the Galaxy.

Follow the calling of your soul.. always xoxoxoxo Becky Jo

7 things that Block your truth

Uplifting and Shifting your life through a higher perspective

1) Crown Chakra Block – Other people’s limiting beliefs and possibly lies about you and who you are (what you can be). If you have a thought or belief that you heard from a family member, a colleague, a peer, a friend or even a spouse that belittles you, depresses you, and speaks condemnation over you, it is not from the Heavenly Realms of existence and most definitely NOT your truth! Why? Because your truth is you are a divine spark of heavenly light outside of your humanness….. you are more than anyone has ever believed that you are and those that can’t see you through “God’s” eyes are not speaking truth to you!

Truth will always feel uplifting and amazing! Your Truth will always speak hope, love, victory, Peace, and restoration.

Just because someone else doesn’t believe in you or see you from a Heavenly

eye, doesn’t mean you have to take that on as your story.

Instead, I highly suggest you go deep within, connect with your soul and those Heavenly helpers who are sending you positive and loving thoughts….and listen to what YOU believe about you…. let others have their beliefs, but don’t let them limit you!

2) 3rd Eye Block – A complete lack in Faith, Trust in your own intuition or what your inner presence of God, creator, Universe or whatever higher intelligence you believe in… is showing to you!

Be still and know your soul will show and tell you what is truly for your highest and best good.

Faith means we trust even when things seem quite impossible. When you can trust that inner God presence within, YOU can literally move mountains as a HUman be-ing! Your level of faith is directly connected to your ability to control your own life instead of letting it control you!

3) Throat Chakra Block – An over abundance of toxic people and situations in your life (yes I’m talking to you!)

Negative influences will create a breeding ground for unsuccessful living; I can promise you that…

It’s been said that we are the average of those we spend our time with. I know for sure that is true because when I had no self love due to not receiving love from those I desperately needed it the most from my entire life…. it lead me to having no boundaries or respect for myself, due to just wanting to fit in and please others…

my life was a constant storm of negativity and drama…...Bad company will always be a sure fire way to corrupt good character and trust me, they will make you believe that YOU are the problem and you will be in a constant state of disapproval of yourself.

In the Bible it says in Proverbs 13:20 that when we are friends with fools, we can expect harm.

This can be interpreted in several ways… my point being that when we are ready to transform our lives, we need to stop FOOLING ourselves….

Though we cannot always easily get rid of all of our lifelong friends, we should start to take a self-evaluation of those we are closest to.

  • Do they speak hope to you?
  • Do they draw you to the best of you?
  • Do they infiltrate you with fear and doubt when you want to step into what your soul is calling you to?

True friends will be those who uplift you in the World and add to your life, not ones who constantly cause you emotional damage.

Not everyone is your “tribe”…. all people you come across are there for a purpose on purpose.. the Universe nor your soul never makes mistakes…

Humans make the mistakes… but its ok because some mis-takes become our greatest blessings in life (its true!)

The mistake is when we do not see it for all that is it or we try to manipulate, control or justify things to fit into our own little box of perception…..

Although some people who you cross paths with are meant to love you….

Some are meant to teach you and some will bring you the hardest lessons you have ever learned… but those lessons turn into great strength and valor and are not ever in vane.

Never forget it is always ok to love from afar if it means you walk in truth!

4) Heart Chakra Block – A heart full of grievances and un-forgiveness! By now you know me well enough to know I was gonna bring this up!

Bitterness, grudge holding, and un-forgiveness cause us to be overwhelmed by the wrong doing of another. There are times when people hurt us so bad that we have no idea how we can ever move forward.

 However, when we walk in bitterness, we tend to constantly think about the one who has hurt us. 

It will remain completely disheartening and all over consuming to rehearse their dirty deeds towards us in our minds, which will do nothing but continue to put your light out and create anger, resentment, blame and shame mixed with a whole array of frustration over and over.

When we forgive we not only release ourselves from the pit of hell we have caged ourselves in, but we energetically and spiritually release the other person which shifts our be-ings into a new level of Heaven on Earth.

Truthfully, how can we ever be passionate about what God (Your soul) wants us to do if we are steadily focused on the actions of others?

Forgiveness is like a key that unlocks many new doors for us……but…. Does that mean we allow people to run over us?

No. However, we cannot allow un-forgiveness to overtake us. In order to align with the things that we came here to School Room Earth to do in our lives, first we have to forgive those who have hurt us and move forward.

Not for them… but for YOU. “They” are not being affected by how you feel, YOU ARE!

5) Solar Plexus Block – Lack of Integrity. Integrity is doing what’s right, even when no one is looking. A lack of integrity can often be masked in “white lies” and rationalization that says, “this is my one little sin.”

Yet, if we know to do right and we still do not, it is still a “sin” (which means you missed the mark and are out of alignment with your truth)

Integrity ranges from showing up on time to meetings to not sharing the secret you promised to keep (no matter how tempting it is to share it).

Integrity means holding on to your own power and not knowingly allowing others to take your light from you or control your boat…. you MUST man your own controls!!!!

It means being who you truly are no matter who you are around….. never ever wearing a mask to try and fit into the circle of people you are in at the moment!

never being embarrassed to outwardly show others who you are and what you believe in…… but also not pushing your agenda on others (allowing them to be who they are too and respecting everyone for who they are and what they believe in..or don’t believe in)

The reality is there are some beautiful heavenly gifts that God wants to bless you with for your transformation, but you will need to have the character to sustain your gifts….

Honestly, the statement that “with great gifts comes great responsibility”…

I have learned is absolutely true .


The more power and light you bring to this world, the more influentual you are to those who come into contact with you…

So make sure you are always influencing others for the greater good.. showing them how TRUTH-FULL and FULL OF LIGHT they can be if they choose this path too!

Quite simply, some of the things you truly desire in life that you are not aligned with yet….

Even though your EGO or the inner child you behold inside might believe it…..

The things you most desire to do and be and have… are not being withheld from you, because you do not deserve them….

The things that you are meant to have and do and be are not available, because you are not quite ready for them.

