Creating a new life

Every single one of us is looking for some sort of change in our lives right now at this moment…

Most have made New Years resolutions that we have already tried for 20 years in a row, which last on an average of 2-3 weeks, and then we spend the rest of the year shaming ourselves for not being the person we truly deeply want to be in this life!

If we are not shaming or blaming ourselves for not succeeding in “creating our own realities”…..we flip and shame and blame the world or other people for our own deep feelings of inconsistency and incompleteness that we deal with…while putting on a smile or a fake it til we make it attitude in hopes that noone knows how truly effed up we think we are inside!

To boot…. we complain more than we celebrate our blessings…

Humans just love to make problems for ourselves, which then create holes in our hearts that become the emptiness that we  feel!

And then instead of being brave enough to dare to speak up, standup, honor ourselves and others around us…instead of finding solutions….

Humans will then create problems and disharmony within to have “proof” in the mind that the original holes are still leaking!

Why? Because it gives us excuses or reasons why we absolutely cannot move forward in our lives (it gives us that grand story to tell others why we could never be whole again!)….

So every day, you pray to God (whoever you pray to) to please fill these holes and voids in with higher power….

Although your prayers are being answered and you are being filled with so much love and light from the Universe…

You absolutely cannot feel it…. you don’t see it….you deny it!!


Because like a bucket with holes in it…..the love and strength and heavenly (div8ne) intellegence that is being sent to you is leaking out…pouring out….. missing the mark!

Until you actually bravely decide that you want to intentionally patch up the holes…

The more you complain or blame and shame yourself and others ….. the bigger the holes and voids get!

Until you have the strength and courage to admit the ways you have been doing things hasn’t worked up to this point…

Until you expose yourself to your deepest darkest fears and allow yourself to process the causes, reasons, and emotions that are keeping you in a cage…

You will remain disappointed with life and disconnected from actually living!

You will remain in jobs that you hate, just to get by…

You will stay in relationships that are not fullfilling just to feel like you have some sort of stability (even though the opposite is true)…

You will remain idle… never manifesting what you truly want.

You can do all the spiritual hokey pokey you want…

You can spend all the money in the world…

But until you fill those holes in… you will continue to leak and spill your bad juju on others (knowingly or unknowingly)….

So today… can we please just take the time to understand our holes and voids and how to fill them!

Here’s some tips on how I began to fill them to get where I am today (not perfect…but my life has become so much simpler because I do not stew over things that I cannot control..I do not live in fear of what might or might not happen anymore)

1) sit with yourself in silence and allow yourself to feel the holes and voids..leaks

2) be brave and allow yourself to connect with the emotions that come up with the leaks.

3) envision yourself bringing love, understanding, excitement, happiness in to patch up your holes. (Human emotion is one of the things we have complete control over and we can ignite a spark of forgiveness at any given moment we choose to!)

4) think about the positive change that will easily come to your life and your family…your children if you have them if you patched up the hole by letting it be done and over with!

5) create a new way of positive passion instead of negative obsession

6) If for any reason, you are feeling like you will not be able to do any of these steps or your not ready to patch a particular hole yet… that’s fine tell yourself you accept that you cannot at this not shame yourself…however at least make a deal with yourself that you promise to stop talking about it (stop complaining about it)

7) make a new habit of co creating positive choices with the universe… let everything you do going forward be done through your spirit…not your mind.

8) End with a prayer…

Dear Father Mother God…. every particle in this great Universe and to myself… I am absolutely comitted to do my best to patch these leaks, to make change…to accept what I cannot change. From this moment forward I will push forth into a new life where I truly commit to change what I can. I am ready to make a change in my life and the power of the Universe is with me, in me and through me…its Gods will…its what I always wanted anyway….happiness…abundance…I am just now finally allowing it to come forward!
If anything shall step in the way..please give me the clarity to help me dismantle any object in front of me!
God….I am finally prepared to live like a master instead of like a victim…for the highest good of myself and all of Humanity..and so it is!

The True FREEDOM of Forgiveness

Breaking FREE of your own internal prison

Hello Butterflies…

It is with my warmest regards that I bring to you some information in healing your heart today!

There is a very powerful triple Conjunction planetary alignment/Solstice/Full Moon energy on the Planet this week that is pulling at everyone’s deepest Heart strings (literally)..

The power of this “Triple Treat” full moon is bringing up change for us all and without a doubt has had an impact on all of us and our emotional tides!

With that said, the reason for this is because like the Moon moves the tides in the ocean… so does it move the tides within us!

Stuff is being stirred up n us that we have no choice but to deal with.

Beautiful Souls…..

