Creating a new life

Every single one of us is looking for some sort of change in our lives right now at this moment…

Most have made New Years resolutions that we have already tried for 20 years in a row, which last on an average of 2-3 weeks, and then we spend the rest of the year shaming ourselves for not being the person we truly deeply want to be in this life!

If we are not shaming or blaming ourselves for not succeeding in “creating our own realities”…..we flip and shame and blame the world or other people for our own deep feelings of inconsistency and incompleteness that we deal with…while putting on a smile or a fake it til we make it attitude in hopes that noone knows how truly effed up we think we are inside!

To boot…. we complain more than we celebrate our blessings…

Humans just love to make problems for ourselves, which then create holes in our hearts that become the emptiness that we  feel!

And then instead of being brave enough to dare to speak up, standup, honor ourselves and others around us…instead of finding solutions….

Humans will then create problems and disharmony within to have “proof” in the mind that the original holes are still leaking!

Why? Because it gives us excuses or reasons why we absolutely cannot move forward in our lives (it gives us that grand story to tell others why we could never be whole again!)….

So every day, you pray to God (whoever you pray to) to please fill these holes and voids in with higher power….

Although your prayers are being answered and you are being filled with so much love and light from the Universe…

You absolutely cannot feel it…. you don’t see it….you deny it!!


Because like a bucket with holes in it…..the love and strength and heavenly (div8ne) intellegence that is being sent to you is leaking out…pouring out….. missing the mark!

Until you actually bravely decide that you want to intentionally patch up the holes…

The more you complain or blame and shame yourself and others ….. the bigger the holes and voids get!

Until you have the strength and courage to admit the ways you have been doing things hasn’t worked up to this point…

Until you expose yourself to your deepest darkest fears and allow yourself to process the causes, reasons, and emotions that are keeping you in a cage…

You will remain disappointed with life and disconnected from actually living!

You will remain in jobs that you hate, just to get by…

You will stay in relationships that are not fullfilling just to feel like you have some sort of stability (even though the opposite is true)…

You will remain idle… never manifesting what you truly want.

You can do all the spiritual hokey pokey you want…

You can spend all the money in the world…

But until you fill those holes in… you will continue to leak and spill your bad juju on others (knowingly or unknowingly)….

So today… can we please just take the time to understand our holes and voids and how to fill them!

Here’s some tips on how I began to fill them to get where I am today (not perfect…but my life has become so much simpler because I do not stew over things that I cannot control..I do not live in fear of what might or might not happen anymore)

1) sit with yourself in silence and allow yourself to feel the holes and voids..leaks

2) be brave and allow yourself to connect with the emotions that come up with the leaks.

3) envision yourself bringing love, understanding, excitement, happiness in to patch up your holes. (Human emotion is one of the things we have complete control over and we can ignite a spark of forgiveness at any given moment we choose to!)

4) think about the positive change that will easily come to your life and your family…your children if you have them if you patched up the hole by letting it be done and over with!

5) create a new way of positive passion instead of negative obsession

6) If for any reason, you are feeling like you will not be able to do any of these steps or your not ready to patch a particular hole yet… that’s fine tell yourself you accept that you cannot at this not shame yourself…however at least make a deal with yourself that you promise to stop talking about it (stop complaining about it)

7) make a new habit of co creating positive choices with the universe… let everything you do going forward be done through your spirit…not your mind.

8) End with a prayer…

Dear Father Mother God…. every particle in this great Universe and to myself… I am absolutely comitted to do my best to patch these leaks, to make change…to accept what I cannot change. From this moment forward I will push forth into a new life where I truly commit to change what I can. I am ready to make a change in my life and the power of the Universe is with me, in me and through me…its Gods will…its what I always wanted anyway….happiness…abundance…I am just now finally allowing it to come forward!
If anything shall step in the way..please give me the clarity to help me dismantle any object in front of me!
God….I am finally prepared to live like a master instead of like a victim…for the highest good of myself and all of Humanity..and so it is!

A quick subconscious belief clearing

Creating a better reality for you by acknowledging where you limit yourself.

How do we create our Reality?

Realities are created with 4 things in mind.

1) What you hold dear to you, you energize.