That, my dear is where patience is a virtue…..Faith in your journey… and Trusting the Universe that all is being unveiled to you in divine perfect timing comes into play….

If you are not walking the walk and talking the talk, you most likely would not appreciate those things quite yet…. but now is the time to be true to you and keep that integrity in check!

6) Sacral Chakra BlockAllowing yourself to be trapped in the past. If you carry a heavy sense of guilt and shame for over your past mistakes, it is likely you are walking in a perspective of defeat.

Our past often convinces us that we have unqualified ourselves for success.

We think about the times we have missed the mark, failed miserably, or hurt someone, and assume, “How could God possibly bless me?” We may even think, “If I get the opportunity, I will just blow it again.”

Let me tell ya…….when you imprison yourself with what the mind is fearful of from past experiences…… and/or with this lack and doubt mentality in place, we make a choice to not take risks or dream again.

Even if God sent the perfect opportunity to our door, we will completely block the blessings if we are in that mindset…. because we are afraid of reliving the past.

When we get in these modes of thought, we must remind ourselves that our past mistakes are opportunities for growth.

Remember, the human ego wants to convince us that we are unworthy and there is no chance for recovery. But when you align with the higher part of yourself and change your perspective just a tad, you can shift into a place where you see your past as a blessing and your mistakes as learning tools..

When you are able to do this, everything shifts.

Like the great Wayne Dyer says…

when you change the way you look at things…the things you look at change!

Your past will never disqualify you for God’s best blessings in your life.

Those moments of despair are simply stepping stones to get us to where our hearts and souls are truly calling us to be.

They are your sign from the Universe that you are not in your truth… the truth will set you free…….

Every single time you feel despair…. remember it is your soul asking you to take another look, see it from a more heavenly view… make a better choice!

7) Root Chakra BlockYou do not have an intimate relationship with your higher self, the Earth or your creator.

When you said “yes” to all of who you are (mind, body, soul),it is not merely an invitation into a deeper understanding of Humanity and why we are here…. It is also an open door for a life-changing relationship with the Universe.

“God”…. the higher intelligence that runs the Galaxies… is within you and therefor….desires to spend time with you and have fellowship with you.

Not in a Humanly way like some think though… in a connecting to your own soul kind of way.

The Universe wants to communicate with you on a deep level.

Your soul and the “God” presence within you…. wants you to run all of who you are your Father, Mother, friend, counselor, and advocate.

It is Your Soul’s desire to be so close to you that every time you are overwhelmed or conflicted in your thoughts, you are your own best resource.


When we have an intimate relationship with all of who and what you are and why you are here in this lifetime, it can give you insight and wisdom on how to be successful in every situation.

Your balanced trinity connection with the Father (the masculine…God/Heaven), the Mother (Divine Feminine…Mother Earth/Gaia), and the “Child” or “Son (Sun)…light” (your higher self, your soul light, the highest light and resonance of who you are outside of your physical existence) can give you the ultimate the strategy to overcome difficult people and the loving embrace to when to learn and grow through the things in life that don’t go according to our plan.

The truth is, if you have been struggling with defeat, it is in the highest and holiest presence of being aligned with your purpose and why you are here…how you can most serve……that you will find the answers you seek….

Breaking through your blocks will open up your soul energy and raise you up so you SHINE…. ILLUMINATE…. and become a BUTTERFLY!

My prayer for you is that you find the hope, restoration and victory in your own transformation for your highest and greatest good, so that you can align with the highest and greatest good of all Man kind….

Its what we all ultimately came here to do… Illuminate this world by learning how to unblock our seals (chakras)….. growing through what we go through, and then turning around with our light shining bright and help someone who hasn’t found their own light yet…

Shine the way, hold the light until they see their truth and shine theirs…..

In 2021….. I make it my goal to awaken and inspire as many people as HUmanly possible…

I send you great blessings of seeing your deepest truth this year….



Becky Jo

Creating a new life

Every single one of us is looking for some sort of change in our lives right now at this moment…

Most have made New Years resolutions that we have already tried for 20 years in a row, which last on an average of 2-3 weeks, and then we spend the rest of the year shaming ourselves for not being the person we truly deeply want to be in this life!

If we are not shaming or blaming ourselves for not succeeding in “creating our own realities”…..we flip and shame and blame the world or other people for our own deep feelings of inconsistency and incompleteness that we deal with…while putting on a smile or a fake it til we make it attitude in hopes that noone knows how truly effed up we think we are inside!

To boot…. we complain more than we celebrate our blessings…

Humans just love to make problems for ourselves, which then create holes in our hearts that become the emptiness that we  feel!

And then instead of being brave enough to dare to speak up, standup, honor ourselves and others around us…instead of finding solutions….

Humans will then create problems and disharmony within to have “proof” in the mind that the original holes are still leaking!

Why? Because it gives us excuses or reasons why we absolutely cannot move forward in our lives (it gives us that grand story to tell others why we could never be whole again!)….

So every day, you pray to God (whoever you pray to) to please fill these holes and voids in with higher power….

Although your prayers are being answered and you are being filled with so much love and light from the Universe…

You absolutely cannot feel it…. you don’t see it….you deny it!!


Because like a bucket with holes in it…..the love and strength and heavenly (div8ne) intellegence that is being sent to you is leaking out…pouring out….. missing the mark!

Until you actually bravely decide that you want to intentionally patch up the holes…

The more you complain or blame and shame yourself and others ….. the bigger the holes and voids get!

Until you have the strength and courage to admit the ways you have been doing things hasn’t worked up to this point…

Until you expose yourself to your deepest darkest fears and allow yourself to process the causes, reasons, and emotions that are keeping you in a cage…

You will remain disappointed with life and disconnected from actually living!

You will remain in jobs that you hate, just to get by…

You will stay in relationships that are not fullfilling just to feel like you have some sort of stability (even though the opposite is true)…

You will remain idle… never manifesting what you truly want.

You can do all the spiritual hokey pokey you want…

You can spend all the money in the world…

But until you fill those holes in… you will continue to leak and spill your bad juju on others (knowingly or unknowingly)….

So today… can we please just take the time to understand our holes and voids and how to fill them!