We are all moving into a New Paradigm of Frequencies on the planet and in our own energy bodies……(Even if you are not someone who is aware of or believes in the Human Energy field, it is still happening to you!)

So many MIRACLES are manifesting for all of us recently!!! The Energy on the planet is raising in frequency more and more every single day as more and more Humans are waking up to realize that they DO have a choice and they we ARE our own keepers!

As these profound spiritual awakenings are happening faster and faster now…. the LOVE energy continues to warm our hearts more and more every single moment….

This month alone, there are so many celestial events occuring for the unique purpose of helping us shift our perspectives from feeling like we are a victim to our circumstances….. to KNOWING that we are in fact Survivors and VICTORS!!!

Every single thing you have gone through in your life has been on purpose… for a purpose…. to lead you to your life’s purpose! (Believe that!)…

Now that you are awake and aware that you are a spiritual/energetic being in physical form…….

it is time for you to finally let go of everything you thought you knew… everything you thought you were…. and heal those Heart chakras……… truly do the “Soul Work” you came here to do…..

so that you can finally align with your highest and best future of magic and miracles and service unto others! (That is why we are here as light workers… to serve Humanity during this evolution process)….

Now since we are talking about Miracles……. let me just say that in order to align with miracles in your life, you must change your perspective and change your mind on how you feel about unconditional love and forgiveness….

Because the Heart Chakra is at the Heart and soul of New Beginnings…..I felt it appropriate to learn about the “Heart Chakra” and all her glory today!

The power of all these celestial events happening this month are bringing up so much immense change for us all and without a doubt has had an impact on all of us and our emotional tides!

Things have come to light for many and although so many of us in our culture still are not believers in the “Chakra” systems and “Energy” medicine… the non-believers are feeling the affects too (even if they do not realize or understand this).

If you have been feeling sick this week for no reason (that you know of) it is because your heart chakra is in a sort of “Reboot”…

The Heart Chakra is an energy vortex that pulls love, compassion, intimacy, empathy, forgiveness, and self-love energy in and out of our entire beings!

SO if your Heart Chakra is plugged up with muck of the past, limited beliefs, Depression, Jealousy, greed, or egotistical thoughts… you will physically feel sick!

The Heart Chakra controls the Heart, lungs, diaphragm, upper spine, shoulders, arms, and your circulatory systems (including blood and lymph).

If you are holding on to negative emotions and unforgiveness.. you best believe that these physical areas in your body will suffer the consequences of it!

There was a situation this week where someone who has historically (in the past) done very bad things to me in my life is going through one of the worst things imaginable and is in a crisis:

However….My love and compassion (pure empathy) that I have felt for this person is unconditional.

Someone asked me “Becky.. I just do not understand how you can even feel the least bit sorry for that person after everything that person has done to you!”


“How can you possibly even care about that person’s well being?”

To this I state with a HUGE amount of LOVE ENERGY……

Listen…. When I had my spiritual awakening, I learned many things. One of them being..

FORGIVENESS is the key to a healthy Heart Chakra (which also means a healthy physical heart).

I learned that I must let everything that I was carrying around with me go..

literally let it come to the surface, truly let myself feel the hurt (emotion) of it, think about (and pray) the lessons I was meant to learn from the situation(s)…

and then GIVE THEM TO GOD the Creator or Mother Earth… whichever you feel is appropriate (release them back to the Universe and forgive unconditionally)!

When I started to do this… I found…

1) My life began to take turns in a positive direction
2) The heaviness and burden I carried went away
3) I could see people clearly and could understand their struggle
4) I realized it was never my struggle in the first place
5) I FELT SO MUCH BETTER (body, mind, and soul)

You guys… these are our soul lessons (our life’s work!) We are not built to carry around the ugly negative emotions that we all seem to hold on to….

Truly look at the person who hurt you.. truly ask yourself “Why did he/she do that to me? What is going on (or what happened) in their life that made them act the way they did?

When you do this, you will see, know, an understand that…


The energy of their hurts and struggles were never yours in the first place…..

In order to live a happy, healthy, an abundant life.. you must FORGIVE ALWAYS!

I continue every day to help people in the clinic who come see me for healing to understand that…

Your Mother’s Pain …is NOT your pain!

Your Father’s Pain… is NOT your pain!

Your Ancestor’s Pain.. is NOT your pain!!

This is old paradigm stuff….. many of us were taught to carry the Burdon of everyone around us and many of us carry it like Jesus carried his cross. We just unknowingly believe that we must do this to help heal the suffering of others. Somewhere in our sensitivities, we misunderstood what it means to help heal the suffering of others…… we thought we must carry the load, because energetically it felt like noone else was gonna do it!