2) How you live and what shows up, is in reference of your thoughts, ideas, vibrations, and significant energy

3) God “Source” Energy (soul energy, creation) lives through your vessel making it possible to be here. Creative energy is source energy (you have and are this energy)

4) You can change your reality by listening to yourself and observing what you do – and then rearranging it!

If you do not like the reality you are living in, then you can choose to change your mindset!

You can choose to only live in the energies of what you wish to live in.

and then your whole life changes as a side affect!

What are the things that stop your flow in life?

DOUBT – Doubt is created when you have mixed signals coming from your being into the Universe. You do not trust yourself or feel confident in your new choices (even if you are aware and trying to change your reality, you are programmed to doubt that it can happen for you)

Lack of awareness of who you truly are creates doubt as well.

SELF NEGLECT – We all have denial systems where we don’t want to look at what we are actually creating in our lives.

Like, you try to save money, and never do? You go to work, but hate it everyday and don’t try to change it?

Look at the places in your life where you neglect change or don’t change and as why you let this happen?

FEAR OF CHANGE (or dis-like of change) – People who don’t like change or people who are “control freaks”. Fears about the change are brought about by not liking perceived future.

The stuck behaviors we hold on to are truly an act of love. People tend to feel loved by this behavior for some reason.

People who don’t really want to change, won’t allow their own soul energy in (nor the alignment with the Universe)

GROWTH UNREALIZED – People’s energy in this category often feel stuck and do not know what to do. You are sending signals out to the Universe that are mixed and the Universe doesn’t know what you want. Usually we stop bringing about the new idea, thought, or life changes, because they are lacking information, a skill set, or the know-how

NO SELF LOVE – You have no love available for yourself, because you are giving all of what you have to everyone and everything else around you. You do not have the right kind of love available. You never felt love from your parents, so you spend all of your love energy bank account trying to get love from others (which then stops your love flow, because you will always be disappointed when you try to get others to be the main source of filling your love cup up)

What stories are you holding onto that block your love flow?

Each one of us is raised by others, who maybe did not understand truly how the energy of the Universe works. We all were told stories about ourselves, our families, our communities, and our surroundings that left us un-empowered and not in the energy of love and abundance.

What stories are you holding on to that block your flow with the Universe?

Any beliefs or stories you tell yourself that do not reflect the energy of love are heavy and dense fear, shame, doubt based stories that you most likely took on, due to someone else’s beliefs or perspective of you.

Many of these “Limiting” beliefs and stories we carry, we don’t even realize we have.

Some examples are:

“I am not smart enough”

“My parents didnt have money, so I can’t either”

“I am not enough”

“I feel guilty enjoying life”

“Life is hard and it takes a lot of work to be happy”

“I am not allowed to shine, because others will feel bad if I do”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“Money is the root of all evil”

“If you want something in life you have to fight or compete for it”

“It is not morally correct to be rich”

“I dont have enough money”

“I am limited”

“I can’t pay my bills on time”

“Life is not fair”

“I am as bad as my Father/Mother”

“I am not a good daughter/son, because I think differently than my family”

“I dont have what it takes to succeed”

“I feel guilty for having success”

“Sining will make people hate me”

“Parents did not let me have friends”

“I don’t deserve to be happy”

“I could never be lucky”

Where are you radiating on the Vibrational Scale?

When we carry beliefs and emotional energies of lack, fear, guilt, shame, or hatred/greed, our soul light is literally cut off and we cannot feel our connection to all that is.

Instead, we stay very small and in the energy of the environment around us (which to some people feel safer, so they never allow themselves to have the larger connection to the all….

The Vibration Scale here shows us how emotional energy we carry around will affect our reality via the vibration we radiate (or contract) at…..

Here’s a little bit of how the scale goes.

Shame is at the energy of 20, which means, “I am not enough.”

We’ve all felt a little of that in some point in our life. “I am not enough.”

Guilt is at the energy of 30, which means, “I am bad.”

Raising up the vibration a little is apathy, where you’ve pretty much given up.

Grief is at 75.

Fear is at 100.

Anger is at 150.

I consider anger an interesting vibration, because if you’re a higher vibration and you move down to anger, it’s because you’re feeling dis-empowered.