Here’s some tips on how I began to fill them to get where I am today (not perfect…but my life has become so much simpler because I do not stew over things that I cannot control..I do not live in fear of what might or might not happen anymore)

1) sit with yourself in silence and allow yourself to feel the holes and voids..leaks

2) be brave and allow yourself to connect with the emotions that come up with the leaks.

3) envision yourself bringing love, understanding, excitement, happiness in to patch up your holes. (Human emotion is one of the things we have complete control over and we can ignite a spark of forgiveness at any given moment we choose to!)

4) think about the positive change that will easily come to your life and your family…your children if you have them if you patched up the hole by letting it be done and over with!

5) create a new way of positive passion instead of negative obsession

6) If for any reason, you are feeling like you will not be able to do any of these steps or your not ready to patch a particular hole yet… that’s fine tell yourself you accept that you cannot at this not shame yourself…however at least make a deal with yourself that you promise to stop talking about it (stop complaining about it)

7) make a new habit of co creating positive choices with the universe… let everything you do going forward be done through your spirit…not your mind.

8) End with a prayer…

Dear Father Mother God…. every particle in this great Universe and to myself… I am absolutely comitted to do my best to patch these leaks, to make change…to accept what I cannot change. From this moment forward I will push forth into a new life where I truly commit to change what I can. I am ready to make a change in my life and the power of the Universe is with me, in me and through me…its Gods will…its what I always wanted anyway….happiness…abundance…I am just now finally allowing it to come forward!
If anything shall step in the way..please give me the clarity to help me dismantle any object in front of me!
God….I am finally prepared to live like a master instead of like a victim…for the highest good of myself and all of Humanity..and so it is!

Awakening and Gracefully Exiting the Matrix in 2021

~You have a Divine life’s Purpose to live on purpose for a purpose~

From my Spiritual Journey to yours, here are some Golden Nuggets to help you bravely Embody the Awakened life in a sleeping world!

If you are reading this, it is most likely because you are AWAKE and EXCITED about who and what you truly are!

You may be just newly awakened and still in the phase where you think you might be going “CrazY’ (know you are not alone and you are NOT NUTZ)….

OR… you may be mid journey and looking to beef up your soul work……

If not, then…

you are pretty far along your path and ready to take the next steps of your enlightenment, or spiritual journey.

Either way, no matter what, I welcome you home!

I want to be one of the ones who helps you understand that you are LOVED and you are IMPORTANT here on Earth!

Whether you are still trying to understand why you are all of a sudden seeing Angel numbers every freakin where…..

Or you are like me and take notes daily based upon your findings and what you see, feel, hear, and just know in order to put the divine puzzle pieces together as you step into your ultimate becomming….

The first step is waking up……

AND…. whether you had a big BOOM type of awakening….

Or you have just little by little put the pieces together and finally realize ad see the bigger picture that is you….

Let me welcome you to living the Awakened life!

How to know if you are in an “Awakening”

Spiritual Awakenings or “ascension” is normally subtle by nature (Although there seems to be some including myself who have a complete AHHHAAA moment where everything suddenly changes).

Either way… start recognizing subtle energy shifts which raise your vibration with huge physical impacts.

Awakening is always a very personal journey and no 2 people ever experience it exactly the same (we experience it according to how we chose to before we came to Earth)

Here are 10 signs of major transformation and growth I discovered during my spiritual awakening:

1. Emotional rollercoaster (Big time!)

You may find yourself touched and on the verge of tears more often than usual. Crying at the drop of a hat over the news or a display of sentiment that you would not have cried over before is common. You may also find yourself to be more aggressive or angry with people. Some days you will feel depressed and other days full of joy. You truly feel the full range of emotions and yes it is draining, but it’s happening for a reason!

This is happening because your soul has chosen to truly look deeper within and to start peeling back the layers of your existence in order to learn from… “Feel” and “Heal” that which no longer serves.

Stay present to the feelings, feel them fully and allow yourself to truly be brutally honest with yourself in order to grow and transform your beliefs into higher consciousness and truly let go of the “Ego” way of thinking…. let yourself see the bigger picture always and you will eventually just be in the habit of it… that is true soul growth when you can rise above and truly take the higher path every single time (and when you constantly stay way from the victim mentality, because you truly see that life is happening through you.. not to you!)

2. Stronger connection to nature

Previously your attitude to nature may have been “take it or leave it”. BUT….Now, you have a deep appreciation for all of nature, the colors and the shapes. You will completely start to feel how important it is to take care of the Earth and be a part of the solution! You will find yourself absolutely in LOVE with and honoring Mother Nature!

You start to welcome the seasons whereas you used to dread winter. You may also start to like animals you never liked before (feeling drawn to Spirit Animals)…. You’re changing and becoming more accepting of things for what they are.

3. Changes in energy levels

One day you are bouncing off the walls, another day you can’t even get out of bed!

You’ve got to roll with this one as much as you can. Sleep, rest or chill on the down days and flow with the energy on the high days. Try your best to always and eat healthy (whole foods whenever possible to suport the physical body through this) and try not to stress or feel guilty… let go of shame or any other un-productive emotion, as those will keep your energy levels low.

4. A feeling that something has changed within you

You may not be able to explain it.. but you truly FEEL that you simply feel different, you may not look any different but you know something has changed internally. Your old ways are falling by the wayside and the real you is starting to emerge. PLEASE… make sure that you are open to the changes as they come and go with the flow…….allow yourself to grow!

5. Sudden awareness of recurring patterns or relationships

You may have been living out the same old patterns for decades but suddenly you become aware of it.

You may realize that you always destroy what you create, always pick unavailable partners or always attract dependent people – the list is endless.

This is great, becoming aware is the first step in eradicating and letting go of patterns that do not serve your highest path and purpose. Truly allow for the new and more empowering patterns to emerge as you realize what isn’t working out so good… can create something better, always!