But…. in the New Paradigm we are all headed towards…

We finally open our hearts enough to realize and truly understand what it means…

In order for Humanity to truly heal from all of the generations of suffering, we must each work on our own inner wounds…..

We must learn that…….When you forgive and resolve deep inner conflict within yourself..

You are releasing and resolving deep inner conflict for all of Humanity as a side affect…

You do it for all of the collective…..

We all do!

This doesn’t mean that you are saying what they did to you was ok… this doesn’t mean that you do not deserve better (because you do!)

What this means is that you accept things for what they are, and you decide to see the bigger picture, look at it from the other person’s point of view… and you take back control of your own reality!

By working on these things (traumas and hurts) that hold us back, due to their negative energy…

By releasing the past and forgiving… we help ourselves move forward in clear, positive, loving, and forgiving energy!

You do not have to forgive for the benefit of the other person.. NOPE!

The Human part of you may not be ready to give benefit to your crucifier quite yet (that will come in time, with more and more heart healing, I promise you that)…..

But subconsciously, you benefit their soul too.. SO when you forgive you are choosing to take the higher path… to be the one who releases the bondage for you both!

Because…. when you decide to focus on healing your own heart of these things….

You are both freed of stuck and stagnant energy that is between you both…

When you Forgive and accept things truly for what they are.. see the soul lessons in it for both sides… and see the higher meaning……

Learn from it… and move forward……

You give yourself a huge love gift too!!

You forgive, because it is what is best for you and your well being…

By letting this go, you are releasing what you cannot control and learning and growing as a human being (and a soul)….

you do not even have to tell the person they are forgiven if you do not want to…..

but in your heart (chakra) you know that you have done your life’s work..

you have learned from the experience and by letting it go and embracing the positive in the situation (even if the positive is that you are able to release and forgive)…..

BUT… by doing this, you are pulling more positive experiences into your life…

And when you forgive, you release Judgement that you hold in your Heart….

Your vibration raises and one more petal in your heart chakra lotus opens up..

wide open in abundance…….

You will no longer attract situations such as that….

Why you ask?


When you focus on the negative and continue to tell your story as if you are a victim…. you continue to pull that into your life!

BUT… but releasing the fear, hurt, and negative emotions and forgiving… you are pulling happier and healthier situations into your existence!

Even Jesus forgave those who crucified him… for they “Know not what they do”…..

Live in your heart…. love unconditionally… and balance that Heart Chakra!!!

When your Heart chakra is balanced and elevated…. you will easily be able to FORGIVE!

If you need help working on your heart chakra, I am happy to work with you and help you to heal and be the very best version of you that you can be!!

You know where I will be! http//

Many blessings to you all.. love and light….

NAMASTE (the divine in me hails the divine in you)


Becky Jo

1111 Divine Gateway brings the most powerful manifesting week of the year

Celestial alignments for positive change are here

Are you ready for this?

Buckle your seat belts or leave them off for that matter; either way open your heart and soul and get ready to embrace one of the biggest and most powerful manifesting days (actually 10 days) of the year!

November is already a power month seeing as it holds the vibration of 11, and today will enhance all of this wonderful energy…..

11 is a sacred number in numerology as it represents divinity, rebirth and higher consciousness. It is also the number associated with angels. ….

This vibration will be with all of us through the month of November, making it the perfect time to turn our dreams into goals and our goals into actions…..

Couple this 11 energy with the Full Moon we had on October 31, and the first part of November is going to be glittering with an abundance of opportunities for money, success and romance….

Since the October New Moon, we have all been guided to start planting seeds and making wishes for our highest and best new futures….

Whatever seeds you have been tending to during this time, wherever you have been putting your energy, you are now really going to be able to reap all the rewards…..

This Full Moon is really going to be guiding you, all you need to do is start taking steps forward in the direction of your choosing…..

BUT YOU MUST MOVE FORWARD…. take the action steps.

What are you waiting for? Your New Beginning is ready…..

If you have been looking for love, or looking to open your heart after a heartbreak, this Full Moon energy is also going to be supporting you.

Put yourself out there, go on a date, or do a heart chakra attunement or balancing available on my website….

Love is really going to be in the air on this Full Moon, so use it to your advantage!

It is also the perfect time to have a deep and meaningful conversation with a loved one, and to share your true thoughts and feelings….

Stop holding back what your heart and soul are screaming are your truth… it feels much better after you have those conversations and can move forward in peace and acceptance!

There is so much LOVE… Peace… Unity…. and harmony surrounding this Full Moon that it really is going to support you in whatever way you need to be supported!!!

BUT YOU MUST ASK! and so ye shall receive…….