If you’re at a lower vibration and you move up to anger, I’m looking at that like a really cool thing, because at least now we know you want something to change, because anger can be a catalyst or a propulsion.

According to David Hawkins, who invented this “Vibration Scale” based on his life’s work and research…

Adolf Hitler’s energy on the scale was around 30, which means he did feel guilt about what he was doing.

Mother Teresa’s energy was in the 700s, and I almost look at this — we have this belief in society about abundance.

There’s beliefs about the rich. You can’t be rich and spiritual, but if you look at Mother Teresa, she manifested millions of dollars. Now, yes, it was for her cause, but she — her power, her energy field really did pull in millions of dollars to help her cause. So there’s something very powerful that happened.

Your Beliefs either allow or block abundance in your life

So if you carry around some the the limited beliefs we talked about, the good news is that once you acknowledge you have these beliefs, you can change the way you view it and change the belief!

So many people now a days live in the mind frame of feeling like they are fearful of disapproval, fearful of receiving compliments, fearful of “Going for it” in life, due to these limited beliefs that people carry around about themselves and the world they are living in.

When we live in that vibration, our intuition is shut off and our connection to the flow of the Universe is compromised.

When we are not connected to the invisible energy of who we truly are outside of our physical existence….

We cannot be wealthy in any way……

We cannot have wealth of love, knowledge, or even abundance of money..

Because we are stuck in the energy of lack.. we feel the lack, we feel the closed off existence we are living, even if we do not quite recognize what is going on.

These “Beliefs” are a form of “Programming” that we have and they can “limit” what we will or won’t do in life, because we think we cant!

Are you Ready to re-connect with who you truly are?

When we awaken and realize that we are our own best advocates, we then understand that the beliefs we hold may not be empowering!

We came to Earth at this time to break free of this lack mentality and to learn to live in the flow with the Universe….

So when we are ready to align with why we are here, we can learn to let go of that which is not true of who we really are…The cool thing about subconscious mind energy is that we can change it … we can re-wire it (like a hard drive)….

Ask yourself….

What stories am I holding onto that are blocking my abundance of the Universal flow?

So many stories…..

For Example:

“Im not capable”

“My abundance will take away from others”

“Nothing works out for me”

“Money is hard to get”

“I am not worthy of love or money”

“Everyone else does it better than me”

“My spouse doesn’t support me”

or whatever it is that you tell yourself as the reason why you could never step into your higher path and purpose…….

Ask Yourself…

What would it take?

What would it take for me to have more abundance in my life?

What would it take for me to live my dream job?

What Vibrational energy can I become to reach my unlimited potential? And whatever reasons, causes, answers, beliefs come to your mind… ARE YOUR TRUTH!

They are coming up to bless you, to show you where you need to do your inner work!

Thank them… honor where you are at…. and


How? Say Outloud…

“I clear de-story, delete this belief from my being across all time, space, dimension, and realities, now!”

Be conscious of all the places and spaces in your life that have remained affected by each belief or pattern that comes up….

Every time you catch yourself falling back in to old patterns, say it again……

Keep doing it until you create new habits and beliefs for yourself that are more in line with who you truly are!

This is work…. what I like to refer to as “Soul work”…

you are re-programming your being.

DO these energy statements on everything that comes up for lower dense vibrations in your field.. if you are open to it, you will be well aware of what they are…

As lower, dense vibrations (thoughts, beliefs, mind monkeys) come to the surface…

ask: “Is this true?” you will hear, know and feel what is your truth and what is someone else’s truth of you.

If it is someone else’s truth, then you get the chance to acknowledge and release and reprogram your won being with a newer and more empowering belief that is in line with your higher purpose!

Repeat these clearings over and over until you feel you have renewed your “beliefs”

Self Care for your body during times of healing

Good Nutrition is always important, especially during healing sessions. Vitamins and minerals allow energy to flow in your body, mind, and soul.

Drink plenty of water, especially with lemon as it is a conductor of energy….

Get plenty of rest…. Processing can happen overnight!! If old E-Motions pass, UNCReATE them!

Is this process easy? No, or else everyone would be doing it…

Is it worth the effort to afford you the availability of a new way of life?

You bet!

Best of luck with your Journey…


Becky Jo