6. Food intolerances, allergies and cravings

As you are becoming more sensitive to energy, your body may start to react to foods you have always eaten and/or you may start to crave something different. The intolerance and allergies may not be permanent so remove them from your diet for a few months and try again later. The cravings may be what your body needs so go with it and trust your body to communicate what it requires. listen to your body, even more then you ever have before. Whole foods without chemicals with lots of nutrients are always best! You will find as you grow spiritually, you will start to honor your body as your temple (literally).

7. A desire to “find yourself”, change your social group, behavior, job etc.

Your material needs have been met and there is still a longing for more. You may start to question who you really are and start to see that your current life may not have been a conscious choice and is more of a by product. Before you can consciously choose you may find yourself stripping away layers to reconnect with you, the spiritual you.

8. An increase in occurrences of coincidence (you are not crazy.. this is really happening!)

Better known as synchronicity, favorable people and beneficial circumstance start to appear with exactly what you need. Answers to questions are revealed to you through signs and messages. Synchronicity is a sign you are on the right track and that you are aware of these miracles happening around you. The more you notice and take heed, the more they appear so show much gratitude and appreciation to Universe and you r Divine Team for the guidance you are receiving.

9. Quicker manifestations

Spiritual awakening raises your vibration; this involves a release of blockages which allows abundance to flow to you. Being in alignment with a higher vibration results in quicker and more beneficial manifestations to be received by you. Be aware of your thoughts so you get what you really want or better. Stay humble and thankful for every single thing… never take things for granted as you increase in joy and positivity…. your blessings will increase 1000 fold!

(Please always make sure you are giving with any overflow of abundance you receive… we are not here to hoard blessings…. but to share with Humanity!)

10. A change in what you read, hobbies etc

You are changing for the better; you are heading for a life of deeper fulfilment and purpose. As you do you will find different ways to pass the time and may not enjoy things you have always done as much anymore. It’s fine, new pastimes will interest you just be open to what comes your way.

Change and growth are taking place; the discomfort you experience is increased by resistance. Know that all is exactly as it should be and you are having the human experience of growth, let go and roll with it. When discomfort strikes, ask yourself where or what you are resisting and let it go. They say the darkest part of the night is just before dawn so know that it’s for good.

Also, as you start reaching out in the Spiritual Communities (especially on Facebook, etc).. PLEASE follow your own intuition… remember, we want to stay out of fear… but we also need to stay away from darkness presenting itself as light.

NOONE can heal you except you (A healer only facilitates your own healing)… anyone who tells you their way is the only way is always a NO!

GOLDEN RULE OF AWAKENINGS: If it (or someone) feels uplifting, amazing, glorious, Joyful, positive, united,and heavenly… then it resonates and proceed full speed ahead. If it (or someone) feels degrading, cult like, territorial, ego based, self serving (not in support of all for one and one for all), demeaning, separating, narcissistic, or overpowering…. please please please…… send it/them away with love and Love forward…. it DOES NOT resonate! A true lightworker/healer/Earth ANgel will always want whats best for you (for all)!

I’m AWAKE…. Now what?

Well this is a question I have been asked a LOT recently!

In order to live an “Awakened” life… we need some wisdom to live off of huh?

SO we turn to try and learn everything about our souls that we possibly can….

We rush out to connect with all of those we feel “Drawn” to…..

We align easily and freely with our “Desires” and we start to learn how to manifest them….

The problem is…. although there is some wonderful educational soul stuff out there now a ways (especially with thanks to the internet, where we are free to connect and communicate freely)…

Not everything is in alignment with each of our soul’s missions….. and sometimes we then get our hands and hearts in too many pots and then we spin… and spin… and SPIN

Never really feeling like we are making progress…and so we don’t truly know then what we should be working on within ourselves…

SO…… I will give you a list of how I did it and what I recommend (so you don’t have to take the hard roads where I did).


No matter who tells you what, only YOU truly know whether it resonates with your soul’s path. Even if you don’t know quite yet why you are here or what you are supposed to do…..the very first step to guide you there or to help you remember is to work on building strong and unshakable Faith and Trust in your own guidance.

Yes it’s nice to go to others who are “Awake” too… especially ones that are further on the path and have their gifts developed a little better; but only use this as a source of finding the puzzle pieces (not a source of putting the puzzle together for you). Eventually you MUST follow your own inner compass to lead you to remembering your mission completely).

This is the very first thing I suggest you do…. work on this and learning how to do this first!

The More you learn that you have always had the answers that are best for you, the more you will stop looking to outside sources for validation (eventually you wont need anyone else to tell you your truth… you will always know it without a doubt).

I promise you that you do not need outside sources to tell you YOUR TRUTH…. YOU already know it… you just may not trust it yet…. so this is a great place to start building your unique set of gifts and talents.

No matter what the question is….. if you listen, you will tell yourself what is highest and best for you… do not need validation because you ARE your best validation!!!!!

The biggest challenge for you at this point might be discerning whether the Energy (emotions) you are feeling are yours or someone elses…..once you can distinguish that, you are on the home stretch!

Here is how I developed unwavering trust and faith in my own visions…..

1. Practice meditation daily. If only for a short time. Five minutes a day is better than no minutes (but the longer the better). Stilling the mind, through meditation, is one of the best ways to develop intuition. It is not an overnight process. Some have to work harder than others. It is in meditation you receive the answers to the questions, you may have asked. These answers come through messages and visions.

2. Know your visions are real. The visions you see in meditation are real and have significant meaning… you just need to decipher them. Many of your messages come through symbolism or code and are unique to each one of us. Learning to decode them is essential to understanding them. For example: one person may see a red rose in their mind’s eye and interpret it as message of love; another may see the same but interpret the thorns and color red as a sign of danger. Your visions and messages are exclusive to you and that is why it is important to recognize their meanings and believe in them.

3. Keep a meditation diary. After each meditation, quickly write what you saw and felt, even if it wasn’t much. This goes a long way to helping you decipher your visions. If you don’t write what you saw you will soon forget it. You often get messages during meditation that may make no sense for days, weeks, even months after you received them. One day you will come to understand what your message was trying to tell you through the notes you made. A meditation diary will also help you interpret and understand any repetitive imagery.