This 1111 gateway and Full Moon we just will have is also going to be delivering waves of abundance and prosperity, so take advantage of this energy too by organizing your finances, taking on new projects at work, or look for ways to raise your income.

If you have a business idea you are looking to get off the ground, this 1111 gateway/Full Moon will also be supporting you, so make a plan and start taking action…..

The energy of this powerful 1111 gateway/Full Moon will be handed to all of us on a silver plate, but we actually have to take action to feel and see this energy in operation for ourselves.

SO what are YOU waiting for? ( you know if you are reading this you are being spoken to right?)

The Universe is always offering us goodies to use, but a lot of the time we fail to see them, or are so concerned with looking for something else that we lose sight of what is really in front of us!


For those who are new to me let me tell you and those who have been with me a while, you know very well since this time last year I have spoken about how 2020 was a New Beginning Year…. a year of completions….

From the beginning of the year, we have all been beckoned to start a new chapter. ….We have all been called upon in different ways to break free of old patterns and start something new…

We all felt the call……. and for those of us who listened and followed our inner truth…. it has been a year of extreme transformation and growth for us all!

Transformation like this can be extremely challenging, and perhaps many of you are feeling zapped and depleted at this point in the year…..

After all… it has been a roller coaster for so many of us who know what we need to do!

Me Personally…… I have recognized (finally) and ended so many unhealthy cycles and patterns that have been in my family and lineage for generations (just this year!), released a lot of old unhealthy patterns in relationships, and transcended beyond what I even thought possible to achieve at one time….

It has been extreme….. I have been pushed past any limits or boundaries I had and it sure was uncomfortable but necessary for growth and transformation!

But now on the other side of it… as it winds down now… I can feel exactly why I went through all of it…. for my highest and best NEW BEGINNING!

WE have learned so much about ourselves and who and what we are and why we are here through it all…

especially after the Solar Eclipse in June that literally knocked our socks off… did it not?

I mean NOTHING was left un-seen after that power house was it? Shadows…truths….. lies we were telling ourselves.. EXPOSED intensely!!!

But the good news is….. things are settling down now………you and I learned… we grew… we let go of the old!!!

I promise you, the more you know yourself, the less you will have to fear about anything!

Now.. with this Full Moon and the 1111 gateway……

We finally are going to start seeing some of the results of our hard work!!! YES!!!!!

This universal alignment comes as a reminder that the Universe is on your side, and that it is there to offer you exactly what you need.

This magical manifestation we are in is so bountiful and wonderful, that it is really going to help you regain a lot of your strength and inner knowing as you start making your way through this new chapter in your life.

Again, to feel this energy you have to act. So think about what direction you want to go in, think about what you want in your life, and then start taking steps to make it happen.

However……Because we are dealing with Full Moon energy, there are a few more things that we are being called to release…….

DO you know what you have left to release?

If You let go of old relationships that weren’t working and got un-empowering people out of your life and your energy…..

Then You recognized patterns and cycles that were unhealthy and you stopped them and brought in something better……

Now you are looking around at what is left to release…..

Do you see it?

How about the self-imposed blocks that we have been putting on ourselves?

Because…. We are going to be called to release all of the self-sabotaging thoughts, patterns and ideas that we have been carrying around.

This month’s Full Moon comes as a reminder that the only person standing in your way is You. Reminding us all…. that the world is on our side…

We just need to get out of our own way and start living the life that we want without making excuses.

Excuses are really just fears, and when you can acknowledge this and address the fear, it allows you to push past it.

Fear is a natural and a normal part of the human condition, but we have to rise up and we have to believe in ourselves more than our fear.

Your guides, Angels, Higher self, and God…. are all calling you and encouraging you to….

Use the energy of the 1111 gateway/ Full Moon to rise up and shed all the fears that hold you back from living the life you want….

Use this energy to push past any boundaries or barriers that you have created so you can start making steps forward……….

use the 1111 gateway of unconditional love and acceptance that is available to all of humanity (you are one of the Lucky ones who knows about this…. how Divine!) and bring in more of your own divine light and love into your life and to the planet to help all of humanity WAKE UP…

Not only are you about to have a new beginning and start living your Divine Life’s Purpose without limitations….

BUT in doing this, you are helping all of humanity and Our precious planet wake up out of illusion and into a New way of being in love and peace!!!

Every time you honor yourself… you honor Humanity!!! We are all one!

“This month’s divine gateway favors slow, methodical steps that are aligned with your highest intention. Work with this energy, and very soon you will start seeing tangible, bountiful and abundant results.”

I love you so much and am so proud of you for how far you have come!!!!

Stay in Love, Stay in light…. be the light you wish to see in the world!!!


Becky JO