4. Listen to your “Solar Intuition”. Your solar plexus is your seat of emotions. It is here you get to experience your intuitive feelings. For decision making, always tune into the solar intuition. If a certain choice causes feelings of distress or discomfort then that choice is not a good one. If however, the decision feels calm, peaceful or uplifting then that choice is safe and it resonates for your highest and best.

5. Take intuition development or meditation classes. A supportive group environment is a perfect place to increase intuition and the sixth-sense. The power of the like-minded working collectively in meditation can enhance intuitive awareness. But always listen to your solar intuition when choosing a class. It has to feel completely safe and hopefully be an ego-free-zone. PLEASE.. I cannot stress enough in using your intuition to lead you to the right teachers and leaders at the right time (remember…. do not follow or worship anyone… no-one is better then you and if they seem to think so, then walk away in love and light and use it as a learning experience) You can always take these classes with me if you so choose (if it resonates for your highest and best). Check out my website to classes http//

6. Note the intuitive events you experience each day. This can be done in your meditation diary. Examples of intuitive events are: when you think of a person and they suddenly call, or you follow a hunch that proves to be correct. There are many more. However small or insignificant they seem, your intuition is at work guiding you. Too often these happenings are often brushed off as coincidence. Writing them down is confirmation of how your sixth-sense is increasing. The more you develop, the more you will notice these goings-on. It will eventually become a way of life.

7. Stay in balance, mentally and physically. Looking after the body, through good (whole plant) food and exercise, helps intuition develop. An unhealthy out-of-balance body is a very poor conductor of psychic energy. When you have a sluggish body you will have slow-moving energy centers and a foggy mind. Visions then have no clarity or focus, and the inclination to progress will be stalled.

2) START DOING YOUR SOUL WORK! Stop playing victim!

Once we are awake and aware that we are to serve a grander mission on Earth, Universe will very quickly start throwing all kinds of stuff at ya…

This isn’t to be mean… but it is in fact to weed your garden. If you are going to be at your highest vibration possible, then you must let go of the old programs, people who dull your sparkle, and old ways of being that do not serve a higher consciousness!

Human energy fields are like Onions and there are layers upon layers of people, places, and things and situations and traumas and dramas that you went through in preparation for this mission (believe that!)…

So as things come up or people start to get weird or you truly start recognizing patterns….. look deeper and truly learn what it is that you are supposed to learn so you can release and heal!

The more soul work you do and the more work you do on yourself from the outside in….. the more you are brutally honest and realize that it is up to YOU to make the conscious decision on how you will react (or not react) to triggers… the more you will heal…….. the more you heal and grow and learn… the BETTER YOU CAN SERVE OTHERS who will then go through what you did (when you are healed from it, you can encourage them to heal too!)

Work with others further on the path to help you recognize and heal what no longer serves……..I am available if you ever want a healing session with me to break through (I have references lol)

3) Start to honor and heal your physical body

This will become extremely important, especially if you are feeling pulled to a path of being a healer. Your physical body is your physical vessel and channel to the divine.

Your physical body is the giver and receiver of love, life, and healing energy!

As you awaken, you will feel a strong need to start honoring your body.

This is not vein, nor is it selfish to honor yourself fully… let go of any beliefs that make you think that it is wrong to honor every facet of you!

This is a huge piece of the “Training” you will need in order to step into your Divine Mission…..

It takes a LOT of dedication and courage to stop eating what you want when you want and completely spoil your body with only whole foods and high vibrational (no chemical) that will increase healing on the inside, by keeping the skin healthy.

The better we eat and take care of our bodies on the inside and out…

The better we feel…… and the better we can align and maintain integrity to serve our missions!

PLEASE read labels too guys…. (I will do some teaching about this in the New Year) just because things say they are “Natural” doesn’t mean they are.

Factory made foods are NOT whole…. anything in a can or a box or frozen probably has chemicals in it that will block your energetic receptors and keep you from being able to fully connect with all that you are!

If you would like a complete wellness session with me to go over your health goals and make a plan for wellness in mind, body, and soul you can book it here:

I promise you won’ regret it!

Also if you would like to lose weight for your journey you can do it with me too right here:

No matter what you do no matter where or who you go to to help you heal and uplift and re-align your physical body… please make sure you are working with someone who truly wants you to succeed… not just someone who wants your money!

4) Work on Aligning those Chakras

The Chakras are literally the energy centers of the body and the ore you work with them, the more you will realize truly that THEY ARE REAL! You will feel them and then when they are not working properly.. you will recognize the physical symptoms right away and like clock work you will be able to fix it quickly… thus re-aligning with your own divinity!

It is daily work to keep your energy centers open, balanced, charged, and fully operational…. so that you can keep a flow going in all areas of your life!

Chakras can be closed off unknowlingly by ego or negative emotions (because the brain will think it needs to protect….) so if you are going through some hard stuff… always remember to keep those chakras on point!

You can always do a “Chakra Attunement” session with me over skype or in person to balance everything as you learn to do this yourself eventually……I will help you attune to your higher self and teach you how to do it yourself so you do not have to continue to have sessions with anyone! 

As I always tell you, you are your best healer… I dont even heal you… I facilitate healing for others to heal themselves.

WIth the new energies on the planet now, many are starting to upgrade their chakras into different systems, depending on their path and what their unique soul blueprint tells them. I can also help you recognize and upgrade accordingly.

5) Dharma not Dogma!!!!!!!

This is probably the most important of all of the things you should be working on and focusing on during your awakening of your ultimate becomming.

Listen… we all have lots of “Beliefs” that were instilled in us from birth that never ever felt joyful or uplifting…

but we were told “that is the way it is”…..

Even for those of us who questioned these things as kids (oh yes I questioned!……..) because even though everyone else around you seemed to be ok just believing… even though it made absolutely no sense….

There is a certain standard of the old way of being that some people still want to uphold.

and that is OK!

If there are people in your life who have not had an awakening yet… or if you feel like you are the only one who is “Different”….

know that it won’t be that way forever….be patient and trust that the world is changing!

I am telling you when I first “woke up” to my higher truth.. NOONE else around me believed in anything I was saying, feeling, or seemed to know.

I truly though that I was nutz! I felt like I was going crazy and I don’t know how many times I wondered if I would go to “Hell” because I truly just could not get in alignment with the “Beliefs” that I was taught as a child.. I just COULD NOT.

I never believed that every single little thing I was doing, I was being watched and had notes taken, and if I did just 1 too many things that weren’t Catholic Church approved, I would “Dam” my soul to “Hell” for all of eternity where I would burn and rot away for not following suit!

and I DO NOT WANT YOU TO let that continue to loop in your thinking either….

Instead know this….

Every single one of us is unique (YOU-NIQUE)!

NOONE is going to “Hell” ever.. I PROMISE YOU!

We do not come to Earth to work towards going to Heaven or Hell when we die…

We come to Earth to Create Heaven or Hell for ourselves while we are ALIVE!.

Every single one of us who is here during this wonderful time of HUman Transition and evolution… chose to be here to play a role in this!

It is our duty to rise above the things that do not feel true to us and to TRUST our own inner compass…

Know that every single “religion” has things that are absolutely beautiful about them (including Christian/Catholic)….. they all are true (ALL OF them) TO A CERTAIN POINT. that I want you to truly feel inside as to what is true for you and what isnt… it is OK to do that!

I encourage you to study EVERY single one…. AND TAKE with you the love and light and uplifting wonder from each…

and leave the things that seem not true to you or that do not resonate with your true souls expression!

Don’t worry about following a certain path or culture or religion …….

just respect them all and respect every single person for what they believe….

That will bring us all to UNITY faster!!!!

Take with you the “Dharma”(Dharma is your unique purpose and calling) you feel and leave the “Dogma”(Dogma is the purpose or calling that others tell you is yours) the “HELL” outta it!

Listen… the goal here in all of this is not to got more pleasure out of life… but to step so deeply into your awakened life that you truly realize you are awake and aflame with pleasure even in the midst of pain!

Your heart will get ripped apart over and over again though this life….outrageous pleasure and love of life does not occlude pain (the more pain you have ever felt, the more pleasure you will feel when you truly allow yourself to learn, grow, and release pain!

There is a balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy circling and entering the planet now…..

and in this we are finally as Humans allowing ourselves for the first time in over 2000 years to truly LOVE life and to feel pleasure… we are learning that it is OK!

What is being called “THe Aroused Feminine Waters of Divine PLeasure” – is when you so deeply step into the pleasure of being that you are literally making LOVE with life (thus creating Heaven on Earth for yourself and all those who come into contact with you……)!

When you can do this on a regular basis as a way of life….. it becomes MAGICAL!



its why you are here… it’s why we are ALL HERE!

Exiting the Matrix

The matrix can be defined as the holographic experience of a third dimensional reality we have chosen into in order to learn lessons or to have experiences….

Signing up for this experience was a high risk choice with a high reward of moving to a higher spiritual placement in the cosmos…..(remember?)

In preparation for exiting from the program, we reincarnated time and time again, however we accumulated karma that sometimes did not get balanced due to the forgetfulness of our goals….

In order to exit the matrix, we must become aware of our goals as a spirit having this physical experience, heal the energies tied to the karma, and serve humanity and the planet in order to reach our goal of ascension.

What is Ascension really?

“Ascension is a shift in consciousness, a raising of all lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to full awareness and presence in the NOW.”

Ascension is the raising of consciousness to a new level of existence, a shift from 3rd dimensional reality to that of the 5th dimension and beyond.

The process of ascension involves awareness, intention meditation, loving yourself, transmuting karma, healing, raising your vibration, transmuting fear, and serving others.

Preparation for ascension takes work and dedication. Once awakened to the reality of the extreme polarity which was designed to help us awaken, the next step is to dedication to the task of completing the healing necessary to create the space inside of your heart where you can expand the light.

The expansion of light causes the raising of vibration which causes the shift into another reality or consciousness….

Ascension is not just a personal experience. It is also a human consciousness experience and a planetary experience. The triad of self, human consciousness, and the planet creates a triangle.

Where we truly energetically RETURN to LOVE permanently… is is WHY WE ARE HERE KIDS! (and probably part of your mission to help others remember that’s why we’re here!)

The eyes are not the windows to the soul…. They are simply devices that pick up light waves and send them to your brain for decoding….. The same with our sense of hearing, taste and touch.

Our mind creates everything we see, hear and feel, but also every word we speak, every thought we have and emotion we experience.

We are living inside the matrix of our own minds….. so here are some ways to “Rise above” and free yourself from the old programming of the physical/Material world

1. Let go of the illusion that the material world means something

We came into this physical form at birth with nothing and we will leave with nothing. To exit the matrix, we must understand that there is no point in striving for and getting stressed about physical and material things that we cannot control…..

Life is not a broken clock that needs to be fixed. Life is an experience. There is little point in dwelling on the past with regret or nostalgia for things lost.

Change is part of the experience. There is even less point in worrying about things that have not even happened. It is better, perhaps to focus on this one moment, which is all we can change, otherwise, we risk wasting our lives living in the past or the future and missing the great adventure that only ever happens in the Now.

2. Let go of the idea that you are you

We have been here since the beginning, as stardust, and we will take many forms…..

Einstein explained that energy never dies, it simply changes form, and we are energy.!!!

When we die, we simply change form. Everything is made of waves of energy and we are just a pattern among the waves.

So to exit the matrix, we must let go of the idea that we are separate from everything else!!!

Like a wave is not separate from the ocean, we are not separate from the whole of creation.

We are like a mountaintop, which appears detached from the next mountaintop, but in reality is all part of the same earth.

3. Let go of the idea that you can exit the matrix through the mind

We think that if we gather enough information, we can exit the matrix, but we never do. So, we move on to the next book, lecture or teacher always thinking that escape is outside in the world instead of inside where it already exists and always has.

People have tried to find enlightenment by following religious rules or emulating gurus.

But believe you … me… the “escape” from the matrix involves accessing information directly, not through the experiences of others.

Only you know how you must exit the matrix and it won’t be by thinking about it. It will be through your guided actions of LOVE AND LIGHT and service to others!

It will be through honoring the Earth and all of its inhabitants… PERIOD!

It will be through raising your vibration and taking complete care of your mind, body, and soul

which also means you stop purchasing things that are toxic and full of chemicals that hurt the soil and the land and its people and instead start being as self sufficient as possible and for that which you aren’t able to provide for yourself… you go only to those who create out of love and peace!

Over eons, man has tried to exit the matrix by processes such as prayer, meditation, or even taking hallucinogenic drugs….

We have tried to experience a direct understanding of how the world is. This understanding comes without words and without mind. …

It involves letting go of all that the mind thinks it knows and expanding to allow other forms of knowing….

So let go of spiritual seeking….. Let go of the ideas that anyone knows any more than you…… How can they? They are not separate from you. 

The understanding is within you, it always has been, but you have to stop listening to the mind in order to find it.

4. Understand that only by journeying inward will you escape the matrix

You are the watcher, the observer. You watch a bird alight on a tree; you touch the tree and feel the roughness of the bark. These things happen outside of you, they are not you. But actually, your thoughts and feelings are also objects of consciousness, so they are not you either.

5. Freedom from the matrix

Finally, by understanding that we are greater than our thoughts and greater than our human form, we realize that the ego we have always identified does not really exist.

In the spaciousness of existence without the chatter of the ego, we find inner peace and tranquility. …

We can let go of all concepts of good and bad and all judgments. … then……We begin to understand that we are everything and everything is us.

6. Returning to the world changed by the journey

After awakening from the matrix, we must continue to live in the same world we always did.

The world is the same as when we left, only we are different.. more loving and peaceful and more open to want to help others to join us in our quest for Unity….

Because we have changed, the world has changed for us. 

We can now release our desire for grasping and wanting things….

We can let go of everything that no longer serves us……

We do not suffer because we understand the fleeting nature of this adventure we call life…..

We do not need to go away and live the life of a hermit, we can be fully involved in the world while understanding that stress, striving and clinging are pointless and that actually this life is an experience we are blessed to have…….

Because we learn and EVOLVE through all of the hard times we think we are having… until we realize it is US and our perception that makes them “Hard”…….

change your mind…… change your life….. exit the matrix…. all is well!

Humanity has been on a long road of third and fourth dimensional existence and is now astrologically aligned to receive the energies needed for Mother Earth to move into a new place in the Universe which exists in a higher vibration….

By triggering our own awakening and ascension vibration, we will assist the planet in triggering hers as well. …

When she “goes within” herself, she will enter the space which will relocate her consciousness into a new reality…..

This “void” is the “space between” where creation occurs……. SO come along my friends..

LET”S CREATE a new you-ni-verse within each of us where we all live in harmony and unity and ONENESS!!!

Let’s all remember who and what we are and RETURN TO LOVE!

Happy New Year Butterflies…


Becky Jo

Natural Healing with the Rainbow Spectrum of Light

Using Colors as Alternative or Complimentary therapy!

“Chromo-Therapy”, what is it?

Chromo-therapy; also known as color therapy, is classified as a vibrational healing Modality in today’s society and although it isn’t the most popular form of healing known to Mankind…

It is quickly gaining attention as Healers and Holistic Practitioners continue to gain momentum with the many natural therapies that were once used in ancient times; making a significant come back with the Great Awakening happening on the planet!

Chromo-Therapy is comprised of 2 words…

Chromo, which is a greek word meaning “Colour” and is in today’s Dictionary with the meaning “Indicating color or pigment”….and then…

Therapy, which means “the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative process”

Put them together and Chromo-Therapy is a wonderful and enlightening practice that  incorporates the use of chi (life force) energies within living organisms such as plants, gemstones and crystals, water, sunlight, and sound with the frequencies of the colors in, around and within them for the highest healing of the client.

Healers trained in chromo-therapy can a balance and align a person’s energy by using the vibrations of colors. This then balances a persons energy centers in the physical body, emotional and spiritual energy.

What Is Color Therapy Used For?

The goal of color therapy is to correct physiological and psychological imbalances. For instance, if you’re stressed, color therapy can help soothe you so that you can regain your psychological balance. If you’re depressed, color therapy can be used to invigorate you and give you increased energy.

When Did Color Therapy Start?

Color therapy has been around at least since the time of Ancient Egypt. Egyptians believed in the power of light and used different colors of light to promote healing. Color therapy has continued to be important in some cultures.

Even in Western societies that tend to prefer modern, institutionalized medicine, natural healers have continued to use colors to help people improve their physical and emotional health.

Each color of the rainbow resonates with a separate part of the body.

Chakra centers (Spinning Wheels of light from the Universe) in and around the person’s physical body need to be aligned in order to heal your body!

Healers who are trained in Color (Chromo) therapy will use different colors in order to heal each part of your mind, body, and soul centers (your chakras) to help your energy re-balance for emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well being.

What exactly are colors anyway?

Colors are actually active and moving electromagnetic waves of white light vibrating at certain frequencies that we perceive as different colors (depending on how fast or slow the light is moving).

White Light has different wavelengths, which we perceive in our human brain and our physical eyes as colors.

The range of wavelengths we see is called the visible spectrum. We separate the colors of the spectrum by what is called…..


(When white light shines through a specially shaped piece of glass called a prism, it is separated into its different wavelengths by dispersion.

The wavelengths show up as a range of colors called a spectrum.


Light waves are just one type of electromagnetic wave. They belong to an electromagnetic spectrum that includes radio waves, X-rays, and gamma rays.

The visible spectrum is the only part the human eye can see.

To our eyes, the colors in the visible spectrum range from violet at one end to red at the other.

All electromagnetic waves originate from the vibration of charged particles. These charged particles come from a variety of sources, like the sun, other stars, and warm objects like light bulbs and animals.

Any source of EM radiation that we can see – like the light from the sun – is considered visible light.

So, other sources of visible light would be flames, red-hot metal, and the glowing screen on your cell phone.

So basically “Colors” are just a reflection of light waves that we perceive the energy/frequency of….

With this said……. the 7 main colors of the rainbow are within the frequency range that the Human eyes can perceive as light energy.

The slower the waves of light, the lower the frequency and it physically affects the lower energy centers in our bodies.

So in the colors of the rainbow (which align with the 7 main chakras in energy healing)

Red vibrates the slowest and is the slowest frequency that Human Beings can “Perceive”..but has the largest wavelength….

On the contrary though…. Violet is the fastest frequency that the Human mind, body, and spirit can “perceive”, but the smallest wavelength

When you break this down into healing terms that we can understand, you will see that Colors, like everything else in the Universe are actually white light energy/frequency!

When we do energy healings, we practitioners use frequency/energy (chi) to connect and re-balance the physical body as well as the emotional and luminous energy fields.

Taking 1 more step into the healing journey and intentionally using the energy/frequencies of colors to give the client a deeper energy healing, in my experience has profound affects for the better!

There is a reason for everything and the vibrations… energy/frequency of colors are a true miraculous gift from the divine to planet Earth!

Using the Energetic Meanings of COlors to uplift and shift your life!

Colors evoke feelings and emotions! Some of us are drawn to certain colors (maybe have been our entire lives); yet other colors may be very unappealing to us and almost offend us.

Color has more influence on affecting our moods then we may realize; and more influence on our lives than we may realize….

If you know the energetic meaning of colors, you can match your outfits to match your intentions for the day… its true!

OR… you can match the colors (Decorate) in your home to reflect your true self and what is most important to you!

What would Edgar Cayce say?

The famous psychic Edgar Cayce placed great emphasis on the spiritual value of colors, colors and vibrations of stones and crystals (and the healing power/energy that it brought to those who wore them).

Rainbows, Auras, and chakra colors are all comprised of the 7 colors of the visible spectrum. All other colors come from variations and blends of these seven colors (from these colors, millions o shades and hues exist).

The colors of the rainbow, auras, and chakra colors all have significant color meanings (and vibrations)……

As human beings we choose colors in our lives based on how they make us feel deep inside (whether we realize this or not)

Color meanings have great significance in Healing mind body and soul and they have great meaning to how we are feeling.

We choose colors we are drawn to and that reflects directly on how we feel about ourselves…..

Colors have profound spiritual meaning and can greatly affect our Vibrations!


Red symbolizes energy, passion, strength, courage, physical activity, creativity, warmth, and security. It is also associated with aggression. In healing, use red to bring warmth and burn out disease. Red is a powerful color and should be used in moderation. In the aura red signifies materialism, materialistic ambition, a focus on sensual pleasures and a quick temper.


Orange symbolizes the individual’s relationship to the external world, the needs and wants of the physical body and the ways in which these are satisfied, the world of work. In healing orange may increase immunity and sexual energy. In the aura orange signifies thoughtfulness and creativity.


Yellow symbolizes intellect, creativity, happiness and the power of persuasion. It is also associated with cowardice. In healing use yellow to promote clarity of thought. In the aura yellow signifies intellectual development, for either material or spiritual ends.


Green symbolizes money, luck, prosperity, vitality and fertility. It is also associated with envy. Green is the color of healing; it is beneficial in all healing situations. In the aura green signifies balance, peace and often indicates ability as a healer.


Blue is the color of spirituality, intuition, inspiration and inner peace. It is also associated with sadness and depression (the “blues”). In healing blue is used for cooling and calming, both physically and mentally. In the aura blue indicates serenity, contentment and spiritual development.


Indigo is associated with psychic ability. In healing, use indigo for relaxation, reassurance and promoting psychism. In the aura indigo signifies a seeker, often of spiritual truth.


Purple is associated with power, both earthly and spiritual. In healing, purple is used for mental disorders and also for becoming one with Spirit. In the aura purple signifies higher spiritual development.


White is associated with truth, purity, cleansing, healing and protection. It is a good general healing color for the removal of pain and suffering. In the aura it signifies a high level of attainment, a higher level soul incarnate to help others.


Gold represents understanding and luck. Remember though that nothing comes from nothing, It is the most powerful healing color, but so powerful that many are not able to stand it initially and must be conditioned to it via other colors. In the aura it represents service to others.


Pink represents unconditional love, love requiring nothing in return. It is also the color of friendship and conviviality. In the aura it signifies balance between the spiritual and the material.


Brown is the color of the earth and represents practicality, material success, concentration and study. In the aura it indicates “down to earth-ness” and common sense.


Black is the absence of color. It represents the unconscious and mystery. Its visualization can help promote deep meditation. In the aura it signifies some kind of blockage or something being hidden.

Once you know, you can grow!!!!

Once we are aware of the energy and deeper meaning of colors, we can purposely and intentionally change our realities by choosing specific colors for our wardrobes, interior decoration, our vehicles and everything we place into our existences.

We can even eat certain colors of the rainbow to enhance our physical bodies…… (God put fruits and vegetables that are all the colors of the rainbow here for a reason…..)

Is there are particular color you tend to wear? Does it serve your highest and best good? What is it telling you?

When we intentionally place certain colors into our lives, they bring the energy of what we seek……

It is a wonderful habit to get into…. for when we live our lives on purpose… for a purpose…. we align with our highest and best purpose!

We no longer are open to receiving what comes… for we let the Universe know what we want!!!!

We then transform our lives in ways we never realized we would….

I use specific colors of crystals and stones when I do REIKI and other energy healing sessions…..

I wear specific colors each morning, depending on what I intuitively feel I need for the day (or do not need for that mater)…

I urge you to incorporate Chromo (color) therapy into your day to day actions for your best life!

WE ARE THE Creators of our realities guys……..why not create a colorful and joyful life?

Choose those colors that make you feel more then amazing, peaceful, joyous, abundant, and all the high vibrating frequencies….align with high vibrations in any way possible in your life… change the patterns that no longer serve, by purposely re-aligning your energy centers!

I love you and want you to live a life of rainbows, butterflies, and peaceful well being!

Do what feels amazing and let go of that which doesn’t…..

If you would like a chromo-therapy appointment with me to re-align your chakras… please reach out and I will be happy to help you!


Becky Jo (The Wholeistic Healer)